Individual Panels

These are individual panels, never sewn into a quilt, we have no information on these panels

A Quilt for the London Lighthouse (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

The AIDS Quilt Memorial Project

This collection is created in memory of loved ones, friends and family. For some people our archive contains a great deal of information about their lives, for others we hold little, or none.

email if you have any information about someone remembered here 

A panel for Michael Cunningham (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

Michael Cunningham

A panel 'For All Those Affected by AIDS' (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

For all those affected by AIDS

A panel for Paul Hearton (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

Paul Herton

A panel for Julio Garcia (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

Julio Garcia

A panel for Fiona Johnson (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

Fiona Johnson

A panel for James Pettigrew (Jamie) (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

James Pettigrew

A panel depicting 2 boats and a poem (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK


An unfinished panel for Keith Michael Jones (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

Keith Michael Jones

This is an unfinished panel, held together with safety pins

A panel for Richard Chappell (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

Richard Chappell

A panel for Ron Berst (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

Ron Berst

A panel for Justin Michael Arnhem Lee (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

Justin Michael Arnhem Lee

A panel for International Women's Day (1989/1996)AIDS Quilt UK

International Women's Day

Credits: Story

Many of the quilts we hold have no back up information. If you recognise any names or panels without information please get in touch. email

Credits: All media
The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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