Artemisia at the National Gallery

Be inspired by the life and legend of Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi

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Piece Together the Pivotal Moments

Explore an interactive timeline of the artist's life and work (1593–1656)

Inspiring women today

Let the MOBO-award-winning singer-songwriter FKA twigs guide you through Artemisia's paintings

7 Contemporary Artists Inspired by Artemisia

Katy Hessel, founder of the Great Women Artists project, explores her enduring spirit

Artemisia on Artemisia

How Did Artemisia See Herself?

How and why Artemisia used her own image in her paintings

"With me your Illustrious Lordship will not lose and you will find the spirit of Caesar in the soul of a woman"- Artemisia Gentileschi

London calling

Artemisia's visits to her father in the court of King Charles I

The customer is king

How Artemisia Reached Celebrity Status

Discover the praise she received for her artistic talents...and sharp tongue

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The Life and Art of Artemisia Gentileschi

A downloadable lesson plan that can be used by teachers in class or by students to work through at their own pace