The Jean Pigozzi Collection

Contemporary Art from Africa to Japan

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Contemporary African Art Collection - The Jean Pigozzi CollectionJaPigozzi Collection

The man behind the world's largest collection of contemporary African art...

and why he started collecting contemporary Japanese art

"I am interested in good, new, strong, innovative art"- Jean Pigozzi

Party like in Bamako and Kinshasa

The joyful nightlife is a source of inspiration for photographers and painters alike

Applaud Chéri Chérin's comedy

« unclassifiable remarkable Expressionist creator unequalled and unique in this field »

Ever painted your car ?

Esther Mahlangu take's Ndebele traditions from buildings to art galleries

Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, ‘he who does not forget.’

Preserving and transmiting the knowledge of the Bété people through art

Master watercolors with Barthelemy Toguo

The multidisciplinary experimentor

Jean Pigozzi Collection of Contemporary Japanese Art

Highlights of the Japanese Collection

Ever heard of botech art ?

Macoto Murayama mixes expertly botanical art and technology