Frida Kahlo: 8 works

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'Although it has often been said that Frida's work stands apart from that of her husband, the painter and muralist Diego Rivera, there is no doubt that it was under his influence that early in her career she undertook to paint a series of portraits of Mexican indigenous children; paintings with attractive mixes of colors following the tradition of popular art from Mexico. Portrait of Virginia was executed in 1929, shortly after Frida and Diego got married.'

Frida and the Cesarean (unfinished) (1931) by Frida KahloMuseo Frida Kahlo

'Frida and the Cesarean is an unfinished artwork that includes many of the themes that obsessed the painter, such as maternity, which was something she couldn't accomplish in her life. This work was created after her first abortion, after three months of pregnancy.'

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'Frida and the Miscarriage was her only incursion into lithography. It seems the technique was complicated for her and little suited to her artistic purposes.'

Appearances Can Be Deceiving (1934) by Frida KahloMuseo Frida Kahlo

'This drawing was unknown until 2007, as it was kept in one of the bathrooms of the Blue House with thousands of documents, photographs and artworks, following Diego Rivera desire after he died. Frida portraited herself naked, with her broken column under an elegant transparent dress. '

Still life (1942) by Frida KahloMuseo Frida Kahlo

'Frida Kahlo executed two still life paintings. One is in New York and the other is in her museum.'

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'The Broken Column was painted shortly after Frida had undergone surgery on her spinal column. The operation left her bedridden and "enclosed" in a metallic corset, which helped to alleviate the intense, and constant pain she was in.'

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'The painting has a refined realism, which Frida mastered in the course of the 1940s.'

Family portrait (Unfinished) (1949 - 1950) by Frida KahloMuseo Frida Kahlo

'This painting has not only her family roots, but the emotional ones as well.'

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