World War Two: The Flying Frontier

75 years since World War II ended, join the Smithsonian Institution in exploring the role aeronautics played

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Smithsonian's National Air and Space MuseumSmithsonian's National Museum of American HistorySmithsonian National Museum of African American History and CultureSmithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Ending hostilities in Europe

Partners from around the world commemorate the final events on the Western front and finding peace

Learning the lessons of the past

Why we continue to remember

Explore the part aeronautics played

Discover the role that the air forces played in bringing the war to an end

Achievements in the air

Key moments and milestones of WWII

Pilot the planes that helped bring peace

Explore 3D panoramas of historic cockpits and experience what it was like to be flying the plane

Heroic pilots

The brave people risking their lives in the skies

The Tuskegee Airmen

The African American aviators breaking barriers while fighting for their country

Who Were The Tuskegee Airmen?

Discover how they made a pioneering contribution to the war and the end of racial segregation in the American armed forces

The women who made waves

The essential role played by women, from pilot WASPs to Navy WAVEs

Native words, Native warriors

Discover the incredible stories of the Native American Code Talkers of World War II

The aircraft that made history

Discover the different types of planes that skimmed the skies in WWII

Engineering built to last

The incredible story of how an Air Force Martin B-26 Marauder became an icon

Flying to new heights

How World War II led to new technological breakthroughs

Posters for the people

Explore newly digitized posters from around the world

Explore the poster collections by color

Paintbrushes, posters, and politics

The contributions of artists, designers, animators, and more to the war effort

Photos from the front

The photographic legacy of WWII

Loose lips sink ships

Countries around the world reminded citizens that careless talk costs lives

Thousands of posters all in one place

Learn how posters functioned as valuable political tools during wartime


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