Drawing with Danielle

Get inspired as artist Danielle takes you through her favourite portraits and lets you in on why she loves drawing people

Danielle - self portrait (2022)Heart n Soul

Hi, my name is Danielle and I'm an artist.

I’ve been drawing some pictures of characters. I’ve been painting on my canvases and I’ve been writing some lyrics of my songs. I’ve been drawing lots of people and I’ve been drawing families. I’ve been drawing some food and some bags and I’ve been doing a lot.

People You Know (2022)Heart n Soul

I use pencils, felt tip pens and I also use colouring pencils and I colour pictures and also I do painting as well.

It makes me feel excited.

I normally do it around the table and at home.

Four Friends (2022)Heart n Soul

I like to draw people because it’s a good picture. I normally draw lots of people that I know like my friends, Judy, William, Aysen, Priscilla and Alicia.

Drumming (2022)Heart n Soul

Those are the peoples play the drums

80s People (2022)Heart n Soul

These are the 1980s

Blue Shirt (2022)Heart n Soul

I like to be more creative and have a good time of drawing more pictures, I do like working with people. I like to be kind and be friendly so every time I call them and say 'How are you?' and get friends with people. And I buy present for my friend.

My Band (2020)Heart n Soul

This is one person singing ‘My band’s not for you girls’. It’s a song that I made.

Shopping (2022)Heart n Soul

This is a picture of the story with the girls, the boys, the shops.

Danielle drawing (2017)Heart n Soul

Danielle is a visual artist and singer-songwriter. Danielle draws people and objects that are important in her life. She uses colours and illustrations to make compositions and books. 

Charcoal portraits (2017)Heart n Soul

Rainbow Lips (2017)Heart n Soul

Shopping and Money (2022)Heart n Soul

Drumming (2022)Heart n Soul

Not My Problem

by D.M.S.

Credits: Story

Danielle’s artworks have been seen at the Never Bored exhibitions in South East London and Tate Britain. Her artwork and textiles were also featured at Heart n Soul at the Hub at the Wellcome Collection.

Danielle has made videos for her songs ‘Not My Problem’ and ‘Can’t Stop Drawing’. Bringing her art to life, the videos feature Danielle and giant props and outfits that she designed!

She has also collaborated with the London Symphony Orchestra as part of Do Your Own Thing. She wants to do more music in the future.

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