Introduction to Oil Painting

Discover more about the art of oils.

By Paintings in Hospitals

Adebanji Alade

Angels in Disguise (2020) by Adebanji AladePaintings in Hospitals

Oil colour or oil paint is the champion of all mediums. We know from history that it will stand the test of time- 500 years plus and still look great! Just visit the museums and you’ll verify this!

Why do I call it the Champion of all all mediums? Because it is so versatile. You can use it in lean washes and it will have the effect of watercolour. You can use it with fast drying mediums like liquin and it will take on the characteristics of acrylic. You can use it heavily with large chunks on a brush or palette knife and your painting almost becomes sculptural. You can use it indirectly and build up layers of glazes and your painting becomes almost print-photo like.

Carolina (2020) by Mary Jane AnsellPaintings in Hospitals

And you can use it directly and your painting will have the sparkle, energy and immediacy of life itself! Are you convinced? Better try it out for yourself, it will be worth the experience.

Grace and Chasqi, NHS Heroes (2020) by Jill PowellPaintings in Hospitals

I started off painting with gouache, in my secondary school days and first two years of college, we were only allowed to use gouache. But then something magical happened in my last three years of college, we were introduced to oil and that was it! The smell, the sensual pasty buttery quality of the medium blew me away! 

Watching artists in the senior classes, mix this medium around on their palettes with palette knives and their brushes made me think they were about to cook with it!

Becca (2020) by Carrie StanleyPaintings in Hospitals

It was love at first sight.

The reasons I love it so much for use in painting, especially portraiture, is because it’s the closest thing that I can use to capture the texture, light effects and structure of the human skin.

Foundation Year 2 Doctor (2020) by Priscilla WatkinsPaintings in Hospitals

Just by manipulating this medium, a two dimensional piece comes alive in ways I can only compare to magic, it’s completely awesome.

That said, it does come with its challenges, for me it can be messy but apart from that, every other problem is subdued in the glorious light of its splendour.

Oil, simple powdered pigment melted and ground into linseed oil produces a beautiful paste that will forever leave me raptured by its lure.

PPE Workers (2020) by Darren ButcherPaintings in Hospitals

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