Easter Eggs-pedition

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Puzzle Party — Easter Edition

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Stop and smell the flowers

Fur real

The forensic detail of Dürer's painting can be seen in particular in his depiction of the hare's fur.

Hyper-realistic hare

Created in watercolor and gouache, this work has been regarded as a great example of observational art.

Look a little closer...

Can you see the artist's workshop windows reflected in the hare's eye?

What About This Famous Hare?

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Egg-cellent traditions

Tuck into a sweet treat

Send an Easter card

Did you find all five eggs?Try another hunt below...

You found them

And look, one is trying to run away!

Not here

These look like a different kind of bird...

No eggs here

Only a fish stopping by for lunch

Look again

No eggs in sight here

Pick again

These eggs obviously don't like heights...

Where Are the Eggs?

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