6 Things to Do With Your Camera Phone at Home

By Google Arts & Culture

Art Palette Experiment

Explore arts and culture through a new lens

At Google Arts & Culture, we aim to be a gateway into creativity, sitting at the intersection of art and technology. As a source of discovery and inspiration, we’ve developed features to find your art doppelgänger, explore the color connections between your own photos, and much more.

Art Projector on iPhone

As a way to easily access these camera-based features, Google Arts & Culture, together with partner institutions from all over the world, brought them together into one seamless experience. By tapping the camera button at the bottom of the page on the Google Arts & Culture mobile app (available for Android or iOS), all of these features can now be accessed in one place.

So what features can you find?

Art Transfer

1. Art Transfer

Art Transfer lets you transform your photos with inspiration from renowned artists from Van Gogh to Kandinsky. Install the app here and select the camera button to get started.

Art Projector on iPhone

2. Art Projector

Using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, Art Projector allows you to transport life-size artworks into your home. Place Vincent van Gogh’s Irises in your bedroom if you fancy, and see how a Frida Kahlo portrait might look in your kitchen. You can even move up close to each artwork and study every stunning detail in super high resolution.

Art Selfie - a playful way to discover art by Google Arts & Culture

3. Art Selfie

Ever wondered which famous figure from art history you might look like? With Art Selfie you can find out. After you take a selfie on the app, the feature closely compares your look to thousands of portraits. Once you’ve got a match, tap on your lookalike to discover more about the figure in the artwork and the artist who painted it.

The Art of Color Pocket Gallery

4. Pocket Gallery

Essentially an art gallery in your pocket, Pocket Gallery allows you to experience, for example, all of Johannes Vermeer’s known artworks in one place for the first time. All 36 of his paintings – including the famous Girl With a Pearl Earring and the still-missing The Concert – hang lifesize and perfectly lit no matter where you are. Each painting can be viewed in crisp, high definition detail, and as a bonus you can read the amazing stories behind each piece.

Art Palette Experiment

5. Color Palette

Color Palette allows you to find colorful connections between your own snapshots and the artworks on the app. Using a combination of computer vision algorithms, your image is matched to multiple artworks from cultural institutions based on the colors within it. Not only does it provide ample inspiration, it also highlights similar color palettes between famous artworks.

Art Filter

5. Art Filter

With Art Filter you can immersively interact with some of history's most famous or cherished artworks and artefacts, using your selfie camera to wear or explore the pieces from the Google Arts & Culture collections.

Ever wondered what you might look like as Vermeer's Girl With the Pearl Earring?

Art Filter

Or how you'd look adorned with a 19th-century Japanese helmet, replete with Tengu mask and ornamental crows?

Art Filter Dog

Although your dog might well pull it off better...

Art Filter Cat

And your cat will, of course, suit this Faience collar necklace from 14th-century Egypt. Miaow!

Color Palette Tool 1

By bringing together all of these features in one convenient place, Google Arts & Culture makes it easier than ever to find inspiration with your camera.

Find all of these features in the latest version of the Google Arts & Culture app, available for Android or iOS.

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