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On Travel Literature: Medical Congress (1866)

On Travel Literature: Medical Congress (1866)
On Travel Literature: Medical Congress (1866)
Credits: Story

Curator: Frank Zwintzscher
Producer: Bettina Gries
With photographs by Clemens Kirchner
and 360° photographs by Manuel Dahmann
Narrated by Robin Merrill
Sound engineer: Patrick Ehrlich / Auraton Studio
Technical support: Jannes Repke
Translation: Barry Fay

Special thanks to: Michael Bergmann, Helen Böhland, Maria Borgmann, Karsten Fuchs, Alexander Glowasz, Mario Günther, Carsten Hein, Jürgen Heinrich, Gianna Hidde, Joseph Hoppe, André Ilausky, Marcel Jahre, Steffi Jira, Lars König, Thomas Krüger, Sabine Pakusa-Lerch, Klaus Marzik, Patrick Mehnert, Christopher Meyer, Lars Quadejacob, Arnfried Rohde, Marcel Ruhl, Dietmar Ruppert, Stefan Schleyer, Jörg Schmalfuß, Konrad Simon, Stefan Soos, Tanja Sprang, Sandra Stahl, Matthias Stier, Antje Stritzke, Tatjana Teller, Philipp Wolff, Michael Wölfle, Ivo Woutskowsky and Tiziana Zugaro.

Credits: All media
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