Abraham Bloemaert: 5 works

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Boy with rumbling pot by Abraham BloemaertThe Kremer Collection

'One of Abraham Bloemaert's most charming genre pieces is undoubtedly this image of a laughing boy, identified as a carnival reveller by his rumbling pot and bizarre headgear.'

Mars and Venus (about 1592) by Abraham BloemaertThe J. Paul Getty Museum

'By varying the length and the curve of the same strokes of parallel hatching, he indicated both the lighting and the volume of the forms.'

Studies of a Marrow Plant and Cabbages (about 1605–1614) by Abraham BloemaertThe J. Paul Getty Museum

'One of Bloemaert's contemporaries noted that "he has a clever way of drawing with a pen, and by adding small amounts of watercolor, he produced unusual effects."'

Parable of the Wheat and the Tares (1624 (Baroque)) by Abraham BloemaertThe Walters Art Museum

'Bloemaert was gifted in depicting natural detail, but he never painted pure landscapes, preferring pictures with a lesson.'

Image missing

'Bloemaert probably made the counterproof of the kneeling man on the verso by dampening an original drawing, then laying a clean damp sheet on top and running it through a press. Seeing the figure in reverse may have brought a fresh viewpoint to his work.'

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