The Far From The Norm Family

Find out more about the creatives who are Far From The Norm, the cornerstone of the hip hop dance theatre community in the UK

Reach by Billy Boyd CapeFar From The Norm

Far From The Norm in rehearsals for REACH (Random Acts)

Photo credit: Billy Boyd Cape

Far From The Norm is the cornerstone of the hip hop community in the UK and is a critically and publicly renowned dance theatre company, led by Artistic Director Botis Seva.

Established in May 2009 in a youth club in Dagenham, Far From The Norm is a collective of artists renowned for experimenting with Hip Hop whilst addressing socio-political concerns. Their portfolio transcends live theatre performances, outdoor shows, immersive experiences & film.

Far From The Norm

"We are committed to the pursuit of making honest, relevant and needed work for our generation."

Far From The Norm rehearsals by Camilla GreenwellFar From The Norm

Artistic Director - Botis Seva

As Artistic Director of London based Hip Hop company Far From The Norm, Botis Seva's focus is on making a societal difference and using his autobiographical experiences to drive narratives.

"Far From The Norm artists know their mind and their body"

Whilst Botis' foundation is in choreography, his practice experiments with form, structure and theatrics to continuously reinvent his approach to creativity, whether that is in live or digital performance. 

Lee GFar From The Norm

Executive Producer - Lee Griffiths

As Executive Producer, Lee acts as the conduit between the company and the outside world, she believes her history and experience as a dance artist, has made her a more empathetic and compassionate team member outside of the studio.

Far From The Norm rehearsals by Camilla GreenwellFar From The Norm

Dance Artist - Ezra Owen

Introduced to dance through Breaking, Ezra's eclectic range of training and spiritual upbringing gives him a versatile movement approach with a humanistic performance quality unlike any other.

Victoria Shulungu by Camilla GreenwellFar From The Norm

Dance Artist - Victoria Shulngu

Victoria is one of the most sought after female performers in Hip Hop in the UK, her versatile and accomplished practice across Popping and Hip Hop allows her to embody character and emotion to the highest standard.

Jordan Douglas by Camilla GreenwellFar From The Norm

Dance Artist - Jordan Douglas

Jordan's foundations lie in a plethora of street, underground & club styles including Krump, Litefeet, House and Locking, Jordan is constantly delivering on the company’s outreach and educational initiatives, building on his teaching passion & supporting external commissions.

Naima Souhair by Camilla GreenwellFar From The Norm

Dance Artist - Naïma Souhaïr

Born and raised in Holland and introduced to dance at the age of 15, Naïma's movement range and performance persona have developed into the ideal collaborator for a Far From The Norm performer, she is a technical, captivating and powerful artist. 

Far From The Norm rehearsals by Camilla GreenwellFar From The Norm

Dance Artist - Hayleigh Sellors

Hayleigh is a dance artist, qualified personal trainer and movement coach, specialising in working with dancers. Her sensitive yet practical approach to training, rehearsals and performances makes her an incredible artist to have in Far From The Norm.

Joshua Nash by Camilla GreenwellFar From The Norm

Dance Artist - Joshua Nash

With a core background in Hip Hop & Krump, Joshua is centred both in the theatre and battling scenes. After a successful career performing with Far From The Norm, Joshua's own choreographic work is now blossoming, as he leads the UK Krump Theatre movement.


Dance Artist - Shangomola Edunjobi

Shangomola's practice is rooted in hip hop styles alongside the jazz elements of Lindy Hop, Tap and Charleston to create a fusion of unique movement and rhythms. Shangomola's vast range of styles is unbeaten in the Far From The Norm company.

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All Far From The Norm artist photography by Camilla Greenwell

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