Reconstructing Shurijo Castle

Discover how the Japanese World Heritage Site was digitally recreated from tourist photographs after a devastating fire in 2019

In collaboration with Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

What happened?

On 31 October, 2019 a large fire broke out that destroyed six castle buildings

The 3D models made from visitor photographs

See the treasures from Shurijo Castle preserved in 3D modelling forever

Capturing the castle before the fire

Discover Shurijo Park's long history and what it looked like before the damage

Then and Now: Shurijo Castle

See how the Park has changed over the years through paintings and photographs

The Ryukyu world in 360

Watch 360-degree videos exploring the wonders of the Ryukyu Kingdom

Adventures across Okinawa

Explore other Ryukyuan landmarks across the island

In collaboration with

Okinawa Prefecture plans to not only restore Shurijo Castle again, but also actively promote the restoration of the history and culture of Ryukyu which is symbolized by Shurijo Castle.

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