In Celebration of Goldie

Music journalist Chris Kelly explores the career of West Midlands native and D&B legend, Goldie.

Goldie at Haggerston Park, London. (2015) by Robin BharajTRENCH

In Celebration Of Goldie

Clifford Joseph Price MBE—better known by his moniker Goldie—is a musician, graffiti artist, actor and occasional orchestra conductor from Walsall.

A Young Goldie Showcases His Graffiti Art In Wolverhampton's Heath Town Estate (1989-01-01) by John O'BrienTRENCH

After a challenging start to life, growing up in children’s services in the West Midlands, he became transfixed by the rise of hip-hop, breakdancing and graffiti art.

Goldie Features on British TV show 'Passengers' (1995-01-01) by Channel 4TRENCH

After returning from a stint in the States, he became fascinated by the explosion of UK rave culture and the breakbeat sounds that fuelled it.

Goldie Features on British TV show 'Passengers' (1995-01-01) by Channel 4TRENCH

If the jungle/drum & bass movement had a face, it’d be Goldie's. Infamous for his signature gold teeth and b-boy attitude, Goldie founded the infamous drum & bass record label Metalheadz.

Goldie talks on how he began time-stretching [Channel 4 Documentary] (2012) by Channel 4TRENCH

The West Midlands native also pioneered the revolutionary, time-stretching production technique.

Metalheads groundbreaking anthem "Terminator" (1992) by Metalheads, Clifford Price, and MetalheadzTRENCH

Goldie released his first record, "Terminator", in 1992—credited for using the method for the first time, the song created the foundations for hardcore's transition into D&B.

Goldie Wins 'Best Album' at MOBO Awards (1996-01-01) by MOBO AwardsTRENCH

His ground-breaking debut album, 1995's Timeless, was one of the first drum & bass releases to crossover into the mainstream and picked up a MOBO award for Best Album in '96.

Goldie's Official Music Video for "Inner City Life" (1995) by Goldie and MetalheadzTRENCH

Timeless delivered the difficult task of achieving critical acclaim, commercial success and a nod of approval from the underground. Goldie challenged the limitations of what D&B could sound like and set a benchmark for its sound.

Goldie at Haggerston Park, London. (2015) by Robin BharajTRENCH

Not one to be limited by genre restraints, he has gone on to collaborate with music legends such as David Bowie (R.I.P), Noel Gallagher and his former partner, Björk.

Producer and DJ Goldie by Robin BharajTRENCH

He’s also acted in multiple films and TV shows. Starring as a Bond villain in The World Is Not Enough and appearing in Brit mobster movies like Snatch and Everybody Loves The Sunshine, he also had a stint on EastEnders and appeared on various reality TV shows.

Goldie “Timeless (Sine Tempore)" With The Heritage Orchestra (2014-06-14) by Lyle Lindgren, Goldie, and The Heritage OrchestraTRENCH

In the late 2010s, he added orchestral composer to his belt by conducting the BBC concert and the Heritage Orchestra—throughout his career, Goldie has pushed the boundaries of his artistry and continuously reinvented himself.

Goldie performing at Haggerston Park, London. (2015) by Robin BharajTRENCH

Awarded an MBE in 2016 for his services to British music, his contributions to UK dance music and culture are truly immeasurable.

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