Marshals of the Sejm

The Second Republic of Poland

Ignacy Daszyński (1866-1936) (2018/2018) by Janusz SzpytThe Sejm - Polish Parliament


On 10 February 1919, just after regained independence, the first Sejm of the 2nd Republic, called the Legislative Sejm, assembled in Warsaw. On 17 March 1921, the Sejm adopted the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, known as the March Constitution, which gave the bicameral parliament, consisting of the Sejm and the Senate, a predominant role within the system of state authorities. The exhibition presents 7 Marshals of the Sejm of the 2nd Republic of Poland. 

Wojciech Trąmpczyński (1860-1953) (2018/2018) by Antoni CyganThe Sejm - Polish Parliament

Wojciech Trąmpczyński - Marshal of the Sejm 1919-1922

He entered the Sejm as a former German MP, and then became its Marshal. Supporter of national right. Marshal of the Senate 1922-1928, MP 1928-1930 and 1930-1935.

Maciej Rataj (1884-1940) (2018/2018) by Ryszard KalamarzThe Sejm - Polish Parliament

Maciej Rataj - Marshal of the Sejm 1922-1928

Peasants’ movement politician, teacher, two-time head of state – after Gabriel Narutowicz’s death and Stanisław Wojciechowski’s resignation. Member of the Sejm 1928-1930 and 1934-1935. In 1940 murdered by Germans in Palmiry mass executions.

Ignacy Daszyński (1866-1936) (2018/2018) by Janusz SzpytThe Sejm - Polish Parliament

Ignacy Daszyński - Marshal of the Sejm 1928-1930

One of the leaders of the Polish Socialist Party of Galicia and Cieszyn Silesia, and in the II Polish Republic of the Polish Socialist Party, eminent parliamentary speaker, member of Austrian parliament, Prime Minister in the Provisional People’s Government of the Republic of Poland in November 1918, member of the Sejm since 1919.

Kazimierz Świtalski (1886-1962) (2018/2018) by Wieńczysław PyrzanowskiThe Sejm - Polish Parliament

Kazimierz Świtalski - Marshal of the Sejm 1930-1935

Polish Legions soldier, Piłsudski’s supporter, Minister of Religious Denominations and Public Education 1928-1929, Prime Minister 1929, Deputy Marshal of the Senate 1935. He spent the period 1939-1945 in a German prisoner of war camp, 1948-1956 imprisoned by communists.

Stanisław Car (1882-1938) (2018/2018) by Łukasz ZedlewskiThe Sejm - Polish Parliament

Stanisław Car - Marshal of the Sejm 1935-1938

Lawyer, Piłsudski’s supporter, Minister of Justice 1929-1930, one of the main authors of the April Constitution 1935.

Walery Sławek (1879-1939) (2018/2018) by Stanisław BajThe Sejm - Polish Parliament

Walery Sławek - Marshal of the Sejm 1938

Socialist activist, Polish Legions soldier, Piłsudski’s supporter, Leader of the Nonpartisan Bloc for the Support of Government 1928-1935; threetime prime minister (1930, 1931, 1935). Committed suicide in 1939.

Wacław Makowski (1880-1942) (2018/2018) by Stanisław ChomiczewskiThe Sejm - Polish Parliament

Wacław Makowski - Marshal of the Sejm 1938-1939

Professor of law at the University of Warsaw, Minister of Justice, 1922 and 1926, member of the Sejm, 1928-1930 and 1930-1935, senator, 1935-1938.

Wacław Makowski was the last Marshal of the Polish Sejm, as in 1939 the World War II broke out and the Second Polish Republic ceased to exist.

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