Life in Miniature

Paintings that tell stories of nature, love, celebration, faith, and power: explore over 1,000 high resolution miniatures using Machine Learning and Augmented Reality

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National Museum - New Delhi
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Big stories, tiny paintings

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Life's big questions in miniature

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Magnify miniatures

The rainbow of life

Explore over 1,000 Indian miniature paintings in super high resolution

See over 1,000 paintings in one place

Color your own

Fun for all the family

Listen and look

Go on a musical guided tour of miniature artworks

Listen to a Painting

Take an audio tour and discover that there's more than meets the eye in miniatures

The force of nature

Explore the exquisite details of miniature forests, gardens and trees

Can you find the animals?

Zoom right in to find these tiny little objects

What were miniature paintings first made on?
Palm leaf

The subtle shades of love

Discover some of India's greatest love stories made miniature

Spot the matchmaking

Zoom right in and see if you can find the happy couples

Why so small?

Discover more about how this ancient artform got so big

Explore Miniature Paintings By Time

Life and soul

Pint-sized parties full of music, dance, and fireworks

Can you find the musicians?

Zoom right in and see if you can find spot their tiny instruments

Fireworks, food, and fun

Heaven and earth

Explore tales of religious devotion and astounding miracles

The Ramayana in miniature

The Indian epic that follows Prince Rama's quest to rescues his beloved wife from the demon King Ravana

Who wrote the Ramayana?

Search for the worshippers

Zoom right in and see if you can find the devotees

See all of the miniatures in one place

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Meet the artists

A brush with power

See how artists envisioned epic encounters and royal influence

Spot the weapons

Zoom right in and see if you can find these tiny little objects

The who's who of miniature paintings

Get to know the subjects of royal portraits

A visit to the museum

Take a virtual tour of the Miniature Gallery at the National Museum of India

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The National Museum, New Delhi, as we see it today in the majestic building on the corner of Janpath and Maulana Azad Road, is the prime museum in the country. It has a unique collection of Indian miniature painting.

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