A Rio Museum

By MAM Rio

Rio de Janeiro was the most photographed city in the world after Paris until the 1950s, and even today, decades later, the city is still awakening interest of artists and photographers. The exhibition "A Rio Museum" brings together works of names from different generations, born in Rio or not, that somehow relate to the city. They are objects, paintings, photographs and installations in a selection that shows the "Rio spirit" in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, demonstrating how chaotic and creative this city is. Combining improvisation and rigor, the images reveal the contrast between public spaces of the city and the cliché of the "wonderful city". Amid the hills and streets are informal gestures and geometric structures, where feelings and conflicts and alternate identities remain in flux. The deterritorialized meaning of the spirit of Rio, emphasized in works that alternate notionsof local and global, feeding common concerns and challenges.

Parangolé P4 Cape 1 (1964 - 1986) by Hélio OiticicaMAM Rio

Sugar Loaf with Red Frame (1968) by Glauco RodriguesMAM Rio

cut on a mountain (2008) by Luiz AlphonsusMAM Rio

The Island (1995) by Luiz ZerbiniMAM Rio

Complexo do Alemão (2008) by Paulo ClimachauskaMAM Rio

The Contemporary Hamlet Does Not Carry a Skull, He Doesn't (1994) by Luiz ZerbiniMAM Rio

The Man of the Lonely Star (1967) by Rubens GerchmanMAM Rio

Goal (1940/1949) by Thomaz FarkasMAM Rio

Untitled (c. 1990) by Daniela DacorsoMAM Rio

A Night in Rio (1985) by Victor ArrudaMAM Rio

Untitled (2013) by Arjan MartinsMAM Rio

Roberto Carlos 3 | Roberto Carlos series (1966/1967) by Maria do Carmo SeccoMAM Rio

Bandits/Pants Down! (2013) by OpavivaráMAM Rio

Maracanã (2003) by Chelpa FerroMAM Rio

Summer (1967) by Glauco RodriguesMAM Rio

Untitled | Entanglement series (1968) by Wanda PimentelMAM Rio

Crashing Waves in Urca (1999) by Cesar BarretoMAM Rio

To Wander - Corcovado I | To Wander series (2003/2012) by Tiago RivaldoMAM Rio

Dois irmãos and Pedra da Gávea II - Rio de Janeiro (2005) by Thereza MirandaMAM Rio

Bandit Embrace (2011) by Daniel LannesMAM Rio

Christ the Redeemer (2010/2011) by Alexandre MuryMAM Rio

Trophy (1989) by Jorge BarrãoMAM Rio

Untitled | Christmas at the Minhocão series (2009) by Luiza BaldanMAM Rio

Simple | Everything Fits series (2008) by Maria TucaMAM Rio

I Love Street Vendors (2009/2010) by OpavivaráMAM Rio

Eu só vendo a vista (1998) by Marcos ChavesMAM Rio

Credits: Story

MAM Rio, 2016.

Credits: All media
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