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By Paintings in Hospitals

Kate Bryan - art critic, curator and broadcaster.

Pausing for Breath

This really feels like a representation of someone at work, it’s an intimate and fleeting connection as they stop for just a moment in an intense time. I found it emotional looking at it. I love the treatment of the wall behind too.

Pausing for Breath by Caroline de PeyrecavePaintings in Hospitals


The colours in this are sensational, so vivid and striking. The relationship between mother and child feels absolutely believable and specific, whilst also standing for the humanity behind the heroes, the exhaustion and relief to be home with family. It’s got a lovely Degas or Toulouse Lautrec quality.

Becca by Carrie StanleyPaintings in Hospitals


I love the undone way this artist uses paint, it’s as if they have sculpted the head from this dark planes. It’s impressive work. The pose and the attitude of the sitter are really successful too.I love that dash of red on the lip, so clever.

Darren Neeld by James BlandPaintings in Hospitals

Chris Wilding, Masked and Unmasked

Great approach to show us the masked and unmasked sitter. The composition works well and the colours are wonderful. But it’s the way the face has been composed with this masterful tones that really impressed me.

Chris Wilding, Masked and Unmasked by Martin BurroughPaintings in Hospitals

Dr Farrell

A masterful blue monochrome watercolour. It feels so light but it’s compelling and believable. I think the frankness and honesty of the expression is also beautifully rendered.

Dr Farrell by Paula Stevens-HoarePaintings in Hospitals

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