Black History and Culture

Explore African-American history and culture.

Moved to movement

Confronting history, engaging community, and raising social issues through dance

How Harlem shook the world

Confronting violence and discrimination through dance

How choreographers turn tragedy into activist art

The inspirations behind creating a dance company

How black dance companies reflect the black experience

Breathing movement into iconic art

The music, art, and literature that inspired individual performance

African Diaspora and Migration

How dance tracks the movement of people and tradition out of Africa and beyond

The voice of a community

Conserving the legacy of Black radio through dance

Breaking barriers

Black dancers who redefined history

"It is time to face the children of the world and see in their eyes what our future is going to be."Karel Shook, Co-Founder of Dance Theatre of Harlem

The next generation

Black History and Culture

Museums and Archives explore the history of a people

The civil rights movement

From the leaders of the moment to the legacy of the movement

Watch defining moments in civil rights history

Celebrating black history and culture today

To Be a Black Girl

YouTube creators share their personal stories

Pioneers of black media, music & pop culture

From film to the radio

Spotlight on Southern Chefs

Champions of Creole Cuisine

Discover black artists and zoom into masterpieces

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