Interspecies Assembly

How Siphonophores teach us to coexist with other species

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ART 2030The United NationsMonterey Bay Aquarium Research InstituteSmithsonian National Museum of Natural History
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Discover how Siphonophores came to play a major role in an artwork aiming to inspire action on the environment

Meet a siphonophore in 3D

Bring a siphonophore from the open seas into your own space using Augmented Reality

Spotlight on: the Portuguese man o' war

This surface-dwelling creature is among the best known siphonophores

Physalia Physalis: One of Millions of Animal Species Worth Protecting

The Portuguese man o'war and the importance of biodiversity

Between art and science

Explore incredible early scientific illustrations of siphonophores from the Kunstformen der Natur and beyond

Building biodiversity

No man is an island... even humans coexist with millions of other species here on earth

Ecosystem Restoration

Protecting and reviving ecosystems all around the world, for the benefit of nature and people

Experience the Vertical Migration

See a sneak peek of SUPERFLEX's new film starring siphonophores

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Dive deeper into the world of siphonophores