The Renaissance's most romantic dining room

The Sala di Amore e Psiche was Federico II's dining room. It features frescos narrating Apuleio's story of the forbidden love between Love and Psyche.

Sala di Amore e Psiche - Western Side Wall (1524/1534) by Giulio RomanoPalazzo Te

Sala di Amore e Psiche - Northern Side Wall (1524/1534) by Giulio RomanoPalazzo Te

In the scene of the wedding banquet, humans and animals worthily celebrate the protagonists' fulfilled passion, while bride and groom are softly lying in roman-style.

Sala di Amore e Psiche - Ceiling (1524/1534) by Giulio RomanoPalazzo Te

Amore and Psiche's history is painted as a labyrinth in the ceiling 8 octagons and 12 lunette, finishing in the central square of the vault, where Psiche reaches the Olympus and can marry Amore.

Sala di Amore e Psiche - Eastern Side Wall (1524/1534) by Giulio RomanoPalazzo Te

Sala di Amore e Psiche - Southern Side Wall (1524/1534) by Giulio RomanoPalazzo Te

The frescoed walls represent some of the most famous love stories, first of all the one between Mars and Venus.

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Ideato e promosso da / Founded and Promoted by:
Mattia Palazzi (Sindaco del Comune di Mantova)
con Lorenza Baroncelli (Assessore alla rigenerazione urbana e del territorio, marketing urbano, progetti e relazioni internazionali del Comune di Mantova )

Coordinamento Scientifico / Scientific Coordinator:
Sebastiano Sali

Curatore testi e immagini / Superintendent texts and images:
Giovanni Pasetti

In collaborazione con / in cooperation with:
Stefano Benetti (Palazzo Te e Musei Civici)

Foto di / Photo by:
Gian Maria Pontiroli

Un ringraziamento speciale a / A special thanks to:
Erica Beccalossi
Sara Crimella
Carlotta Depalmas
Ilaria Pezzini
Veronica Zirelli
Chiara Pisani
Giuseppe Billoni
Lo staff di Palazzo Te che ha fatto il turno dalle 19 all’1 del mattino per la gigapixel per tre giorni di fila
Paola Somenzi
Olmo Montgomery

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