Portraits in the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt Estate Workers (1946)Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

Roosevelt Estate Employees

Roosevelt estate employees, William Plog, John de Graff, Charles Van Curnan and Louis DePew viewing a portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the library of his Hyde Park home. This photograph was taken several months after FDR's death during the period the National Park Service was preparing the house to be open to the public.

Franklin Delano RooseveltHome of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

This unsigned portrait was painted when Franklin was three years old.

His mother did not cut his hair until he turned four, a common practice in the nineteenth century.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1897) by Charles Stuart ForbesHome of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

Franklin D. Roosevelt as a Young Boy

This portrait of FDR, at the age of fourteen, was painted by Charles Stuart Forbes. The artist was a cousin of FDR's Aunt Dora's husband.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1932) by Ellen Emmet RandHome of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

Franklin D. Roosevelt

This portrait of FDR was painted by Ellen Emmet Rand shortly after he was elected President.

Franklin did not like the painting but, his mother was very pleased with the finished painting and purchased it from the artist.

It was prominently displayed at the Roosevelt's Hyde Park home, Springwood.

James Roosevelt (1885) by Felix MoschelesHome of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

James Roosevelt

James Roosevelt II (FDR's father) was vice-president of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company, president of the Champlain Transportation Company, served two terms as supervisor of the town of Hyde Park, and managed the Hudson River State Hospital.

Franklin was only 18 years old when his father died.

Sara Delano Roosevelt (1899) by Pierre TroubetzkoyHome of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

Sara Delano Roosevelt

Recorded in Sara's diary for December 23, 1902, is the following: "Franklin met me in town and I took him to Prince Troubetzkoy's studio and gave him my portrait, which is really his 21st birthday present. He is much surprised and delighted with it."

At the time this portrait was painted, FDR's father had been dead two years and his mother was still wearing mourning clothes.

Isaac Roosevelt by Gilbert StuartHome of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

Issac Roosevelt

Isaac Roosevelt (FDR's great-great-grandfather) is depicted here by America's most well known portrait painter- Gilbert Stuart. Stuart is known for his portrait of George Washington.

Isaac Roosevelt was a sugar merchant whose opposition to British trade laws and their reduction of profits drove him to the Revolutionary cause. In the Roosevelt family he was known as "the Patriot." He voted for independence and when the English troops occupied New York, he abandoned his business and home and came to Dutchess County.

James Roosevelt by Henry InmanHome of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

James Roosevelt

James Roosevelt, FDR's great-grandfather, and the oldest son of Isaac Roosevelt, inherited his father's business acumen and interest in politics. James built Mount Hope on the Hudson River, traveling there from his home in Manhattan.

Painted by Henry Inman (circa. 1840) a well known portrait and genre painter who became a director of the Pennsylvania Academy in Philadelphia.

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