20 Years on the ISS

In collaboration with NASA, join the out-of-this-world adventure of humans living and working on the International Space Station

What Is The International Space Station?

Learn about the history and achievements of the ISS

When did the design of the ISS begin?
Space Shuttle Projects

Explore in 3D

Dive into a detailed 3D model of the ISS to bring a little bit of space down to earth

Take a virtual tour

No need for a space suit with this 360 experience of the International Space Station

Science experiments in the sky

How the ISS is improving life on earth from way up in orbit

6 Out-Of-This-World Discoveries

The cutting-edge research discoveries being made on the space station

How fast does the ISS travel?
5 miles per second
International Space Station (ISS)

An interstellar Puzzle Party

Get together with your friends and family to piece together iconic images from the ISS

Connect with Friends to Build Your Own ISS

See the images you just put together in full

Capturing the colors of the Galaxy

NASA's image archives, from the red planet to the shades of deep space

The ISS Coloring Book

Color your way through fantastic photographs of outer space

Play with the ISS Coloring Book

Remix iconic images, from spacewalks to shuttle launches, in your favorite colors

Explore NASA's visual universe

See what happens when machine learning meets 127,000 images from the NASA archives

Are you a Teacher or Parent?

A downloadable lesson plan exploring the International Space Station that can be used by students to work through at their own pace

20 Years Is Only the Beginning...

Learn more about the International Space Station and the research to come with NASA