Together apART: Stitching the Pieces Together

Whether DIY face coverings or cable-knit blankets,
stitching, sewing, and knitting became a way to create objects that safeguarded
loved ones and provided comfort during dark times. Our needle and thread mended
and gave us agency against the invisible threat of COVID-19. 

No Waste (21st Century) by Mindy KombertArtsWestchester

"Handwoven jewelry and ceramics, my focus for years, suddenly felt irrelevant. My studio-turned-sewing-room, churned out hundreds of face masks. I also began upcycling household trash and weaving consumer waste into environmentally conscious textiles."

Spring in the Time of Covid (21st Century) by Mary McFerranArtsWestchester

"I was unable to go shopping for new fabrics and it seemed a perfect time to dive into my collection of assorted remnants. I studied traditional quilt makers and learned about the wonderful quilts of Gees bend. In Spring in the time of Covid, I blend old aprons with other textures."

The Mask-fabric quilt project - “A Crazy Quilt for Crazy Times” (21st Century) by Jennifer LarrabeeArtsWestchester

"I received mask-scrap quilt squares from 45 different people, in 17 different states. I considered arranging the blocks in some sort of order, but instead, decided to embrace the chaos. If that doesn’t sum up 2020, I don’t know what does."

1. Knit Together (with Sarah Divi, photo Andi Schreiber), (21st Century) by Tanya SingerArtsWestchester

"As founder of Ewe Can Knit, I taught more than 50 children to knit during the pandemic, both online and in person. Seeing children fall in love with fiber arts has provided some sense of emotional immunity through the trials of the pandemic."

Safe at Home Quilt (21st Century) by Mary E. O’HaraArtsWestchester

Boro patching, Sashiko stitching, recycled denim bag (21st Century) by Dorothy CherbavazArtsWestchester

"While cleaning at the start of Covid, I found old jeans that inspired my first denim project. With each bag, I refined my technique. The stitching had a calming, centering effect as each white line followed the next, round and round or straight ahead."

Cabled Blanket (21st Century) by Robin DellaboughArtsWestchester

"What would help me feel less anxious about the pandemic raging outside my home? It was then that I remembered a knitting project I had been procrastinating starting—it was by far the most complicated pattern I’d ever attempted."

Leather Clutch (21st Century) by Caitlin G. KirklinArtsWestchester

"Like many during the pandemic, I found myself looking for ways to fill my time with meaningful projects... I found myself searching for ways to express myself creatively, all while creating some personal time away from others."

Dorodango (21st Century) by Nicole TantilloArtsWestchester

"While having a video call with some former coworkers, I shared how I had been spending my time in quarantine – making mud balls. From that conversation, we decided I should craft dorodango using dirt from the school campus to gift to the students in our last senior class."

Minutia (21st Century) by Melissa Fulmer ShinsatoArtsWestchester

"I chose to make mini sweaters; incorporating challenges. I decided to only use yarn that I already owned, to break outside my jewel tone color rut, and to engineer all garments to be close in size."

A Walk in the Park (21st Century) by Carol PaikArtsWestchester

"Every day, for 100 consecutive days, I made a weaving out of found materials. I started the project in February 2020, just before the pandemic took hold of our lives, never dreaming that those 100 days would span an unprecedented period in our history. "

nurse's caps (21st Century) by Judy Ann SimekArtsWestchester

"Speaking to a neighbor who is a hospital nurse I learned that her group needed caps. I began making colorful caps. Finished ones were placed in her mailbox to be picked up when she returned home from her shift."

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