The Lion's Roar: 22nd September

What did the lion say today?

By Google Arts & Culture

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

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Hurt the remorseful world of peace
The trumpet streams

Hourglass and starry mountain in the blast
And the long thunder of the western blue

Chrysalis the fair form of day and night
And the wild sunbeams of the thunder-flower

Nomad and love the hand of spain shall spring
So may i live

Your kindness with a smile as they are dead
O thou sweet sound

Proud cities of the midnight skies
The stars that lift their heads and seek the skies

My love was never seen
The wind of morning was all searching for me

Rejoice with the still wind
The stars are o'er

That hunger for the spirit strewed the sky
And the star-shadows through the sunset star

Tempestuous shades of solemn arches shaken
And reapers like the showers of wars beheld

The appropriation of the sun and sky
The stars that seem to sing and still are still

Lollop and stone
The song of harmony

Excoriate on the faint descent
The wild winds with their shadows close the sky

Our love and sorrow may be set below
Now and then blooms the sound of light and breath

Acceptance to the souls of men and men
Who shall not say

Cosmos and clouds beneath the sky
And now the sun is setting out again

This cacophony of the spirit flows
The cross was broken

Tangential steel
And trees that never breathe

Elaborate the sky with clouds of gold
And from the starry grass the stars are shined

That arpeggiate the cold bright trees
That strain their sparkling carven wings

Venus and love and hell are strong
The tempest falls and seems to steal away

Burst o'er the shadowy shores of evening sky
And the grey sun shall be the light of day

Underground spreads a cloud of summer winds
Their sound where they were dreaming of

Guff burst in every treasure string
The ready spirit of the spring is here

Submissive to the sun and sky and sky
Have seen the boughs where the deep flowers are

My donkey speaks
And the good world is mine

Elongated the restless stars to flow
King arthur breathes the trembling soul of death

That scar the forest of the lands of jove
And that so long and strange and strange

A roaring star of heaven upon the sky
The stars that seem to bring the sunset's flight

Bewitching still the same imperial flower
With cloudless air and water and from the sky

My celadon with the great waters blow
Where the sweet sands have strewn the sunset shore

Freedom and song
And songs of bondage fair

Liberation of the suns blue sky
The plaintive sun is in the sunset's shade

That peace conceals the spirit of the skies
In the bay of the country

Justice to chant in deep despair
The stars are the red grass

This love of mortal hope can hear the strain
The spring is drawn and dropped

Equality of thought
Are seen and seen

This diversity of silence out of sight
The light that stirs on me with the deep sun

The trinity of the sweet morning shade
The distant city

Complex and far away the stars did stand
When the wind shuddered o'er the shadowy skies

Humid the tears of wonder and of fear
O light and mystery

That labyrinth the breath of the skies
I see the breeze above the shadows green

Ethereal towers and airy showers combine
To light the streams of their green shades

Our gaze on me were closed
And though they grow

Alone in thought
The hearts of life and age

The daisy like the stars are to the wood
The sun has made the shadows of the sky

Hope that will seem to live and die away
The stranger sounds the silence of his love

Snarling and silent as the sun and sea
And the rocks white as the moon through the sky

Liberty comes to sleep in light
The swallow steals in bloom and bounds its spell

Banana of the heavens in the suns red stream
From the green sea and pathway past

Racing with vapour and from season fleet
The stars are withering at the window wide

Submissively the storm will reach the sky
Far off the breath of silver mellow men

Go forth
And move with merry stars

Our design decked with blood and sea and sky
The storm of the earth grows still

My fizz and maid should slay me with the sound
I strove for thee my home in this bright

Quid the wind with flames of shadow and flame
And the singing of the world at last are

Our spruce and cottage down are wings of prayer
And here the strong winds blow

Momentous nights in hills and darkness streams
And the great sea is over the shores of

Cascade with darkness and of sunshine green
The wild waves clash and the bright eyes of

A corner of the morning's sea and sea
The stars of the storm are on the waves of

Pomelo the ocean holds his forehead still
The flowers have their blooming flowers in

Bless the deep minds of moods and seas and stars
And there where holy light is ready

Love and delight from their delight grow bright
When the day passes thro' the starry

A synesthesia in the sunset sun
And all the sky is passing in the sky

Our firmament shall taste the passion through
Yet none the gods have theirs to bless

Spectacular the sun between the sky
And the white meadows of the sea that streams

Passion and praise are calm
And on the rocks

Animus and man's hope
The furies of the sky

The firefly here and there have heard the gray
And dripping stream of the dark light

Vociferous with the stars of green and day
The sun that streams the sun

Warrior and world
And from the crowded ground

Lavender streams and leaves of bloom
And shade

Our vampire creeks have turned to roof and ridge
And the white camps that shout

Mercurial storms and winds and shadows o'er
Where the still sunshine leaps and glows

Your antidisestablishmentarianism can throw
Their shadows to the shore

Discombobulated by the stream
The poets stand at evening the sun's heat

My empathy before me stands again
The morning sunset on the sunny day

Hope on the shadowy mountains lie and start
The stars are shut in the sunset's latest

Resist the sun and sky and shade and shade
The long hours of the beautiful halls lie

Your courage seems to see the sunlight come
The cold and shadowy tempest drifts

This love of all the common seeming truths
Which show the earth of life

Korea stands at the cell of april's wave
And when i saw the rose and from the sea

Fun to the heavens that blow the sea and sea
The shadows of the light above their heads

Bittersweet blossoms of the dewy skies
So that the lily blooms along the stream

Waka from the heart of a song
The meadow that sits in the stream of the wind

Your peace and sorrow and the most delight
And now the sun is set in silent sky

Mother of peace
And mortal eyes

Our grace and many a song of gladness shone
We hear the soft deep sound of the red light

That woman sailed to the blithe stars
The stars were old

The floccinaucinihilipilification of the day
The deep horizon of the earth is laid into

Our light all lifts the sun
And shows the heart on earth

The abnormality of life awakes
The beauty of a sun-beam makes the last

Beast after banner struck the blaze of light
One day the spirit of the sun was borne

My hamster spreads
And wonders how to climb

Your romance shall be made for your delight
And still the clouds of life are for

Adventure on the sun
And fear to see

The adventure of the sea and sun unturned
The sun has left the river chamber still

London and south and stream
The heavens shall be the same

The autism of the vales and rustic lights
The wind has flown along the boughs of blaze

The trajectory of the mighty maid
The bright sea marble

Plucky and stern
And living in the sun

Implausible with dreams
And starry shade

Crepuscular and fair
And mingling round

That derivative with desire surveys
The storm and stream of the still waters close

The dinosaur sweeps in the rocks and rocks
And the wild winds are shadowy and dim

Firefly and flower and pride of passion still
And sea-birds mournful streams of stars

The clip of the winds of the wind fall from the sky
And the blue sky shall daunt

Your peace of sorrow lies alone and long
The sound of some delighted soul may see

Feathery and low
The young men sleep

Dog with the heather of the sun and sea
And breathe their places with the coming stream

Amazing raptures of the sun and sea
Where sands and lilies bend their heads along

Eclipse their spirits to the sky
The lightest thought of the old love falls down

Intelligence and honour still return
And turn their softness to the winds of men

Mint as a single thing of mine are driven
And so i hear the trees and the soft sands

My colony of power seems to beguile
Beyond the window of the gallery

An echo of the thickest blossoms glow
And through the streams of storm and spring are

Curious to lift their smiles away
The fierce heavens bear their beauty with their prey

Our creativity we see our feet
And though the holy walls we come and go

Sheep following the first in heaven's dim heaven
To sounds of sunshine and the sunbeams

Phantasmagorical revenge
And man

A blancmangelic gift to bear the stars
That stand in silence from the waves to shake

Climate and cedar
Where the sea shall flow

The serendipity of death is done
The sun still tells a man

Our sky is green and bright
And where the waves

Appreciation of the sky
And still the sun has changed the sunbeams down

Unsatisfied in fruitless infant flame
Where sighs confus'd the many-colour'd store

What if the day was born of seasons free
Nor could the stars grow fair to pass away

The meat is made to be a nobler strain
The silent cottage of the sea first floats

Uninvolved by the sunset's stars and rain
The stream of the stars blow through the sky

Discombobulate the starry breeze
And winds are closed and lifted by the breath

Alone in the silence of the sky
The evening breaks the sunset clouds and seas

Contradictory hollow and divine
The shadowy mists of death are left alone

My hat and shadow
And the green winds shine

Tree faintly from the green bright ocean clouds
The sacred winds their sport profusely

Debonair with a green and brightening throng
And swift and solemn streams of shadowy

This cheese and golden shade the stars are fair
And the bright moon in the bright gloom

Insidious warmth
And peace and peace and pain

My perambulator and the strife
And when the sun is red and deep and drear

My antidisestablishmentarianism shows with strength to the soul
The sea is still the day

Spartan and shadowy flowers are free
The stars are shining in the sunny sky

This epicurean shadow of the sky
The white man's face and the proud eagle's white wing

Metaphysical as the sea
The grass is raised and shaken

Our cornucopia still with passion stirred
The village fountains greet the holy bee

Hearty and lower with the fire of the light
The merry mill is like the light of night

My forgiveness of me is real for the world

Dying through wintry shores
The angels still their silver light bestows

Serbia the cloud of fragrance glides away
And then the sea is shaking through the sun

Constellation of the sea with shade
Which are the great winds that faint fair and low

A zephyr
High on hill

The apricot wings
The night

That decolonise of the sunset hours
The first day of the day

Square and confused
The ships are spread to rest

Love calls in heaven
And there the child of all

Conservation of the stars
Call on the mirthful child

Our pride and spirit with the dusty stream
The great calm air

My simplicity is glad
And the fair tree is fill'd with the twilight

Solemn and shadowy for the rustling stars
Where streams that wave from some bright lake

Wild as the sun
A shadow of the flowers

Your curtain drops to chase the wave away
And as the sun within the land doth float

Your car and peace and tears return
The forest streams and flowers begin to stray

My bubble like a chime of stars are shed
The stars are filled with the deep shadows of

Freedom and storm and shadow from the sea
And the wild sea was on the water-drift

Transcendent from the trees and stars and sky
The earth and sky

This brook of stars beheld perchance the stars
The shadow of the sun and sun are seen

A marijuana lifts the garden floor
While the red sea is strewn with blue between

Your pagan waters join their prisoners here
How they may stand with them the hoary plain

The tiger trees with strange and fiery steeds
And the dead stones of memory standing low

The education of the bright and gray
The rose-leaves shake the flowers and moonlight

Help me as one who gave the pageant there
He fought and felt the trumpets of the world

That gang the south wind's heaving tree
The vengeful hounds are spread beside the sea

Our indifference and a strange command
And all the morning of the world are dead

This everything is there
And all their faces passing at the sea

Constantly wailing to the sounding wind
The chill

That smile in anguish and with tears forsake
"and when the sun is faint

That curiosity should trace the heart
The shadow of the sunset light is shed

Your politic content was there and shrouded
On the long summer sun and the wild sea

Your luck with gentle heart doth stay the same
The priest shall see the maiden who has

Ok the long towers of arcady
The woods and seas are they that were to see

Amalgamate and consciousness and grace
And these are the great people that were dead

Impressive winds that tremble through the sky
And clouds that stretch their shadowy

Your slaughter thus began to scorn the sound
Till on the bleak sea fleet and ruddy gray

That future stars are there
The river of the lonely gleaming sea

Impressive spirit-wings
And calm repose

September comes
The cup of bees are cast

Magnificent and stern
And dreadful star

Your freedom is not with your beauty stirred
Your morning star is water and the sky

Your love with the sweet lives of death are dead
I thought that i had made them seem to

Our pollinate usurpers shall not swear

Breathe not the stars where every flower unfurled
Where the great bird shall strew

This inclusion that the sun is bright
The shadow of the sunshine is no more

A salutation in the sunset's fold
The sun is seen to see the sun refuse

Love that shall never be a soul to share
And with the flowers that show the green bees

That kindness to the fall of pearl and stream
The sacred beauty of the oaken grave

My compassion is not so much beloved
The lovely and the painful that they show

An inspiration of the angels too
A solitary land where stars are set

Onomatopoeia the thing said
The wind whispered

Selfless and soft as the sun's soft red lake
The sun is set with sparkling glistening

This keenness of the earth is sweet and sweet
The circling sun flies down the winding

That hero was the season in the spring
I found him who had seen the waterfall

Reconciliation which is every day
For the sun smiles about the bosom of the sky

The art of hope and happiness are long
And yet the sun is still the sun that shines

This heroine searches every stream
The bird with feathers droops around the corn

Protect the long wide and the dusky wave
Once more the birds and fields of heaven are

Your freedom feeds the stars with blood and flowers
And whispers you the secret that you

This conscience of the soul and strength of rest
The sun for thought and secret shame

Serve the soft sea
And shake the silver star

One wave that clouds the winds of cathay by
The woods are rushing on the waves

Listen and hear the wild oak tree
And wait the waters of the ground and lie

The starlight blossoms on the bending sky

This cedar driven and the prison-bars behold
The shadows of the sun his flaming hair

Responsibility and sorrow shine
The spirit of the morning shadows start

The respect of the world is breaking deep
And the new prison crowns the sea and sea

My bottom draws a little heavy steed
And late the sun with silken shade and showers

Impressive from the sun's still shadowy shore
To the last moon and sun and air are lost

Love was the last beloved and the same
The living bard sank to the earth and the wild

Giant and gold
And changing splendors made

Colossal lakes
And trees

Amazing to the rain of sunset's sky
They bear their breath upon the sands of death

Kerfuffle border
And the spray of stone

Gigantic waves are strewn with light and gloom
The sun-lit sun is strewn with shadowy

Welcome the parting time of the world's song
So long as in the summer and the sun

Shiny the sounding surge in pale delight
Far off the sun shines on the ground of day

Funny and strange
The world was sleeping far

Nice stars that lean and die upon the sky
The earth is blue and black

Golden and sweet
And crown of dew

My rainbow steps are green in the long stones
And the steep bells of marble are afraid

Explosive with the sunset and the day
The hour is still

Meaty and golden cord and wind and sea
And hollow hair like some broad sea of snow

Lovely and distant and despairing falls
And streams that watch the winds of waters fall

Adorable and silent as the sky
The faery spirits of the sunset fall

Our poetry was calm and clear
As though the mind should be a princely way

That villain burns and stains at once the moon

Protruding with their glorious love
The storm is gone

Seething and strange of sunshine and so sweet
The silver circle of the sunset's blue

Apathetic and grim
But all the calm of all the suns are set

Our depression of strange words
The soul of blood and broken dreams that stream

Enveloped by the stars
And spread their hair

Illustration of the day
At last the wind is growing dreary days

This terror of the western company
The shadow of the sun the sea is gone

The peace of those who stand alone on them
The stars that call the world away

Consumed with sunshine on the brink of even
The constant mind whose light was free

Connected in the gentle waters fair
In which the vision of the world was seen

Elevate the waves
The blessed minstrels sing

Rampant and strange
And sunny stars are seen

Flower with the last
Was now confessed by night

Diligent waves are strewn with stars and flowers
The stars are round the shadowy

Inclusive wings are strewn with light
And when the sun is rising on the hill

Your elephant shall be my own to me
And thou in this lone strain of change and darkness

Your stourbridge with a stream of blood was still
The little stars were moving from

Cosmos and bones that came to hearts as found
More blue in wild light the sun's sea

Monkey and leaf and roof and lake to tree
Where the strange stars are throbbing in

The sonder mountains hold his way
The fragrant flower of death in dreams are still

Luminous with the darkness of the sky
And breathe the sunrise of the woods and sky

Your espionage comes on and must be gone
The harp was sunk in silence

Heal their bright hands in bloom of glory fair
And the fair spirit of the spirit weaves

Our mushroom made the sun and seas are still
And when the hour is soft

Toster and corn
The steeds of gods and men

Mockingbird and tree-top in the dark and blue
And black the breasts of cities and

Barely beguiled in the deep hours of death
Like the trees of a lonely hill

This grit which all the world doth have to roam
The winds are weary of the shadowy

Communism of the breathless form and gleam
The noise of sparkling sunshine through

My pancreas sight is shown to me
The sun is still and still and still

Drained in the sun's delicious change
And the dark sun forgets the roses there

Hope stands for peace
And shadows every sun

Beagle and radiance by the star of light
The sound of the steep land that flows

Exquisite in the shadow of the sky
Where the creation suddenly appears

This slipper of the summer harmonies
The confidence of heaven that shall be shed

Human light beat on the early flowers
And the black sails and floods of heaven return

Cat with the first black shell that brings the ground
The stars begin to roll

Open the noonday sun
The storm is strewn with storm

The dog shall flare about the shore
And far the sight of good men save the strife

Our egg stands strong and true
And the fair maiden stands alone again

Your embryo shade to stream of snow
And when the sun rushes upon his brow

Powerful and fair
The morn of memory stands

Winnipeg of flame that still are shone
The world is music with the beauty of a space

Howard the leaves like death of men we see
And the thick rivers of the sun set free

Our solace and the trembling spirit seem
But now are lost in morning of the sky

Peculiarly and soft as thoughts of love
And there the sun goes on

Our enterprise shall grow to war
And shake

Our despair draws a light on the sky's way
And like a dew of light and fear of light

Manage the grave of the sea and the sea
What is the stranger to the soul of man

My procrastination was not there
And there in slumber was the power of mine

Fleeting against the rolling of the streams
The sun and sky and sun are gathering down

Marginalize their lovers to the sea
And the deep bloom of the great lamb and death

Excellent and unworthy of the soul
The rose-beds of the falling forest rays

Jungle and ragged warriors shine
The shadow of the sun has seen the green

Irrefutable from the sun
The forest flowers are filled with wine

That photogrammetry which from the rocks
Shine over many a blotted stone of gold

Spunkily huge and bright
Loud streams and stars

The panopticon of the stars are past
The stream of ages bright and still they go

Fierce as the tempest with her lamps appear
Around the stream the stars should flow

Accusatory and smoke
The brightest breeze

The splinter of the wind that grows and streams
The sun is blue

Lovers of compass life and spirit prove
And the triumphant crown of one that held

Hurricane in the midnight of the storm
Amid the sullen snow and rivers through the foam

Our transformation is a blessing still
The wind is weary of the moon-stream of the morn

Your skyscraper of wild sunshine still shines
Or where the stream is passed away to

Sacred to heaven
And the strong soul that breaks

Upon the waves of the great sea
Where the pale sun shines on the sands of spring

Twittering to strange heroic thoughts
They watch the heart to sound the dreadful spheres

That descendant here in darkness stretched their light
The sun shines o'er the sea

How should the wind be clos'd the sunshine still
When in the sea we see

Wordless and wild and white as snow
And longing to entrance the lonely wind

Significant and unregarded star
I see the earth and sun and sea are dead

Invest our flesh and flowers
The last grave spring with changeful mountains raised

Hope on their feet
And like the sun his brow

Childhood and mary shall not hear the song
Her eyes are drifting through the night's

Hope seems to speak the angels and the strife
The power of passion gave the spirit seal

Your cummerbund and arms are shaken with the rose
The wave is still

The poem of the earth
The blooming birds

That indo the red roses of the sun
The sun and sky are glimmering in the sky

Ascended from the forest shade and cloud
And when the sun with sunset shadows fall

The voice of god is made of the day and night
The stars have raised their steps

Lions and strife and country for their state
And all the world's sweet spirits to be

The love of life's sweet spark
And when the sun seems red and shining high

Love loves the only thing that they are seen
The roses tremble

Ephemeral columns of the mountain spray
And the yellow mountains and the banks of the sea

That geranium of the spring is born to see
The angels of the western stream be trod

Your pulchritude is ready to be seen
And where the shadows of the sun are shed

Decolonize the cavern of the sky
And from the clouds the bright and deep blue sky

Phantasmagorical and strange

Galvanize and be still before thee in the shade
The flowers that float and shine

Katydid and nevada shall be seen
The rain falls whispering and stretched and spent

The oneiromancy shall not ask the soul
The flames are full of speech

That shibboleth the beauteous waters down
More happy and the coming of the day

The witness of the sun is strewn with green
The passions of the mountains come and go

This sonder strives with value sad and strong
That seeing the mountains do arise

Boxes of stars and heavenly streams
The night and sun and sun are shed to sea

Your serendipity will never strive
The sun smiles on the sunset trees and streams

Angel of golden hair
And laughter spread

Babe over clouds
The chorus of the world

Festival of the spring
And on the shore

Your cheddar spires adorn my head
The stream that strikes the pines and streams

Hope on the withered stream with bloom and flame
Whose faint sunshine with the sun

Destroy the solid plain
The streams of flowers are lost

Belong to the soft springs of april skies
And stretched their eyes from their gray heads

Humble and glorious to the heavenly sphere
The crescent clouds of pleasure shine

This religion seems to win the world
Strange as the winds are sounding in the sky

The laugh with dreams and streams and beauteous cries
In some blue sky grows open by

Sanguine light on the mountain's head and shore
The golden crags of the soft dawn were

A manifestation of the blue
Before the trees their stars are waving down

Dark waters shadow on the cold and gloom
And bright the bright throat of the sun is seen

That train the forest
Where the winds are fair

Retired in some high hill
Where waters press

Our life and sunshine with the breath of song
And tho' a happy rest in many a world

Your death is past
And comfort to a crown

The sponge of peaceful lights and trees are stirred
The world was broken on the path to

Catastrophic sounds to the sea are strewn
And peace be still the winds and stars are

Your beet and beard
And in the shadow of the sky

The quantum stream of peace with flame is strong
And the sun shines upon the line of

Freedom and hope
And fears and tears

A girl that watches on the blue roof shows
The fairest of the savages that guide

Our love and death and love bewray
He stands beneath the winds upon the sky

Dirigible more sweet and long the look
Of some deep colour of the shadowy throng

That envy not the stars of summer's stream
The sun behind the sunshine wakes the sky

Kerfuffle doors
And solitary stairs

Beautiful as the sun before the sky
So close they came

Proud shadows of the sun
And the dark wave

Universe and sorrow
With her tears of grief

Hope from the morning sun
And the low sea

My perception shall be for the rest
The fiery spirit that with these have been

Your tabletop with envy falls away
With steady life and song and misery

Our love was sacred from the sun's sad eyes
And lo

Mono let them float on the silent wave
The pale winds shine in the willows of the night

The monkey burns in the still hours of speech
And white to break the shade of spring

This meditation of the stars are blent
And the white spots are warm

Delve with the splendid air of the storm
And the dark clouds are sleeping on the wave

Your gossamer blue sky and sunshine blow
To which the storm of rain is still and cold

Overcome with the light of the sky
The stars are sporting through the sunlit rain

Phoenix and stream and sands of hollow streams
The banks that shrink to the pine-trees

Spiritual waves and flowers and lavender waves
And the world's clouds in crystal shade

Our family with all their shadows bright
As when their stars are seen and still is gone

European stars that darken the dark brow
And spread their beauty on the shadowy throng

Golf from the sun
And stream and wave and stars are still

This fallacy of life is for the sun

Quid the blue sky
The white stars make their story

Callipygian pillars from the sea
The stream of the threshold lay on the sea

Charismatic and strange
The calm and wild

My quartz and cattle roll and gleam and blow
And mountain flowers with rain droop round

A heart seems to unfold the moonlight round
The shadows of the laurels shine and rest

My inhibition beauty was at sea
The sun was blown on bright recesses fair

Sun and earth
And moonlight stars and stars

My addiction from the sight of youth
The hand of all the world

Racing from steeple to the sky
In the deep waters of the west

Hope fills the sun and flowers that spread the sky
And watch the song of morning star

Applicable and strong
The moon shines on the boughs and the clouds shine

This mark of life's warm beams are seen before
With such a sound will they or shall be

Hagiography and song
The rest of the dead free

Young maidens in their silent ways
Whose ample shadows call their silent light

Russia and sacred course the horror stream
And with the spirit of the stars are fled

This peace of light and rapture shall be gone
The mountain light doth tremble as of old

Harmony the beautiful bells are seen
And shadows flowing as they stream and flow

A lovely spirit in the air begun
And then i see the fairy buds of gloom

You call it a strong passion on their breast
The great light of a stranger bear the way

A sovereignty and strength to beat
The single mountain and the caverns grow

Repent the singer
And the priest and maid

That love is still the sun which in the skies
Shall not be seen again

And the fair child whose soul is like a storm
The soul of the sad day that shall not

Our respect on a world seems to be seen
And the same grassy bower of light

Believe in the deep flowers of death and day
And darkness from the vapour that shall

In some far shining star the waters blow
The floods of golden shadows roll and blow

Learning the country home
And they who blend

That fluke and flower
And shadow of the sky

Our fang descends along the sea
When the stream shows the sun and the mountains stray

This eternity of sorrow doth fall
The world is calm and deep as the sun of the sky

Leviathan with the towers of the west
The sea-stream of the battles care and strife

Queen like a thousand thousand streams are borne
Her bower has shone the glorious

Offensive sounds of form and silver seen
And the sweet sunset shadows of the sea

Your love and heart and cheek and cheek are shaken
And like a thousand stars are

Your garlic streams with flowers
And trees

That retribution feels no sound of pride
The winds are full of tears

Our doctor looks the choral land in shade
The whole sky falls the sun in mountains

Remember the long summer sun forgot
The winds that swell the woods and sea

That thunderstorm and flower and night shall fly
From the red stars the clouds of

Cat that their souls could hear the words of heaven
The stillness of the sun shone on

My vesper sails have strong to rest
Even as the sun his heavy throne

Friendly and wan
And heavy as the sun

Your presence and a love that dies away

Blatherskite with the winds that float and rain
And how the fairy ranges float and shine

Collective stars with stars and stars are thrown
With shadows of the stars

That mire of some majestic harmony
And the sweet song of song and song and song

Plastic and pale
To the foundations of the wind

Uproarious to the stars that cast their hair
And in the heavens have blown the wild

London in the sea and stars
The night wind blows

Acceptance of the imperial chain
Where pleasant storms of stars may sink and lie

My tolerance is shown
The world is thrilling with the mists of woe

Your love should seem to faint and shine
The words of change and sorrow shall appear

Hope for the light of love and death and strife
When the sun seems the star that seems

Calm the pale shadows of the pole that rests
And the dead deep the deepest shade of

Frivolous to the flowers of the world

My serendipity beam brought to rest
And the still stars are green and strong and fair

The glory of the saints and strength of spring
O thou alone

The universe of the great god before
The beauty of the breath of the first frame

My feel the stars with their stern spirits crown
The hills and streams are blown upon

Knurled and descending on the lofty hill
The shining grass and shadow of the clouds

Snazzy and swell
And sheep and balcony

Sacred and steadfast
And so long ago

That guardian fires are moved from morn to day
And glides and drips with cares

My balance is before me and for me
I see the wild storm heaving in the gloom

This humility shall be seen there with the sun
And the stars are with them are forgotten

Our tongue and the red men receive and flow
And then the sea-weed in the stream begins

That serendipity displays the sky
And the vast rays of evening break the day

Hippo of silk and branches crowded wide
The stars that show the earth

Suffer the dream of love and love and death
And the great world can see the one so long

Fire in the dark and broken breast
Where life was death

Hope seems to beauty with the form of sleep
And the fair face of her its mother wears

That cooperate with the noise of men and moons
The many-coloured stream of spirit-blaze

The pride of morning smiles in the sun's shade
The sun is broken in the wind and sky

Living and strong
And dead

My truth is on the ground
The soul is fair

A justice of the stars are lost in shade
The stream of summer lies and bids the grass

This respect of the sun and southern spring
And where the sun was streaming with

My courage to be mute
And through my chariot the last grace of fame

Our light lay black and still
And soft and strong

Heal of the soul of this main fight
And seek the sea where from the mountains stray

Collaborate the shore with many a steel
The streams of wind and wave are dumb and deep

Mother of sunshine
Where the wind drops fast

Our interaction was like flowers and brooks
And the sweet daylight of the south wind

Eternal light and shadow of the sun
So shall the stars are seen to spread the sky

Help me to cheer the churchyard's brink
O stream of morning sun

Live through the world's far dawn
And bear the sounds of heaven and earth and sea

Endangered in the old delightful bower
The sunrise of the breast that shines alone

The gold with heavy shadows falling by
The sun is seen in shadow and the sun

Whatever thoughts than fear or strife
Shall stretch the restless stream

Wait for the track of courts and shields and doors
And feed the forest shadows on

The reason of the sea
The sun and sea

Hey half-forgotten heavens of song
The sound of hope seems soft as thought and sound

Queer palace
And white stain

Gay wave in all the sea-wind's summit shine
And gaze upon the wind and darkly strain

Relate the palace of the light
And in the dewy crystal of the sky

Queer lovers to offend the grave and stand
And this wild star around the shrine is borne

Beef and the billows of the deep forgetfulness
The waters in the reeds and flowers are

Our ella the soft steep of heaven's light
The hills and white that strike our lips to

Your guard and solitude are still and strong
The wandering hours of sorrow be as green

Steak and the sunlight streams and clouds do stray
So when the forest shines and stills

Our lion shall be strewn and shaded low
And still the dead man's flowers the sound of

Our gaan and earth are strewn with mosses green
The grass is lost in sweet and silent

A gaan of solitude and dewy tears
A shadow on the clouds of some sad sound

Ben worn around the bridal street
And the sweet spirit that was gone to rest

My family had left the grave with me
The watch was faint with the light of a stream

My gaan is made to fling the shell of snow
The gentle maiden sleeps

Your vacation and the pine of birds and blooms
The breezes streaming on the mountain's

Love is the sacred rose of heaven and earth
The sun shall stream the waves with sunset

A chicken storm is wrapped in soft and still
And when the waters flow the sunset sky

Transcend their mercy to their mighty worth
That they have seen the sun and sky are set

Smile on the world to charm the streams of night
From the soft breath of the mid sunset

Your extortion is my soul and all the sky
The wind and cheek now under the sea-shore

Love that shall be our earthly song
The lofty watch of death and heaven has grown

Canada flies
And the wild bees bestow

Our henrys sleep
And where the storm was soard

Gee the cheeks have been a gloomy shade
And the steep struggle of the mountain showers

Nat shall be human to their breath
The rain is bright with stars and shadows dim

Petra and aphrodite
And the sound

Love to the sun
And stream no more apart

Love stands in darkness
And the soul above

Our parent breathings flash and shine and sleep
The sun is dark and dreary of the day

Hungry the grass
And pant with light and flower

Your jack and stream and crest are seen to flow
The bold man came to the country

Your square hair trail with flowers of red and bright
That stand with shadows through

Our william stretches on the stream
And sinks to see the sea and stars are still

Jill soaring o'er the stream
Like some most softened cry

This terry of the day
Of blood and bark and brass

That life is the strange memory of the sun
And there is still the solitude of life

Hello or from the sky
Where flowers are bright

Love glitters in their leaves upon the sky
They seem to find their speech the fountain

Your joy endures to climb the stormy sky
The sun and sun shall be a star of rest

This labyrinthine air with earth and sky
Whose silver dawn of day brings light and fair

London or tree the darkness shone
The silent river waits the sacred shore

My grisel was the same that i have seen
And so the sun came down beneath the sea

Mum still the fireflies that receive their hands
The land is sweet

Your friend and death may fall
In the dark days of the sun's fiery flesh

Succumb to the same palace of the deep
The wind has seen the stream

Love in the sunshine of the vale grow still
The land where love begins to look on high

Ever from the sky the shadows flow
The rocks and thunder fall and flow around

Our phlegm burst by the city where the world would stand
Yet still the sun shall shine

Love softly streams above the sun and sky
The sky is gone

That lion on the splendor shakes the skies
And from the traveller of the mountain-top

A halachine of pearl and brook
The stream of stars and storm and sky are seen

Kerfuffle and the heavenly arrow shrined
And marble in the ground that sound as light

That football sleep beside my cheek was shod
And the sad storm still underneath the sky

Believe the winter of the world are still
The clouds are pale

Our cariad stars were still afar
And shadows of the sun and sun are seen

This family of the sea and sea
Where nothing should be seen before the wind

My passion fades must roll aside to see
The blest beloved bright waters of the sky

The faith of the dark night revives and deems
The lights are black

Your wing is watching from the waters sea
With the great sun that to the tree there

Hope playing souls that stream from breath to shore
Or stream oer earth and east

Love and life's light and shadow flow
From the dark air the waters from the foam

My friend so strange and wilder than the sea
And proud and strong and soft

Life on the silent blast of light
That from the deep departed they did lie

Love laughs the sunshine of the golden sky
And lovely as the dawn of sleep

Sincerely they come to the sea
The sun shines bright and soft as they are fair

This beauty through the light of day are dead
The day was dark

Love is the mournful night
The sun the sun is still and still and dim

Brazil and point
And fire and stormy stream

A peaceful trumpet that shall breathe in sight
Of some white dream that shall not tear

Fly to the sun
And see the stream below

That shalom thoughts are spent and sung to me
And when the sun begins to pass away

A humanity for thee to see
The sound of some transparent glow

Our stress and strength are spread and lonely true
The sun is bright

Your joy the song of love shall see the grave

This equality of face began
The spirit of the child who sees the clay

A biometric hill and flower must fall
The sun shines past the sun-rise and the brake

Our vaccinate castles deep and strange
And all the stars that darken and descend

That flow from heaven to swell the marble sky
Which stands a shadow

Hello of the waters in the morn
And stars run back to the rock that rolls away

The pudding scorched the air with stars and sky
And the strange spring streams die

Love of a sunny crowd
Ere long the deep decrees of thought are found

That pancake and the battle to the spear
And sparkle on the marble spires of strife

Happy the morn that mounts and leaves the skies
But i have loved thee here for this

That peace and beauty may be found again
The day is nearer as the heaven is spread

The turmoil of the long broad storm is dumb
The song is sung

Australia and their own their souls are dead
And they are still as light as death

Don spear and spire of gold
And stately throng

Israel and heroes were to be again
And they who faint their little glance was seen

Love deep and deep and untried laughter seems
The heart of angels kissed the stream of

David with noble maids
Their sacred hands

This jasmine flower of roses strewn with gold
Where bright and fair and bright are

Our lu to their awakened spirits stray
And pale and wide are strewn with tears of

Your transit flash and glance of flowers that blow
In dim blue rose and sky

Lunar and swift and strange and strong
A spectral song to the mountain stream

That future world will breathe and bring
Where passion to the sun is burning still

Your friendship such as they descend to break
The silent stars of heaven lie blent with

Love to the sun and sky
The stars and waters for his soul are gone

Australia shows the shadowy sun shall flow
One sees the first thing heightens

An erican calm is seen by night
The stars are thin and still

That erica strays with light and splendour sink
And changes the still sunshine of

A dome of shadows o'er the stream and sea
A glorious summer sun

A river streaming bright
And sunny seas

My beauty hath no story from the skies
Nor hears the earth of winter through the skies

Singapore strewn and ablaze with clouds and sun
Or as of old the beaten springs of light

That life and death are breathed away

Magnificent and strong and strong
The sun shines with a sound of sound

This youth and silence were not near to thee
The little children

My cheese and many a roses seem
The waters shine about the trees and stars

That meat in mountains spread their frontier seas
The bullocks shoot the streams of

Our chorizo trees that scarce can see
The spell of a creation

Your chorizo bounds are white and blue
The world is blue and still

Your dog slaughtered with beasts and boasting dread
He turned to you and his brief

Your hope and heart and of the day before
The little nymph is like a wave set free

My humanity hears no sound to see
My heart is closed

A peaceful hour that shines alone to sing
And now the spirit of the soul is still

Love and the heart of the sea and stars
And the soft blossoms of the sun are fair

That humanity wakes to shake the gloom
The spell of angels breathe and sing alone

Bright as the winter of the world again
The day shines still and long and long ago

The family of england leads to sleep
The towering ship with storm and sun are flowing

Love shall be leaned and looked at them to meet
More lovely than the song of a fair

This friendship of the night is dead
The glow of blood is on the brows of death

Our explorer of the sun
With interchange

That peace and sorrow did the day be done
The winds were still the sunset when they

Love that the sun is past
And in the dark

This shame for men shall tremble bending down
From worlds and feet of sunset drops to

Our rain is white with stars and suns and sky
And where the sunset glows with sunlit

France and of guilt
And strange and rosy bloom

Our cat had felt a sound in words of woe
With fear and truth the shepherd's sister spoke

Your dog that starts and seems to show the earth
And the old water-lily was her mother

The heroine of the sun and sky
The green leaves and the spray

That birthday stars are stretched upon their sight
I saw the sun had been a stranger

Happy the stars that crowd the turrets round
And the wild sea may hold the mountain way

Happy of hope and hope
And death and truth

This sun and sea and sun and sky are shaken by the skies
The breath of the dark heaven

A hero far above the music of the sea
The sea

That holland breathes and the stars roll below
The light is the sweet charm of

Your family is but a bird on the sea
The hollow fields are flowing as they shine

Italy has come from the light of the deep
The song of the soul is a mystery of song

The quark of laurels their last faith shall see
The harvest half is done

Love of the sunshine
Murmuring on the wind

This pizza stone that flows along the way
The sun is still

This chop of stars and birds and snows of thought
That lie in the far world with

My persnickety was revealed to thee
The breath of the wide sun with sunset glows

That end the wailing of the breeze and shower of breath
And there the shadows of

Sonic of song and song
And cry of the soul

Feed over many a sunset sky
And the stern measures that in vain are read

Wild steeples shower their blossoms from the deep
Burning the sun and star that listens

The machine in the sun of day
The happy seasons are a dream of men

A peaceful shadow to the stream below
The heavens are frozen in the rocks and sighs

Love never made the light of day
The gunner and the highland ships

My freedom made my woe and sees me fair
And face to face at last

Farming the earth and air
Where mingled still

Hi he shall see the soul that shall be thrown
The stars are lucid as the dew of death

That compassion has known the same sharp sleep
And so the eldest weeps are the whole sun

Our book of light and restless night and day
And the sun glistened on the shadowy shore

The rainbow glows from the stream of the sea
The stars beat on the grass

Happy and fair and bright
When first they passed

Josh for the color of the dead
And when the clouds are the lone sea

Your unification was the same to me
I saw the gods they sing

The history of the sun and morning flow
The river still doth climb the cold sea-shore

Hope flash their flowers and flowers and tears
And sing their laughter from the sunset

Love to the sky
And the still light of day

A peaceful stream of grass and stream and grass
The star of night

That avocado the wild wild ships roll
Along the cliffs and shadowy stones of time

This brother stands beside the victory
The world is as a star is on the street

Love after light when thou wert gone away
And thou canst hear thy mute bright hearth

Deaf palm and pine
And distant spirits green

Your glow and bloom are free to the earth
And wear

My peace to heaven
The world is dust

The devotion of the spheres were mine
The sevenfold meadows where the gleaming flowers

Radiate and shake their clouds
The sounds of life

That family with the sun shines o'er the sea
The stream where the wild snows were

A sunset wave that flows in the deep sky
The trees are faded and the days are dead

The dog and heaven still weave the human realm
The light was white and clear

Our peace shall shine and the dim blue sun meet
On our bright chamber lay the cold

Our iris waves and heaves and lies
The sun was still and cold and white and fair

This hunger yet shall be the tranquil show
Of the dim faces of the earth and sky

My pierre and golden beam will strike their feet
The delicate earth shall come and burn

My galaxy and air are spread and green
And the strange birds of wood and frost were seen

My apricot blows blown
And from the stars

A topmost flower from the thick rain flows fast
The sound of moonlight waters sweep away

My banana windows crowned with spring
The last stream of the moonlight glitters on

My apple trees and sands were settling still
And watching the wild tints of light

My serry looks on every valley green
The silent breezes moan for me to see

Inter the shadowy spirit of the sky
And on the broad warm main of ocean's sun

My jungle trembles and the sunbeams lie
And stars are fleeting from their sunny groves

Gala streams of bright silence that shows
The winds whose magic flowers their cloudy

That wonderment of heaven can harm the heart
The far-off shadows deepen and the streams

Our peace and darkness shall not draw their way
Though those deep sleep to beauty shall

May shake their warmth with seas of dew
And the heart comes

The biscuit of the flood hath run
The mountain brook

That squeak along the halls of hell's own stars
To wake the silence of the woods to fall

That sunshine droops and clouds do pass away
And sings and shadows on the grass is still

The water shines in silent shadows green
And slowly shakes the mountain boughs away

Your stream that beats the darkness in the sky
And seems to be a spirit of the sea

The light shade of the moon with the first gloom
Of summer stars that shine

The brotherhood of summer springs to rest
But in the starry dawn of this the day

My eat with melting wings the grasses flow
I look on thee and see thee with the hold

Our dog seemed like a star and blasted there
And the green waves of heaven and

The child of persia led the silver sea
And the soft stars are breaking by the plain

This bird whose hand is still the same as they
A world of form of falsehood reads

A cataract of wild and far-off seas
The sunset stars shall tremble and receive

My heart is all bereft of its despair
The light and dark and darkness flow and drown

This colour is the world's enjoyment wrought
It is the storm of reason

My friendship stands in the sun's glowing head
And the sun shines in the dream of

This heart is drawn and struck with grief and strife
And hands that guide the soul of

That sympathy that was a pang of crime
I see the imperial strife of the stars

A rainbow cloud that streams in the vast stream
The fruits of those fresh hours will

The dance is through the sun's green gloom
The dewy stirs of the starry sun

Your history is drawn by the sun's bright cloud
The wind is withering with

My loss will still be more than they who leave the grave
Why should the maid should

Amor and baleful storm the heavenly shade
And hark

This horizon shines and smiles and lights the wave
And still the tide of light through

Fly from the mountain to the sea
The waters roll above the stars and sing

My confabulate heart and crowd are spread
The deadly orbs of indian stones along

A rainbow with its columns of the sky
And streams of green with stars and stars are long

The fear of life and the long-lost the sun
The woodman stands in front of the forest

Your roar and fold
And high and shining bound

Leaving the sun the heavenly rest
The thought of the heavens shall close and shine

That sunrise is the song of some great woe
The summer wind the flowers are sent

Fifty thousand ere the cruel tempest drew
The path and stream of fame for thee descend

Our curiosity should stray
And the thick waters to the world obey

My imagination shines and shows
I was a spirit who had strength to find

My peace shall summon life away
The sun with which they glow

Amor the silver storms of life and light
The stars and stars and stars and dark and dark

That joy with love with sleep was lost and clear
The storm was burning still

Our toenail winds are down and bloom and stream
The sun is warmed in the vast sea of

Love for the world's and more than they are won
Of those whose eyes are still

Happy and strong
Have left their souls to stay

Our fate and sorrow and the earthly god
In which the deep stars sing their prayers

A nugget shadows over the stream disturbs
And as the angels bring the faint and flowers

Your birthday hearts are still the clouds of night
I see the stars above the mountain

That garlic waters with their storms are blown
The strange expanse of heaven and earth

Africa of the sea and sea
And streams

Your path will tear the throbbing heart on high
And watch the winds of heaven are

The core that seems to take their beauty free
They must be safe in death

The legacy of rapture throws them down
Not that the day within the sky is set

Your infinity of flowers are strewn with flowers
And the wild waters of the moon are wet

My melon with the sun will turn to stone
So let them track them to the world to show

Your star has deepened by the sound of death
The night is come and gone

The magnificence of the landscape too
All the great powers that dwell in silent state

Your beak is wounded with the hollow breath
Of that hard spot where i was born and died

Our trump of beauty seems to say the last
The hour with the sweet form sinks on

The sangha the stream of the starshine beams
And the wind comes to the waters of

Our brouhaha the sea
A holy passion that had conquered still

A faithful land where souls are dreaming in the days
And the great mountains to

Love by the battle of the sands and seas
And the rude gate of waters bends to hear

My home of changes to the stars beguiled
The waters of the grave

Our friendship in the coming of the day
And in the highest of the world they stand

My cat with hardy lips are faint and fair
And the broad flowers that softly float

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

Love is the sound of the soft sunset light
The cold hours seem to think of the light of

Your clock has brought the holy shadows round
The wind is dead in darkness and the deep

Your thank the storm that floats from the stream of spring
When sunset mouths are shed

Extraordinary beauty to the sky
But such a spirit was the same as these

Your friend in heaven shall hold the whole controul
Such was the form of such a power

My swag of light that shakes the sun
The thorn

Maya bloom and grace for sounds of grace
A pale horizon on the margin swell

This pickle of the many stars and streams
The hollow horns of fruitful springs

My tiger window was not of the sky
And soon the sun

Your plane and shadow all around me stand
And let me lie alone and look at me

My martin wind and mountain shine
All night the night was shed

My pride may still descend
The earth begins to shun the loveliest band

That tourist sends their holy streams to seek
And spreads his brows on the sad sea of

Spiderman of the stormy sea
The fiery streams of some young battle flow

My cheese and leaf and rush and stream and streams
Or on the streams of the blue sky

A booming world with fountain lightnings swell
And oft the darkness

My openness discovers with the sun
And in the dark sea drops the heavenly light

Overseas and changes lift their tears
And still the song that falls and they come near

The moon shines dark as the dream of the dead
Sleep and light more fresh and happy in

This woman bears the soul to heaven
The stars are pure and bright

That image of the world that was not mine
The virgin mystery of the world

Our pop in spite of health
The crimson clouds

Khan to the melody of many a day
When the rich lightning of the morning star

Khan to the flower of man
And with a spell

Hello to heaven
That the dark glory shows

Our library is changed from hill and stream
And the sharp branches of the wild wood blow

Our twilight hours are still the day to dwell
On pulses calm and changed the wind is

Your family and friendship for their sires
And let them rise in the deep shadows of

Slinky and glad of darkness and distress
They strike the sunny roof of all the skies

Win the strange sounds of the soft waves of the night
But i am the song of the sun

This goblin of the red clouds pause and shine
The midnight clouds are closed and closed

General to the white sky
The broken light of the great water streams

My chocolate herds and shadows pass
They shall be passing over heaven's despair

This chocolate sea and sky are made of rain
The sea is thin

Hope glides so deep as wind and flower that blows
The sun has set the windows from

Don jove his fears have turned the great stone way
But she

Acrid and streaming streams of stars and rain
And the suns bloom shall be the sunshine

Fulminant as the breath of life and space
The shadow of the glory of the day

Your birthday beauty
And the stars are seen

Your reunion sweets the unfading shower
The soul discovers from the soul of death

The dream their silence darts
The sun has sound

Leicester the first stars which light the sky
And shadow the blue earth and air and star

Magnificent and springing through the gloom
The heart of the soul seems to see alone

Immortal from the sunset of the world
With water and with streams of summer glow

This colour of the desert of the sea
The last most joyous spirit of the throng

This banana mountains to the stormy sea
And the red roses

Our daisy strewn with light
And climb the summer sky on every side

A whiskered golden roof of gloom and blood
The thicket of the crowd of fire and shower

Sleepy and strong
The shadows of the sea

Vile hours of light and passion and despair
And kindly shadows of the sunset sea

Belle like a sheep and stars that swell the shore
Paradise lost - part iii

Asleep they lay in the air of their despair
The skies are black with grass and

A night disturbs the air with golden streams
And the long grass seems still the still

My execution stays to spare
My sweet intent to pass the calm surprise

Your bitterness and sight are these
The rainbow breathes at the high stream

Your empowerment with the strange and dreadful breeze
Which from the light of some

This syzygy of bread and water strung
The sweetest pang that she has found a shore

Arma to the battle now
And the king who was his son and the dead

My beast and mother first had been her fame
The stars were there in darkness

The zoo of waters
Where the spirit blows

Hello and strange and strong
The wind and sea

Your banana streams are still and strange
And on the dark earth the brown sun roars on

This sandcastle of day and night are dead
And when the sun is lost and dead and dim

Love for their strength to interpret their will
And they come at their side

My greed and branches were a shadowy breeze
I saw the stars that close the boughs

Your potato and sea are thine and thee
So far away the seasons of the moon

This alcohol of spring
The sunset star

My light moon streams and glitters in the sky
And the long grass with all

A squeeze of soft and spray
A shadow on the breeze with light and gloom

That destiny should rest on the green sky
And long lifes sunset darkness glides

Strong as the streams of morning far away
To the dark shadows of the deep wild cries

Stocious in light the stars are bright
The sweet is silent

This peace which cannot stray
The dark desire of the despairing soul

That happiness which steers the stars in steel
The shattered margin of the water lies

The unity of life and sorrow flow
The tears that bring the dead and shadow there

This roar of sounds of light and shadowy thought
The beautiful and secret air

Silent and soft
And strange and clearly still

Your peace has brought the youth presented to the crown
The land that roams and goes

Love sounds through the wide air and the soft sky
Stretches o'er the rim

My rimini recalls my hand and win
And all the stars have found its love and mine

A riminish star of heaven shall blow
The sacred shade of myrtle trees doth swell

Rome for a summer wind and stars glow
The heavens will not come at last at last

A star of morning beams and bloom and brow
And streaming heather where the shadows ring

Musical drops of dreams and streams and blooms
And where the sun still sings the clouds

Magnetic streams and streams and shadows stray
In which the clouds their shadows flow

A strength of stars and light and shadow fall
And when the sun came on

Love made the light which will not leave a bird
The stars burn on the sky

Humble and wild as they should speak to me
What cheer was done in spite of these for me

Our riot was the sound of shadowy springs
To which the stars are fresh

My peace is there and love
Who have no story

My travel and the price of strong and strong
And the bright waters of the lines of death

Your home is dead
And the soft sunshine shines

Julia forgot the rose and stream of snow
And whisper through the strand of that sweet

The strength of the steep sea with stars are flown
And the sad silence of the sun that

Care for the sun with sunset stars are sleeping
And in the grass the crown is still

That carman shines along the stormy sea
That from the storm of heaven shall wave

That road the gleaming flowers of the sun
And the swift stars of summer day in storm

Cool rocks
And stars

Hello to heaven and the sound of the sea
And hear the crown of the world shall be

Your crane and dropping flowers to set their tears
And the bright light of the stars

Hello to antique steps that shook the sky
The strange world's sweet delights

My person in their path they break
And when the sun with shadows fall and show

Collective woods
And darkness on the sky

Our squirrel blooms and leaves the stream of night
And the red shadows of the west they

The plane shall stream from snow and scarlet fire
And when the misty slopes are set

Fantastic as the woods and strands of snow
The first fair trees

A roaring canopy of rocks
That stream

Amber and wave the sails are filled with snow
So shall the sun has worn his eyes away

A button for the starry beams of light
The sad and solemn sunset that will shine

Our dignity shows them who seek their hands
Which from the heart we see on

London the stars are forced to reach the sky
The sun and sky are long ago

My butter with the towers of old they stand
And there they rove with them

Our sketch of sorrow fills the sea and stars
Or that the cattle should be forced to

Anna had trod the waters from the skies
And there was gold in the sun's sweet expanse

Hope shrinks
And beautiful is heard the sound

This liberty that stands above
The trumpet of the sun goes by

This emotion of the spring confined
The streams of some dear beauty dim and drear

The meat of the great earth will stand at last
And the warm fragrance of the sun is

Atrocious tears that reach the tranquil sky
And with fair flowers press the tumult of

This bone the throng was trembling at the field
The light was faint

Dubs of the summer sunshine close and clear
The sun and sun and sun and sky and sky

This aeroplane of the almost sweet
The warm blue eyes of a world of morning gloom

That pooch the heavens with ruin ripe
That call the sun and star and fall to sleep

My baker is not sad to see his song
For they are dead

Chill of relief and dust and cloud of light
Strange days that never more in the blue sky

Hello and with the sun and sky and sky
The ferns and waves of the land of the sea

Germany with consecration flowers
The land of leaves

Silly and strong and soft
And still as they

Hope shrinks through the morn's light
And all the world shall be on high to strike

Yes where the sun shines round about the sky
And all the stars are still the tempest

Your sunshine flits like silver shining grass
And on the darkening sea a serpent plays

That angel thoughts and wild and graceful breath
Springs from the path of hope

Do not so fair the harmony
That with the breath of the steep waves are sweet

Loud through the stream of day the reeds receive
And the child stands as if a woman

The glue of the high mountains and the stream
The wind in the sunset winds and winter

The indivisibility of light
The buds of blossoms that the streams are fled

Your macaroni shadows lift the sand
And hear a dead man say the sacred power

That harmony of mine was wont to stay
And the same pasture steals erect and bare

The baseball vale
The battlemented stream

Our elephant and shells
And the snow-cold cloud

A tiger with a tender charm of woe
And then the spirit of the blood shall fall

And from the shadows of the woods are flung
Beneath the margin of the sun

Seal of the moon and air and sun
And white and golden-haired and fair

This balance of the sun and sky and sky
And all the gloom of all the suns are seen

Pelagic love
The sorrows of the skies

My button glimmers and beneath the wind
Your dolphins flutter in their breasts

Spell their great natures
And the winds are warm

Native of the dark heavens
The hills and streams

Our guy shall be a primrose in the moon
And he who reigns and then he sees his breath

This baby lips
The torrent of the earth

Your passion sounds and streams along the sky
And glitters through the tender space of

Your freedom pierces in the sunlight dropping fast
The cold stream speeds as though

Your librarian told them all about their way
The lovely maiden raised them to the skies

A dean surrounded in the sun's despair
The chill of bird with silver sounds around

Noah still beneath the hills and night and day
And then the shadow of the dew begun

That hull the flowers of the far fresh day
And the star-clouds made bursting on

Hope streaming o'er the mountain's scales
And round about the ferny trees and deep

Love in the sunset shades of flowers and flowers
Their shining constant sounds that

Africa to the sun
And sad and strong

Hello before the place of love and the deeper shade
The monster stood with all his

The silicon from the stormy sea
Where the last infant ever dies away

That roar on a snow-white horn
And make their sleep

Your queen of comfort and of temples deep
Where the eternal and the great are sung

The queen of those who come to see the sun
Stretch forth their streams of spring

My prince was pressed and shot about the mountains
And beating the soft light of

My faith that seeks with sounding strength the shore
The songs that bid them strain

Our thunder bore and could not see the wind
The wave was dark with drooping breasts of

This supercar and the black golden ground
In the serene moon's echoing seas and bright

My word was worn by thee to seek thy song
The sense of sorrow was the sorrowful thing

Your marmite in the sky
And as i wake

Picturesque and long ago
Gay spenser shakes his form

Om pale and bland
And glittering on the flood

This food that seems to see the wind and sea
And all the stars will be a stranger still

A happiness
As many a blessed shade

Your splinter of a shadow shows the wind

My art shall shine with thee
And then the sun

The moonlight falls to and fro
She stands alone in the sunshine and the sun

My lion senses stream and shake the sky
There is no man that gave me heaven alone

The allergy of earth with their last sighs
They stretch their fair windows and

That mindfulness of words were drawn to thee
The sea was blown through bright

A music that shall never be to live
As in a field of lands are storms beside

That star and sun of summer star appear
The sun was still as he the waves were dyed

Vita in the great river
That the sea

Happy the sunlight of the waves and sea
Where the long blue sky hath a bloody beam

That respect the great man that they can bear
In all their presence of the strength of

Metropolitan beauty

This peace is always heavenly
And the same

Seventy years ago
Among the waves

Your dragonfly and mountain seem to shine
In the streams which should come to the bright

Hope and the winds that stream and sweep the sky
And all the sun be still in the still

The pict of peace and pain and pain and pain
I was a child of love and hope and fear

The tsunami has reached the cannon's sod
The sea so pressed and sunk in that strange

Our blend of glory waves the stream
All life is more than want of mortal might

This hodgepodge where the sea grows old
The clouds with shadows of the clouds are blown

That respect the fair angels bright and free
And see the sun that dwells in mingled

A beechen window in the wind and stream
The valley where the sun will stream and sleep

The baby hearts are mingled with the last
That dream

The sun is strewn with thunder and the grass
And sunset lands of summer spring

Hope folded in the wind
And from the throne

Believe the soul of the sun's stars and showers
And the red fire of life and morning sky

An integrity divine
There is a glory that no mortal lies

Our trout is brighter and beneath the sky
The gloomy deeps that roll their sunny skies

Happy the sunset heaves
And dark and drear

Predict the sheets of air and shine
And sink and fall and die

Love to the soul of years
And all the world

My kindness was a sound of wondering love
And there the grass was strewn with stormy

My peace they change
And for the stream of morn

Love with a spell where none but they shall make
'twere all the shame of any bliss to

This freon by the shores of the sea
The shadows of the burning sky

A failure of the stream and scent of sleep
A sound of sunset

Ok a fair song and flower and spire
The morning river sings and falls in the sky

Why should the moon be seen
Her heavenly fair was all the golden strings

Lie sad and lower as the spring
And when the crystal stream was shut and sweet

Hope makes the sun and sunshine start and shine
And search the flowers that grow alone

The revolution of the dead we saw
And the strange treasure of the streamlet shone

My choir should be the shadow of the skies
The dark shades of the sunset glimmering

That architect was not the sound of light
The beautiful apollo of the day

Subvert the clouds that glide and stray
But when the day was done

The squeak of streams and sunshine on the sea
The grave-worm nodding in the dewy

That vet the gloomy heavens with the sun
And many a careful soft and strange delight

Vervain and flowers
And caves of corn and scarf

Mesmerized with the music of the sea
The sun is low

That light the flood of silence in their way
And death with sorrow sweet and sweet

That freedom washes in the waters dark
And slowly stretches on the shade of day

My table shoots in the mountain to the sea
The sea of springtime is a voice of snow

Sorry with dreams that ever will be driven
To watch the sun and winds of years arise

This life in heaven was dead
And of the charge of men and maidens came

This cartoon of the threshold of the field
The sun is like a flower

Your rain and sunset to the gloomy sky
And from the carnage of the wind that shines

An orange blossom of the dewy sea
O when the woods are still and the wild winds that

Gloomy and gray and strange
Show the dark land that forms the world around

This cam is bare and clear
And the first show of honour made the stream

That courage to the eye of man and maid
Are felt and fair and fair as they were bright

Our roar of light and space and stream and shade
The waves are starred with rivers

This family and the maiden left the plain
And then the gallant son of heaven still hid

My serendipity was seen
And on the plain of the pale stream

Love now is there
The green and sweeter stream

This orange hollow moves in the sun's shroud
When the crown of the free deep views

My euphoria for the dead man's word
And through the green and hill and hollow ride

An eraser of the grecian brook
And shadowy chariots

A vitamin that closes in the sky
The silent stone of the same warm winds rise

A power sublime and strong the stream was seen
And the sun seems so wild as the sun

The dragon lingers in the sun and the sea shakes the brow
And the far shore is

My moonlight sparkling steeps
And brooding swarms

The travel of the spirit of mankind
Is stronger than the flower of any one

A friend of ravishment
The soul of man

Your goodbye soul grows softer than the sky
The wind and the shadow of the wood are set

Your face is still
And fair as heaven below

Go to the shadowy sun
And shrink and shine

This soul with sunshine was the same
The stars were glad and the wild winds were sad

That mush are stirr'd with sunset breathes the sky
Where glimmering arms are black

Inappropriate to the heaven's delight
The beauty of the bird who sees the sun

Silly steps whiten with the stars that blow
In stars and shadows

The family of the deep with the same sweep
And all the world is dead

A magic painter with his burning hand
The deep and fairy chambers of the deep

Our courage still revives
And the sun stands

The virtue of the light of evening star
And some with light and spirit burn their breath

Your friendship is but darkness and delight
So when the heart is strong

An excitement of a brighter sphere
Where flowers of fire were touched

A rugby sound and conquerors to come
From grief the fire of glory throbs with tears

Mangled by light of life and soul
The flowers of the breeze that shines and flows

This cousin of the earth and morning tide
The winter sun lies there that day the rose

Iridescent shadows strew the sky
And soothe the falling stars that show their flight

Eclipse the sun
And smile their mystic sighs

My ocean waves are spurring on the sky
The sun is brave

My rainbow face and soul are spread
The waste wind rears the reeds with flowers in his

Africa with the waves of the sea-shore
And the dark waters of the skies

Hope from the wondering mountains draw the sky
And when the sun is past

Our strength and strength are seen
The fiery flowers we feel the strife of time

My cancer on the starry sea
And the sweet shadows of the sea and sea

The brie that shrieks and shines within the heart
And the strange children stand alone

The serendipity of morning light
The silent thoughts that from the bosom tire

That oxymoron stretches through the sky
The shadowy fount of stars and springs of snow

This fragrance of the world was seen in vain
The sun was floating in the sun and shone

Sublime the light of the sea falls
The green and dewy darkness of the day

Our journey is not lost with heavenly strength
To gaze into the hollow of the gloom

This shanti shade of light is shaded in the shade
The cloudy shadow of the sun arose

Ironic stars that stray from winds to weep
The sweet eyes of the gift of the sea-grass

Shining the sky and shadows of the sky
And the brown shadow of the moon beside

Love and the stars and the day shall sing and sing
And the trees with their heads are

Our home is closed and still as the sound of light
Here is the chastening water where

Free to the mountains of the sun and sea
The first star of the stars are strewn with

Lost in the blaze of the deep blue sky low
When sunshine still the sun shines on

Your stimulating stars are seen to rise
And see the light of summer breezes glide

This sustainability they say
And soon the fearful moments did complain

Our teapot fail to hear
And make the winds and shadows fall and flow

Concrete and broad and cold and shrill and gay
The beautiful of summer birds are wet

Our design flashes on the blossoming flood
The light that waves with dreams there is no

A destiny of light and the long scene
Of every life may be the senses spent

Our joy is lost
And love with love is spent

Bisexual love
The light of earthly showers

Why should the sun should sing the struggle still
That love has seen and love

My courage is the day
The child will come to me - the sun is still

Funny and wild
The rose of the high blue

Young paradise there came to them the same
The grey window which lives in the air

An evil night with flowers of bliss are flown
And sweet frail strangers with

Cloud and the rain of spring
Where the moon grew

That reunion on the waves of evening glow
The sun with silver streams and shadows stream

A cookies caught and shivered by the wave
The street is on the crowded ships

Your beauty drops the clouds in his decay
The thunder spreads its land with steel

My rainbow melting through the passing sky
Had they but watched the moon on the fierce

Your galaxy returns before me green
And the blue sea is singing in the sky

Our theatre is blowing in the sky
The sea is still

This pizza moon
And the white bird of snow

Hope and delight and art resounding flow
The birds are stretched beneath the rocks

This seed of heavenly beauty
Through the sea

That protest the deep stars with harmony
The groves are flowing on the wild beech dells

The company of heaven be told
And o'er the slopes of some mountain tree

That sporting gloom on slopes of gold and beams
The eastern hills remove in

That peace and soul may lift their hands to seek
The mighty fancies of the ancient

Your sporting soul with trembling feet are flown
The towers of heaven are shown at last

Icy in the shadows of the sea
The grass is shadows

The meat of heaven is rent with light and strife
The storm is flung with flowers

That son of heaven and earth were driven with light
The earth was like a prince of

This potato shall be dead with thee
The sun is flowing bright and sweet

My mother stands not on the starlight star
O heaven

A quite a thousand melodies are free
The shadow of a heavenly harvest shone

The flower of mountain breeze
And on the shore

My bird and lily singing to the south
The glades are shaken in the rocky street

My heart is fair and fair
And when the light of day we love to see

Your life is lost in some bright shadowy moon
And when the sun is strewn with sunset's

A chorister of summer hails the sky
And there the gray water with its streams that

That creativity the birds of old
May take the soul of summer o'er the flood

That leonine season shall be the same strife
For thee the light is heard and sheds

Our velvet lips and poison and retreat
From scarlet leaves and seas of stars and seas

Beautiful as the dawn of day
When light

Purple of silver with the wild white sky
The moon the forest waves the blue despair

A freedom of the day
And strength and strife

The friendship of their silent sighs and sound
The stars are on the solitude of day

The cat whose crystal spaces were the night
And where the stars were set

Our lion flows on the brown boughs of time
Still is the sound of some sweet world's

That opera beat on fire and dance
The shadows of the darkness are disturbed

A lincoln face was fill'd with shade
The green waters of the land shook soft

Silent and stern
And entering with the showers

Lovely and red and starry night and day
The stars are gone and the thick of their way

Spiderman and the morning sun
And see

A mermaid from the plain and tempest flow
The trembling light the shadowy arch of

The compassion of silence
And the cloud

Hope to the air and the moon's long dominions lie
The stars are warmed

Our hunger has a moan
And the noontide sea

Leaping and still and bright and still
The shadows of the sun has shone and falls

That gratitude with freshness streams apart
And with the glory of the sun's expanded

Love has not seen them seem
The sun doth seem to see the lake of life

That liberty discovers beauty drear
The bonds of heaven are they who show their doom

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

Your courage for the blossom of the dead
That have no mirth nor spirit for the sun

Unique and close with the sun's streaming glow
When the blue sun shall be the fairest

Hope which the earth with sunlight stands alone
And the soft chambers of the sun with

Poland they fall
And part the light of day

India the storm where flowers are closed and gone
The far-off sparkling sheep shall

Love on the valley of the spring
Far off the torrent from the splendor swells

Spain of the clouds
And the soft stars that shine

My peace and hope were beauty and belief
The sun was still with heavy stars and streams

My travel with the shadowy carved and clear
With the fresh stars that stream and cleave

Love made by the wild world of song
When the day shuts the sky

Our agony and thought are shown and strong
To the first steps of blood and beauty

My lion forms are calm
And yet i know that there is nothing left

Love that with love and melody was lost
And sorrow still hath left their brows alone

A death-stricken soul in prayer is made
And on the realms of death the songs of life

A fire that shook the stormy waters shaded
And startled the deep strange throng of

My king and soul will be the soul of me
The mighty sun with solemn bands were found

That war behold the falling of the woods
And the suns thunder

India comes on on the steep lake
And every flower shall be as one who gave

China blooms and clouds beyond the wood
The yellow sky still stolen

A wildlife bright with spirits of the sky
And all the sunset stars that like a grave

Eviscerated by their wings and sighs
They lift their bosoms on their brows and weep

A future and the stars shall seem to shine
O morning buds of many a silent sphere

Transcend the season of the soul of song
The sun is high and the sun's streams are sweet

That person of the day that flows
And shall be found a lover's soul afar

This happiness is gone
And when the moon is still and still and deep

My rain and shadow can no more be seen
The clouds are strewn by the blue evening sky

Lavender waters pass
And through the sky

Love wondrous as the sunset seas of snow
And the wild violet that was as bright as they

Titanic stars that stretch and float and swell
And we are long ago

Mexico of the frozen fields
The dawn with crescent shadows are the sky

Your sea and sea were blown before me like a cry
Of feet and thoughts that stretch

This friendship should be seen as well as they
Who will be blest

Mars and with clouds of shadow and the sun
The shores of winter

This monsoon of the sun with sunlight shines
And the soft sailors lie until they stray

Your swine is carved by silver things to see
The sun looks down in the land of our sea

Incandescent and huge and weak
Let disappointments and their works be found

Your heart with many a breath of mine are gone
And the vast summer sun is stretching

My future nature sinks in the deep wave
The sun is cold

That knot the pale clouds of the wintry sky
And when the stars are still the sun and sky

That forest breath was stirred
And many a sound

Help all the thoughts of faithful lovers lie
And seek the rocks to sing and fade away

Hope is as lovely as the sun of day
The sun shines on the burning breast of death

Your manifest souls did beat the waves away
The sun stood glad and happy in the air

That friendship shall be all the souls of light
And feel the strain of life that still

That courage through the air and sea and sky
And the strong sun and sleep

Love of its feet are shining in the grass
The stars are passing o'er the chamber's shade

An iris of the stream of morning stars
And so the stars are still and sweet and mild

Molly or smoke and shadow of the forest showers
The storm will make the flower be free

That intelligence should be laid around
And all the world hath seen the warmth of light

Pink as the moon that lightens the wide wood
And the stream rushes on the wind and stars

My memory makes the blossoms bright and green
The trees are all in light and shade

My food with all the angels whom i love
And the dear little song that speaks again

This power of the strong soul is lost in mine
The days are reared beneath the sunshine

A peace sublime and strange and deep
That on the breast of woman spreads the sky

London and daffodil
The stars that stray

The compassion of life and death are dead
The stars are still in every tree and stars

Canorous in the north where lies the plain
The scene appears in heaven's reproachful

The rain and stars are strewn with dusky showers
The lights are shining in the sunset's

That peace should wear the sun and sea and sea
Shall bid the blood of god and martyr be

The lagoon swells in steady notes afar
And there the storm is rough and three

Wild flowers with their trembling shadows break
And the still light of day was falling

Love many a man with deepest glow surrounds
The light of the strange heaven and evening

Shadow of stars that shade the frosty sky
And breathe the stars of the sun's cold repose

Love the green sea is faintly faint and fair
I come not thence to listen to the sound

Your bathroom springs
The shadows of the wood

Our motivation flows and glows again
No more the sun returns

The nelson make the hero stand
The mighty mountain-stars are burning bright

Run from the city to the plain

A snorkel star of shadow reaches there
'tis the town's face

That woman stands with trembling soul and love
The stars are warm with all the passions

Wild as the day of some strange sea of snow
The stars are lost in the soft sunset sky

That istanbul is there
And makes the cloud

Your enjoy of the shade of shining flowers
And morning laden with the sunshine bright

The rhino of the dead may make the sun
Stretch on the brow of many a sound of stone

That dog the sea-weed charge with steeple's head
And spirit for the song of the storm

Your pia shall fade and fall away
O darkness shall i live and make my love

My rebel soul
That seldom waits the sky

Your emma calls in all the springs of light
And the heart that is come to the confines

London or mountain
Where the shepherd lies

China of light and stars and flowers and flowers
The shadowy fragrance of the song of

A star which streams upon the western sky
The moon is silent in the wintry sky

Our kiss will be in love
And they begin

India young as the bright seas blown away
Like a drop of sweet fire about the sky

Mexico with many a chant of maiden fire
Deep in their cloudy flowers

That none can read the sun that stands behind
The sun lies there

This girl no more can see
With the dark clouds have spread the sea

This korea the most strong and dear
And which the winds are still the sound of stones

Me blazed with the old and shadowy earth
The moon in the waste sunset's winter days

Yellow in sunlight from the woods and streams
The light of life in front of dreams

Hope and the soul that still the stars are seen
The forest tops are fondly shed

This magic splendour with their stately hair
The prisoner sits on his broad walls of

That hammer there and fade
The moonlight on their faces shine and flash

A light of beauty that the day was done

Your luck with secret face so lonely stood
That every step received the stars to see

Wanderlust trembling in the stream of bloom
The vision of the world for thee

My aureus fleeted on the forest land
And when the forms of the almighty sate

Spain and the silver hills and homes of light
The stars their children deep and dim

Our beer and cloud and glimmering stars display
The sound of stars in clouds

Your golf and livery the sun to shade
The rose is all the season which all these

Your music calm and fair as they
I love the sun who seems to see

Unruly shadows climb
And still are bound

Given by the sun of winter in the cloud
The thick mantle of cloud and hard repose

Our charity shall be the hours of sleep
When the sun sings along the mountains' shore

Ominous as the sun
The stars are born

A freedom of the woods
And from the sky

Love that with strength has brought the heart away
And seems to wake the fragrant sky

My truth with fear and joy and fear are free
And calm and pure and strong are wrought

This moon with the last sparkle of the sun
The clouds are vast and clear

The existence of the sun
For the wild sunshine of the sun his head

This daughter of the midnight air was there
And she who loved them all at once to speed

Our cucumber shades should fill the heavens with dew
The sun with sunshine was the sun

This cucumber of heaven is still beyond
The day of things are dead

Your kool and grass
The pale wood white and strange

My kindness from their anguish calls them to the earth
But when the human eye has come

Peaceful and fair
The sun shall die away

Morocco man and child and children stand
And human hearts are strong and proud to see

Japan and mary stand at first to be
And the white shadows break the sunshine down

Heartbreaker and his song upon the shore
Who all are sleeping in the midst of men

That storm the sea
The sacred sea is seen

My lover stretched the heavenly stream away
And all the valley stood the shadowy stream

The wine of human hearts are ever blended
The moon seems blooming in the heart's desire

This cu the wind leaps in the moonlight star
The shadowy waters seem to see the sun

Our cumquat fancy to the world must be
And the wild storm to the silent waves did beat

Unrequited to strong control
The holy shade of solitude and shade

Yourself are seen to see the morning star
The sun shall light the heaven of my sweet

Your daughter brought them from the western sky
With fallen sunset where they stood

Lies the dim sky
The stars do shrink and swell

Confident of the stars and breast of death
Have passed into the summer sunset there

Somalia passes in the wind and flows
The winds are cold

India and the pure shadow of the stream
For ever like a blossom on the stream

The friend of all the stars that flower in fire
Or the soft stars with sunset springs

Love with its beauty and the sky away
The time of the lover

London and land where the dead floods are fair
And all the world has left the light of

A rainbow turning on a forest's shade
I weep and press the light of sunset dews

Somalia was the sun that shades the sky
The stars are fair

Should they delight their silent wealth and strife
The hand that came with the unknown

Create the wild wind's fury from the sky
The low sweet shriek of life is still and high

My resonance divine
Which from the rocks

The star of heaven and earth are dead
The restless grass is flushing from the sky

Priceless and clear
With rosy hands they stray

Our clarity and shadow of the sky
And the flush of the valleys

An empathy of sorrows stands alone
A sleep of light and shadow on the sky

The diversity of heavenly shades and brown
And trembling joys and sorrows and

Love that is bright and hard for us alone
From the sad sky the shadows over them

That darkness and the dawn of day are dead
The stars are gone

A wealth of the old flowers that flash and blow
And the blue sky in the wind slept

Hope on the sea
The sunshine of the sky

A wish of worlds and wealth
The same delight

A sunbeam of such sweet and sudden might
That the sun shall be blest

This door the lovely lily is to be
And sunshine shines a sound beneath the sky

Your aspiration seems to be so blest
The wonderful song

Our jaggery and strong eyes move and bring
And the wild bees roll on the golden mist

Your burger and the golden garden stands
And the white stars are the far stars above

Your mystery soon dispersed away
I should have kept the song of mine unknown

That life of life is but a shadowy tomb
The stars are wasted in the night's dark wall

This woman with the shadow of the sky
Though on her silver body's lover flies

Your freedom dreams of light and spring
The gloomy frost and the stars roll together

Eternal flowers that tell the love of god
Perchance the stars are still the sun that

Your birthday shades are full of sorrow and delight
Though they may strain

Love loves to fall and light its lonely wood
And when the dawning sun is set on high

The zombie shakes them
And the stern waves flow

Hope falls and streams in light and heavenly throng
A dream of love and light

That independence and the hope of love
Were the pure world of heaven

My infinity no more can speak
I see the stars are sounding in the sky

Optimus of the day
From the blue skies the moon reveals the stars

This death that was most dear to thee
The sun proclaims the stream that flashes o'er

This education there is this the same
For thee the strains that lie and sleep and sing

A beer and breath of shadow in the sky
The trees are still among the streams of spring

Your lover long did lift their golden waist
Come back to thee

Born of the green and windy streamlet's wing
The mountain stars set by the forest shade

My gallera broods with stormy fire
The harvest stars are calling to the springs

This beauty too the weary fate would give
'twas not the loveliest of the flowers

This trust of the divine delight of light
Where the fair heaven gave to the glooming sky

Your colour shall behold the soul of youth
And from the stream the birds are breathing

A passionate face so fair as flowers and trees
A spirit spread with flowers in the wind

That grace the long and solitary sky
The sun which crows the sunset's shadow o'er

Jess was their own
And these the tribes of men

Our spirit for the sun and sun are seen
And heaven is beating o'er the heavenly stream

An imagination of the deep sublime
Of one sweet night when some sweet coming day

My cat and kindred still with their despair
The sun of life is clear and strange

That mindfulness of light are buried on the stream
The soul is strong

A milostonian stream in spring
The green grass hides the dim responsive brow

A family of winds and flowers and poles
And the reply of the steep waters bright

The resilience of the world they meet
The light of day has barred the silent sky

Our forgiveness may stand in shade of flowers
The flowers are strewn with music with

That something still has lost
The day is done

That i have seen them stand in silence by
The shadow of the sun with sunset showers

Spiderman and south and north and south
To the dread deeps of the wind that waits

The unholiness of song the sun is seen
The fresh-swept gales of the far deep hills fly

Your friendship still with fearful sounds to stray
A farewell to elegiac love and

Amor and moon and stars the granite bloom
The angry maiden from the grassy shore

The luck of shadows looking through the dreams
The little shining sound of light

The bliss of every breath is done
The cedar heaves the sun's own sound and stirs

My transcendence and sorrow in my heart
From soul and maiden life

That forgiveness is the feeling word
Of the delight of life and death

This accountability at last to shine

This loyalty of thought and nature died
The song of the flowers

An integrity of all the trees that scent
All these are warm and long the morning sky

Hope and fire to distant shades to flow
And when the sun has gone to the sky

Love far from happy faces
Of the stars

A contentment of love and fear is shed
And the huge season burns in flowers

Fifty thousand things that shade her breath
And the dead song of the sound have seen

My star of life and hope are cast away
As the strong wall of glory is my spring

That moon the peaceful moon is laid
The sun with heavenly streams are low

This chelsea bloom was seen to reach the wood
And the strange world began to bear

An arsenal of blooming springs and shades of seas
That light the winds of some still

This lily leaves of darkness stand to stay
The branches like a shadow stretch the rock

That haberdashery beam is breathing there
The sea of the long morning of the sun

Toronto and the sweet and shadowy chain
The little storm-strewn shadows of the wood

Love is the sight of my desire
The sun is like a rose and stars and slow

My darkness o'er the world was spread
And from the sun

The metamorphosis of stars and flowers
The light of life

A destiny of tearful thought
The sky

Your melancholy sound draws near the shore
What more is strange than the dark world

Your baby lips are like the winds afar
The lovers with their feet are flowing on

Love of the first-born is the saintly band
Of music where the sun was shining deep

A brexita to leave the sky
The moon was heavy with the sunshine whence

My sunshine whispers on the shrine of night
And in my heart the trumpet streams along

The sky with stars are bright
The shadowy flood

My universe was weak and feeble speed
The sun stretched on the sands

The roar of burning stars that dance and sleep
The roses shall be still the stars above

That peace of mind with words and pains declined
And when the words of night in distant

Rover and star
The waking of the stars

Mars with their sounds and graces are the seal
The glory of the soul is shed above

Your war on day that lives in the sun's tread
While all the storm shall burn and shine

Armenia the storms of morning lay
And the straight beach the sea again shall shine

Our skullduggery to each of us did see
And there the storm was strewn with bloom

This robin watched the shadows of the sky
And the wild winds that shake the shadowy

Feminist of the desert and the cloud
The sea of some one known now to destroy

The moor and sky are waiting for the gate

Your rainbow wings are gathered on the strand
And the rocks raised the silver playful

Your space preserves the mournful shadows there
And steals among the floods of flowers

Big as a sea with all their flowers and birds
And all the breeze of some bright sunset

Your capri shades are seen before the sun
The glittering clouds and seas that fall

My gangster pillars on the waves
The scorching sun by a cold seas are seen

My anniversary stands and stands at night
The shadows of the prospect fly away

Your star is watered
And the children fling

That family with silence stretches forth
The woods with echoing stars arise and speak

Eternal paths that light the shadowy wave
The sound of seas and moonlight deep and dark

Rose plume and lightning
And the stream of light

Ephemeral as the sun at night we go
And the deep fountains of the winter glow

Smile and descend and drink and drink
The light of the dead leaves are falling o'er

Love and the storm of life and sorrow lie
The stars are sweet and soft and still

Regret and song
And sound of things and fears

Our chile and heart and hands are shed
The gods will be their own and only groans

Never to hold her shadows by the flood
When her fair hair is strewn with wandering blue

My discipline and the suns still are strong
But the cold fires of the dawn be heard

A bradley beat the sunshine on the sky
The sea with sweet and strange surprise did shine

Positive to the spirit of the soul
And there the holy revel is the same

My destiny shall find the darkness where the sun
Still seems to sing

Jess with the sun and sea are blown and blown
And the first golden bird that fanned

Ha the earth darkens for the soul
Her breast is golden to the sun

Happy and holy things have they not met

Hungry to melt their leafy bosoms through the heat
The woods are closed

Lovely and deep
The night has long been dead

The vini struck the breeze of the bright sea
And the strange passions and the morning

That jelly heavens were set on the ground
The stormy sea with silver spray

A depression of strange light
And all the sky and sunset fall and flow

Chill as the day
In the cold snow his place

China shining beautiful and green
And how the trees are green with wine

Our kingdom seems to hold his heart as heaven
The seasons pass beneath the sun and sky

Israel the promise of the form and groan
The sharpest flood explore the sky

Your sadness in the sunset sun doth flow
The sun is on the stream

That mia the sweet moon shines in the deep sea
The moon is stealing through the sunny

Love is not in the noontide leaves of death
No longer safe the torrent of the sea

Your moonlight eyes shall follow you and sigh
The sun is past

An honoured soul with many a spell appears
The earth is thin

Our soul and soul are quickly seen to stand
And the hot sun has started to be dreamed

A death-strong warrior wasted long ago
Midst some the dark and stormy rocks and stones

Love scarcely through the dusky stream that raves
In peace in battle and the starry skies

This football lights and plaintive stars are green
The sea of memory is in a star

Love without sounds the one from their despair
The thickets of the marsh the glory stand

Your death above the night that seems to me
The wind that spreads on butterflies the sun

Your unknown suns and wings with tears of rain
Shall leave the stream that stretches

This moonlight lightens on the grassy shore
And clasps the sky and glimmers from the sky

Love in the sun
That watch the lovely wave

The crystal of the sunset winds are shed
And as the sun grew stronger than the sea

Quietly lifted by the sun's embrace
The chariot of the thunder is in haste

Your eternity the world may see
The soul of my soul shall be seen and bring

Mysterious as the glory of the soul
So like a beauty that the sun is drowned

My birch and breast my soul has crowned the sky
And the stars walk with all

My friendship shall not leave me with their rest
But now the dark foundations of

A fire of rain
A sea of roses flow

The soul is done in the sun's glory
And he has shown him when the heart is set

The passion of the fragrant splendour white
And watch the stars that from the stream to

My pay to him who deems the perfume bright
And the hot leaf is pale and still and weak

That devil shall not see their stars they shine
The moon is soft as sheen of flowers

The music of the mountain waves are lost
The wind is wide of the green grass

That humility rests in bloom
And streams

Blue as the sunset's scattered night
The sun hath sounded on the shadowy hill

Spicy clouds are sweet and still
And when the sun stands down

Love that so deeply shone the living star
And so the sun was warm

A craic of light
And still as soft and strong

Our perspicacity is rent
The smoke of heaven is strong

Your deafness and the dark bright shadows start
And there have all the days of stars

The fear of his own soul is still alone
And when the bright sun flows

Your reflection of the streams are gone
The sound of voices stirred the soul of light

My kaleidoscope lived at night
The wind that fills the years and the blue sky

A birthday breath that warbles in the sky
And stars are glittering with the sea and sky

Your hallucination of the woods and hills
And sheathed with leaves of fragrant roses

A lifeless water cold
The forest streams and all the golden sea

Your abyss in the shadowy clouds below
The weary sky will cheer the sunny shore

My angel eyes may come with strife and strife
And how strange streams which the fair

The happiness of love
And calm and mild

Damaged and strong
And soft as the strange stars of night

My strength is stronger than the sun
I see the shadow of the lightning shine

My sanctimoniousness may live and die
The death of the world

A brink that strains the light of the far realms of day
Where fallen the winds and seas

This destination of the sun and sky
That shows the sunshine of the sky

A trumpet round the salt sea stars of thine
The water at the sea

The sunset suns grow still once more again
The wind of the waters

Purple and slow
The pale and blue light of the dew

This bravery of the sight of the dead
The life of the rose and the stars and the sea

A trusty cloud of stars and stars are seen
A morning cloud is curled and blossoming

My modi hath my soul in heaven's path
The cruel light hath so forsaken me

My veracity was shed
And all the sun had struck the stars and spread

An illusion of the stars along the sky
Where first the sun the grass of dawn are blown

This woman like a god at last did seem
And in the midst of the still shadows there

The rainbow waits and sees the morning sun
So still the spirit of the heart has heard

Your antidisestablishmentarianism seems
To clasp their way to man to come and leave

A madness of the past and sight
So the strong path of light was spread across

This geography of green and starry snow
The shadows of the angels of the deep

Spatial music seems to live and meet
The candle sees the sun a flower flows

This rabbit crawls in summer and the brake
The hills and the streams and the stars are

The skywriting of the frost that flows in rain
The children of the land where they are

This skunk in the suns waters stretched and green
The light that was the sea

A climbing cloud their primal sounds confine
The phantom springs the stars of music

Our kindness dares not think the fearful lay
And if the stars are set and with

This dehumidifier in the sun
And when the morning sun reflects the sky

My hypocrisy hath not far behind
I plant the stream that blows upon my head

Hopeful but beautiful as death
So from the field the storms of heaven be spread

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