10 Artworks You Can't Miss in Pingshan Art Museum

Pingshan Art Museum BuildingPingshan Art Museum

Pingshan Art Museum aims to build an art museum that is “positive and cool”, it dedicates to be a new landmark in our time by bringing fresh and diverse cultural enjoyment and experiences to its citizens and celebrating vitality, inclusion, creativity, and interaction. 

Times (2015) by Albert WeisPingshan Art Museum

1. Times

Created by Albert Weis, zeiten (times) consists of a clock visible from both sides, of the kind familiar from railway stations or other public buildings. Largely incidentally, they shape our daily life and daily rhythms. 

Times (2015) by Albert WeisPingshan Art Museum

The two discs holding the numbers have been replaced with sheets of glass. While the hands on one side turn, the hands on the other are also visible. The hands turn in synchrony, but in the opposite direction. Past and future are reflected and hold the present in the balance.

Tunnel (2019) by Roman SignerPingshan Art Museum

2. Tunnel

This is a site-specific work created for the Pingshan Art Museum.It's composed of wooden tunnels and blue balloons and a “Forever” brand bicycle from Shanghai.The artist charges into the balloon space riding his bicycle, and the rice paper and balloons will be broken through. 

Tunnel (2019) by Roman SignerPingshan Art Museum

The artist changes the physical state of vision and sensation through movement. As a result, the balloons are fallen and scattered on the second floor. While overlooking the space, the  blue balloons will change over time, which endows the works of another kind temporality.

The Clock of Candlelights (2021) by Tong KunniaoPingshan Art Museum

3. The Clock of Candlelights

A burning candle will tell you the best moment. The artist draws the number of the clock on a plate, then lights the candle in the middle, and the wax will indicate the burning time like a pointer. The draft is attached to the cement post on the back.

Diamond Village (2019) by Drawing Architecture StudioPingshan Art Museum

4. Diamond Village

This work depicts the daily life of an urban village, Yu Tian community in Shenzhen.The co-existence of cross-axis and 45-degree-axis networks there reminds the creator of Diamond House by John Hejduk and his inspiration could be traced to De Stijl paintings by Piet Mondrian.

Transform2021-1 (2021) by Xue FengPingshan Art Museum

5. Transform 2021-1

After a lapse of ten years, the artist once again created a new series of “Transformation”, which is another alteration based on the transformation of the actual daily space. The artist spends the new decade remedying the past one, life changes are shown in a subtle way.  

Early Evening Light (2009) by Hai BoPingshan Art Museum

6. Early Evening Light

The early evening sheds the last bit of radiance from daytime. This brief moment before the darkness looms over—the moment of sadness, tenderness and philosophical reflection is what the artist is trying to preserve in this work. 

Looking for Malevich (2017) by Yung Ho ChangPingshan Art Museum

7. Looking for Malevich

The installation consists of six viewfinders – pivoted devices with distinctive apertures to capture views – and their corresponding geometric targets. The devices are piloted by the viewers in searching for target geometric forms that are also distributed around the space. 

Looking for Malevich (2017) by Yung Ho ChangPingshan Art Museum

From gigantic figures descending from the ceiling to 2D graphics on the wall and columns, the geometric targets, take different forms and colors while all rooted in Kazimir Severinovich Malevich (1878-1935), the Russian cubist painter’s masterpieces.  

Looking for Malevich (2017) by Yung Ho ChangPingshan Art Museum

The last Form-Finder redirects the viewer’s sight to a target that appears on top of the viewer’s own head, and thus making the target the viewer himself. This set of devices would perhaps allow the viewers to perceive a deeper, or more subtle, understanding of the site.

Sun Drawing (2009/2021) by Hao Jingfang & Wang LingjiePingshan Art Museum

8. Sun Drawing

The artist invites the sun to draw a picture every day. Relying on a device composed of lens and thermal paper, every day, the sun penetrates the lens and gathers on the thermal paper, and it passes through the sky with its own energy on the thermal paper. 

Canvas Sculptures Concave (2021) by Daniel KnorrPingshan Art Museum

9. Canvas Sculptures Concave

The sculptures copy the structure of the canvas and use it as a painting surface. Inspired by Modernist painting, the artist combined various genres from art history, making a reaction to the industrial aspect of the materialization of culture in our time.

Laundry,BYD (2021) by Daniel KnorrPingshan Art Museum

10. Laundry, BYD

The installation Laundry consists of abstracted car models composed of white primed canvases. The deconstructed design of the car silhouettes refers to the race between automobile manufacturers regarding aerodynamics, designs, and fuel consumption. 

Laundry,BYD (2021) by Daniel KnorrPingshan Art Museum

When the “car models” pass the portal of the car wash facility, colorful acrylic paints are sprayed onto rotating brushes from nozzles and color the canvases. The performance questions art production and the art business to be precarious value transactions. Learn more.

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