Nature Glitches: The Color of Mozambique

Artist Zaituna aka Euridice Zaituna explores what it means to be African through a photographic diptych.

Nature Glitches, From the collection of: Design Indaba
Nature Glitches, From the collection of: Design Indaba
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Mozambican artist Euridice Zaituna Kala creates photographs that merge nature with technology. Along with 60 artists from all over Africa, Design Indaba asked her to create an artwork representing the color of her home country and reflect on what it means to be African. 

Nature GlitchesDesign Indaba

Nature Glitches

Euridice Zaituna Kala created a photographic diptych titled 'Nature Glitches' representing her personal reflection of Mozambique. The artwork consists of leaves and plants overlaid with pink and red filters. Here she explains the meaning behind the artwork and what it means to be African. 

Nature GlitchesDesign Indaba

Euridice says the color of Mozambique is...

A colour that is not on the spectrum of our naked eye. We can assume it does exist because we can create it somehow. A colour that absorbs other colours to make it self appear that assumes that objects and people can change shapes if we really desire. A colour that is primary, not mono, not unique. A colour that is many…colours.

Nature GlitchesDesign Indaba

Euridice on what it means to be African ...

What does it mean to be South American or North American or Asian or even European? What are the urgencies of representation and belonging? What does it mean to unpack this questions? Would this reveal a particular difference? 

Nature GlitchesDesign Indaba

Will it be liberating to be different? How can our contemporary multiple representations find space in this closed conversations?

Nature GlitchesDesign Indaba

Can the format suffice? Will we be happy with the response? Will it make me feel more African? Was I only African in the beginning? Does where I live make me more African? Is what I eat make me African? Can where I pray make me African? 

Portrait of Mozambiquan artist Euridice Kala aka Zaituna KalaDesign Indaba

So many questions… being African for me it means many things, questions, people, spaces.

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