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Exhibition view, Sala dell'Ercole, La Galleria NazionaleLa Galleria Nazionale

Make it Short

20 YouTube Shorts, 10 young Creators invited to tell you about 20 masterpieces from the Museum's collections and less than 1 minute to do so. Make it Short is a series made with YouTube and Google Arts & Culture.

Born to Set it Right - Scalinata della Galleria Nazionale di RomaLa Galleria Nazionale

"Make it so" - the proverbial words of Captain Picard from Star Trek and in short (to make it short), we imagined the National Gallery as the Enterprise and many episodes of a saga that mixes a time that is out of joint with the Internet, that is becoming virtual and more concrete, something undefined that looks like a space for the future.

Cristiana Collu, Director of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

Make it Short - Gaia Lapasini, Ginevra Iorio and Carolina ChiariLa Galleria Nazionale

YouTube Creators

Basic Gaia, Federica Mutti, mrtndamex, Lucrezia Oddone, Gaia Lapasini, Carolina Chiari, Ginevra Iorio, Pitta, Eleonora Tani and heterobasics - these are the Creators who joined us at the National Gallery to engage with the masterpieces, each in their own, unique way.

Make it Short - mrtndamex, Lucrezia Oddone and Federica MuttiLa Galleria Nazionale

Behind the scenes

"Entering the National Gallery on the closing day and therefore finding it empty [...] was an experience that I think I will never forget. It is such great and bright space that makes think the National Gallery is really a place for everyone: where anyone can enjoy, experience and interact with different works and be surprised by the unexpected. " Federica Mutti

Make it Short - Eleonora Tani, Pitta and Basic GaiaLa Galleria Nazionale

"I was really impressed by the National Gallery young spirit. Before arriving there I expected something extremely institutional (I actually thought they were wrong to call me) but I changed my mind instantly! It was an incredible experience, I felt extremely at ease and I realized that truly anyone is welcome to immerse themselves in art. " Pitta (Margherita Pontecorvo)

Make it Short - Basic GaiaLa Galleria Nazionale

"I am sure that my community, the Basic Squad, will be very interested in this content: I think we have managed to keep the communication of all the artworks relevant and fun as well as informative." Basic Gaia

Make it Shorts - Lucrezia Oddone, Federica Mutti and Ginevra IorioLa Galleria Nazionale

Keeping it informal

The videos transcend the boundaries of social media and oscillate between a traditional storytelling of the artworks and a more informal tone. The videos are enriched with animated illustrations by Martí Guixé, Catalan designer, artist and curator.

Make it Shorts - Carolina Chiari, Pitta and mrtndamexLa Galleria Nazionale

Coming on the National Gallery YouTube channel on June 23rd - check out the releases daily!

Credits: All media
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