The 23rd Annual Community Art Jam!

Hudson Guild’s first Community Art Jam took place in 1997
and has been an annual tradition since. The
Jam is open to people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of training, providing opportunities to hundreds of
artists in the Chelsea community and beyond to share their work with a large

Art Jam 2014 Installation Moment by Tommy MintzHudson Guild

How the Jam works:

Artists register in advance to participate. Typically, they arrive on the night of the exhibit opening and pick numbers out of a hat. These determine the order in which the artists get to hang their own work on the gallery walls. This year, the Guild moved the exhibit online to abide by social distancing guidelines. The works presented convey the vitality and individuality which have been part of the Jam every year since its inception. Here you will see an incredibly rich variety of ideas and styles juxtaposed in close proximity. Since 1895, Hudson Guild has celebrated diversity and supported thousands of individuals in its community. The Community Art Jam is emblematic of that important mission.

Solitaire by Dorothy KrakauerHudson Guild

Fireworks and Boat by Helen Maria PetersonHudson Guild

Standing Figure by Mario BusoniHudson Guild

Connie by Scott JeffersonHudson Guild

Self-Portrait, May 30, 2020 - While the country Burns by Ed HermanHudson Guild

Escaping the Virus by Sandra SheppsHudson Guild

The Spirit of My Ancestors on Goree Island, told me I am the Conductor of my Life by Joe GilmoreHudson Guild

The Waiting by Susan ConradHudson Guild

Blue Moses by Greg MillsHudson Guild

Fun and Games by Rena RappaportHudson Guild

Mysterious People by Ron RichterHudson Guild

Automated Digital Photo Collage generated by the Post Office Steps, February, 2020 by Tommy MintzHudson Guild

Defilee discovering Emperor Dessalines' death by Monique SerresHudson Guild

Japanese sword by Tami UyamaHudson Guild

Paper Jewelry by Olga CalderonHudson Guild

Untitled by Jim SteereHudson Guild

Untitled, 2020 by Tom FitzgibbonHudson Guild

Reflections and Falling Leaves by Judith Van CampHudson Guild

Untitled by Andrea ShapiroHudson Guild

Pandemic Pandemonium by Amy ScarolaHudson Guild

New York Sunrise by Leonard SmokeHudson Guild

"You're a good Man..." by Rick KriegerHudson Guild

Portrait by Alexis DuqueHudson Guild

Birds of Paradise no. 2 by Sandra GottliebHudson Guild

Untitled by Raph de HaasHudson Guild

BirdOfParadise by Karin BrucknerHudson Guild

Cupcake Holder by Charles MarinaroHudson Guild

Painter and Model by Brooke McGowenHudson Guild

Untitled by Marty FriedmanHudson Guild

The Spirit of Not: Reflection by Elise TakHudson Guild

Charms with many good wishes within by Lata Chettri KennedyHudson Guild

Flor de Primavera by Olga MatosHudson Guild

Schemer by Barbara RachkoHudson Guild

Gabby's Angels by JF CookHudson Guild

Ocean from above by Anabel OrtegaHudson Guild

Self-Portrait at My Desk by Ruth ConnerHudson Guild

The End is the Beginning by Sunny ChapmanHudson Guild

Untitled by Mary SmokeHudson Guild

Sick Dog by Farse OmarHudson Guild

Mexico Cathedral Interior by Bill PageHudson Guild

Inwood Park - Soccer Players 2019 by John FolchiHudson Guild

Old Timer by Dolores PayanHudson Guild

Fish by Yvette BendahanHudson Guild

Untitled by Cedric van EenooHudson Guild

Having It Both Ways by Carol RadsprecherHudson Guild

Patterns by Donna FaiellaHudson Guild

Fringed Leaf Frog by Vija DoksHudson Guild

Oh Glory!! by Marion Vernette MooreHudson Guild

Conjuring Gravity by Fran BeallorHudson Guild

Evening Reflections by Jennifer AleHudson Guild

Five Moons by Gerald WolfeHudson Guild

Untiled by Oleg PitelHudson Guild

Choking on the Blood of Planet Earth and All It's Creatures (color as symbol) by Chris CostanHudson Guild

Summer Basket by Chris ZellerHudson Guild

memory of my room by Gabriel WalterHudson Guild

Majestic Theater, 1975 by Richard B. LevineHudson Guild

Magnolia by Elena BradyHudson Guild

Inside My Heart by Karen StarrettHudson Guild

Self-Portrait 12-2-19 by David HauptscheinHudson Guild

Trapped by Justine LobeHudson Guild

Foliage of life by Anna H. WalterHudson Guild

Black Lives Matter by Gavin DubbleX AlleyneHudson Guild

Arrival by Robert LobeHudson Guild

Immersion by Rebeca V. TaubHudson Guild

So Alive by Julia PitersHudson Guild

Not Even Wrong! by Chas. StrykerHudson Guild

passato presente futuro by Barbara SchaeferHudson Guild

Tears of a Fire, a Requiem #2, 2020 by Pauline GalianaHudson Guild

Geometry I by Florence CohenHudson Guild

Dual Reality by Santiago CubillosHudson Guild

Quartet by Douglas NewtonHudson Guild

Great Expectations by Ralph KotkovHudson Guild

Before It Was Upon Us 2 by Amy GellerHudson Guild

Little Rug by Barbara LitkeHudson Guild

MoonScape by Randy BrozenHudson Guild

Doves (Blue Tears Series) by Frances Zubrike LeeHudson Guild

Untitled by Susan KleinsingerHudson Guild

Teeth in Two by CJ MazzalupoHudson Guild

Swan Twill by Kaarin HolmbergHudson Guild

Fort Tryon Park by Peter SherwoodHudson Guild

Magic Arrow (2020) by Elisa PritzkerHudson Guild

Tattoed Lady: Pimp by Camille EskelHudson Guild

The Butterfly by Olga RodriguezHudson Guild

Untitled by Tony SetteducateHudson Guild

Lucky II by Michael PoastHudson Guild

G. Floyd Memorial: The Moment of Cop Murder by Paul CahanHudson Guild

Memory's Daughter by Elizabeth Koszarski-SkrabonjaHudson Guild

Curled Pointsettia Leaves on a postcard (painting by Saloua Raouda Choucair by Elisa DeckerHudson Guild

Two Butterflies by Deborah V. BeckHudson Guild

Annie's Mask by Ursula BabiakHudson Guild

Friends by Jenny ChanHudson Guild

Movement Sonata by Bridget BensonHudson Guild

Coal Delivery 2020 by Paul BarthHudson Guild

Menorah of Wisdom by Betty BobHudson Guild

Which I is I by Beth BailisHudson Guild

Housing is a Human Right by Judith SchaffnerHudson Guild

Child in Yellow Sundress by Mid OakHudson Guild

Four Seas Boiling (In Memoriam of George Floyd) by Christa MeadowsHudson Guild

Outside the Perimeter by Martin GoldblumHudson Guild

Passing Train by Kathleen Migliore-NewtonHudson Guild

Weary by Anne StannerHudson Guild

Hydrangea by Wendy MossHudson Guild

Squash Blossom #3 by Marilyn Stewart HerbstHudson Guild

Sisterhood by Elton TuckerHudson Guild

Zebras by Galina LampertHudson Guild

Mary Appears, Egypt 1968 by Luis Antonio RojasHudson Guild

Dancing in Space by Monika NapoleanHudson Guild

Three Musicians by Martha ChavezHudson Guild

LOVE is Not a Pussy by Barbara SlitkinHudson Guild

Central Park by Lina BarnessHudson Guild

Yellow Shadow by Jeanne WilkinsonHudson Guild

The Dance of Color by Susan Ackoff OrtegaHudson Guild

The Human Mark by Antonia ManuelaHudson Guild

SelfPortrayals: In The Window by JoAnna PowellHudson Guild

Rainbow over Brighton Beach (Brooklyn) by Bonnie RosenstockHudson Guild

Pre-Covid, 2019 by Denise CorleyHudson Guild

Credits: Story

This exhibit was created by Jim Furlong.
Hudson Guild would like to thank our friends at Google for their ongoing support of arts and culture in our community.

Credits: All media
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