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Go behind the scenes of street art murals in a whole new AR dimension with Google's Geospatial Creator

Google x Adobe - Tristan Eaton - LA (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

Bringing murals to life with AR

Global Street Art collaborated with three world-renowned artists; Camille Walala, Edgar Saner andTristan Eaton to create physical murals in augmented reality, without any coding skills needed.

Camille Walala - StudioGlobal Street Art Foundation

The artists used Google's Geospatial Creator powered by ARCore and Google Maps Platform to create the virtual experience, augmenting physical murals digitally in AR and bringing to life a richer story about them.

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Camille Walala - StudioGlobal Street Art Foundation

1. Camille Walala

Known for her large-scale and explosively colourful interventions in public spaces, Camille Walala is a multidisciplinary artist who uses the city as a platform for disseminating positivity. Her work is characterised by a fusion of bold colours and playful geometric design.

Camille Walala MuralGlobal Street Art Foundation

In Shoreditch, East London, Camille Walala has created a large-scale augmented reality mural using her signature bold and vibrant style.

Google x Adobe Aero - Camille Walala - Rich Mix (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

When people gaze at the mural on their phones, they will be able to see the composition come to life and animate across the canvas of the building facade.

Google x Adobe Aero - Camille Walala - Rich Mix (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

The animated mural brings dynamism to the colorful shapes and creates contrast between the all too frequent grayscale backdrop of the London city skyline and the composition of Camille’s piece. 

Camille Walala - StudioGlobal Street Art Foundation

“Using Geospatial Creator gave me the opportunity to fully restore my mural originally painted at the 2020 London Mural Festival and then to go much further and take elements from my mural and playfully animate the whole area around the walls in just a few days.” Camille Walala

Edgar Saner - Studio (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

2. Edgar Saner

Saner is a Mexican artist whose work has filled many parts of the world with colour and Mexican traditions. His work mixes the ancient Mexican tradition with contemporary aesthetics, graffiti and design. Iconic Mexican idols and mystical characters are always present.

Edgar Saner Mural (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

In Mexico City, Saner created a surreal mural showing human-like figures, wearing traditional Mexican garments with their faces covered by Nahuale masks. 

Google x Adobe - Edgar Saner - Mexico City (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

The art piece comes to life when viewed through a phone, revealing the natural scene awakening, and portrays the relationship between nature and humankind...

...where trees, birds, fungus, flowers and mystical animals coexists in this concrete jungle, called Mexico City.

Edgar Saner Mural (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

“I am very lucky to be able to use Geospatial Creator and have the opportunity to experiment with new media to share part of my imagination. I can easily tell a story beyond a specific place and cross borders in a click of distance.”  - Edgar Saner

Tristan Eaton Mural (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

3. Tristan Eaton

Tristan Eaton is an American artist, designer and illustrator. Primarily known for his toy designs and street art murals. His fine art practice combines new and old techniques, with unusual and innovative ideas.

Google x Adobe - Tristan Eaton - LA (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

In Los Angeles, Eaton used his proprietary GEMMA art collection to help create the mural design, offering a collaboration between human and artificial intelligence in digital design.

Google x Adobe - Tristan Eaton - LA (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

The mural launches various epic-scale sculptures echoing his past as a pioneer in the field of ‘art toys'. The sculptures are wrapped in the same GEMMA graphics as the mural, connecting the physical with the digital. 

Google x Adobe - Tristan Eaton - LA (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

“In 2023 most people experience art through their phones, so why not make that experience absolutely amazing? This project unleashes that potential of augmented reality while rooting the experience in public art, which is what I care about most.” - Tristan Eaton

Google x Adobe - Tristan Eaton - LA (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

The Geospatial Creator tool makes it easy for anyone to create and publish engaging immersive content in any real world location. The camera understands the 3D geometry of the space. Anyone can visualize, create and share world-anchored AR experiences without the need to code.

Google x Adobe Aero (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

Watch the video and hear from the artists

Google x Adobe Aero - Camille Walala - Rich Mix (2023)Global Street Art Foundation

If you’re in Los Angeles, London, or Mexico City, find the murals and scan the QR code to immerse yourself in the augmented art pieces.

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Find the exact locations of the murals

London: Camille Walala
Remix Domination, Redchurch Street, E1 6la

Mexico City: Edgar Saner
Colima #85, Roma Nte Cauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de Mexico

Los Angeles: Tristan Eaton
Unit - 10875, 1200 South Hope Street, 90015

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