How to Interior Decorate With Color Palette

Let art history become your interiors inspiration

By Google Arts & Culture


Stuck for interiors inspo? Color Palette lets you take a color-guided deep dive into art history to find ideas or simply play around with pigment.

Download the Google Arts & Culture App, press on the camera icon, and select 'Color Palette' to start your adventure through the spectrum. Scroll on for some ideas on how to use the feature to reinvent your interior...

Color Palette (12)

1. Bring the view indoors

Take a snap of the view outside your window. Move the circles around to choose the colors for your palette.

Color Palette (13)

Color Palette will then help you discover a selection of works and items from art history so you can find interiors inspiration to match! How about this side table and fruit bowl from Riccardo Francalania's still life?

Color Palette (14)

Or this classic, autumnal-colored chair from Bauhaus master, Marcel Breuer?

Color Palette (4)

2. Find the art that matches your taste

Do you have an ornament or a potted plant you're particularly proud of? Color Palette can help you discover how it measures up against the greatest art from history. Move those circles around once more...

Color Palette (5)

...and discover that your succulent is an explosion of color like Gejza Barci's mesmerizing picture of an illusionist.

Color Palette (16)

3. Let art inspire your home

Just finished a new paint job and need some prints or ornaments to tie the room together? Color Palette can help you find inspiration from historic art and artifacts. 

Color Palette (17)

Perhaps something bold and striking like this teapot from Ashiya, Japan, would suit your style...

Color Palette (18)

...or maybe your interior will pop when offset with something like Victor Lui Chun-kwong's modern take on traditional Chinese landscape painting, all strong gemoetries and muted colors.

Color Palette (19)

You can use these suggestions as inspiration for your own decorations, or simply use Color Palette to discover more about art that suits your surroundings.

Color Palette Interior

Download Google Arts & Culture for Android or Apple to get started. Finished your inspirational interior? Now shake up your personal style with Color Palette, too.

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