Leaves and Blocks of Flats

Nature and the City Depicted by Selected Young Artists Associated with the Student Artworks Foundation

Irises (2016) by Alena MartsyanavaStudent Artworks Foundation


Nature certainly has an impact on how a person perceives the world around him. Nature has been one of the main inspirations for artists: painters, writers, poets and musicians. Nature was perceived by them in different ways - it depended on the age in which the artist lived and the worldview he professed. Depending on all these factors, nature in various works was created and described quite differently.

Irises (2016)
Alena Martsyanava

Aliveness (2016) by Diana DragomanStudent Artworks Foundation

People, even in these times, are very much in touch with nature, with very positive emotions. Artists are experiencing them with redoubled force, so I am so eager to refer to nature in my works. Inspired by nature, I created an image characterized by a muted color spectrum, evoking the mood of melancholy and reverie.

Aliveness (2016)
Diana Dragoman

Forest Lady (2017) by Dagmara RybakStudent Artworks Foundation

The portrait is mysterious and very sensual. The attention of the recipient draws primarily on such an element as an extremely interesting presentation of the portrait emerging from the contours of the environment, which gives the impression of an unfinished symbolic symbol of the plant elements. The image is maintained in fashion style and refers to beautiful models. This is a portrait that captures the characteristics of beauty.

Forest Lady (2017)
Dagmara Rybak

Femme Fatale (2016) by Dagmara RybakStudent Artworks Foundation


The painting is maintained in the style of pop art, where vivid colors, virtuosity of the drawing and, above all, a clear turn towards figurative art are used. This abstract expressionist direction as a means of expression uses rich colors, shapes, textures, forms and unusual color combinations.

Femme fatale might have been a pretty average girl ever. At one moment, under the influence of a given situation, she was transformed into a real seducer, for whom it only counts fulfilling dreams and whims. He can make even a gray reality take color, and the prose of life becomes really interesting, comments Dagmara Rybak.

Femme Fatale (2016)
Dagmara Rybak

Monstera Deer (2017) by Dagmara RybakStudent Artworks Foundation


The characteristic feature of this painting is the freedom with which I often create art in the style of pop art. The deer is painted in a virtuoso way and in this painting there are things we have contact with on a daily basis, such as the rhododendron leaves, observes Dagmara Rybak.

Monstera Deer (2017)
Dagmara Rybak

Black Mountain (2017) by Dagmara RybakStudent Artworks Foundation


The mountain symbolizes immortality, permanence, light, center of the world, goddesses, fairies, the way to heaven, paradise, etc. Therefore, symbols also appear in the image of ideological significance where Zuk is a prelude to a glorious future, full of success and fame.

Black Mountain (2017)
Dagmara Rybak

This painting is a natural image of power and a symbol of the encounter of the earth with the sky, the place of connection between the visible world and the invisible. The inaccessibility of the mountain peaks shown in the image is a sign of mysterious and impressive power.

Black Mountain (2017)
Dagmara Rybak

Fishing (2016) by Alena MartsyanavaStudent Artworks Foundation


I think I’m a very social person, but I also love some time on my own, to enjoy the loneliness and quiet....

... like this lonely fisherman in the middle of the river. And even in the black and white of this isolation there is always some colour, comments Alena Martsyanava.

Fishing (2016)
Alena Martsyanava

Tram (2013) by Alena MartsyanavaStudent Artworks Foundation


Stop and stare. We never notice the beauty in every day life. But anything adds up.

Even simple things or a new perspective can show the thing in the new light. Broken horizon bringing the bright red hope (Tram) into the black-n-white reality of the rain.

Tram (2013)
Alena Martsyanava

Mailboxes (2017) by Alena MartsyanavaStudent Artworks Foundation


There is so much soul in the old vintage things. They are the witnesses of the history...

... they are full of so many untold stories, that is so fascinating to imagine. Painting them is like painting characters or real people. Pure delight!

Mailboxes (2017)
Alena Martsyanava

Couch (2017) by Alena MartsyanavaStudent Artworks Foundation


Inspiration usually comes out of nowhere. You see a thing, and you know that belongs right there, on your canvas, and you love it so much, that you see only beauty in it. And whether it is an old couch or old mailboxes you will love them as much as your family members.

Couch (2017)
Alena Martsyanava

Honey and lemon (2014) by Alena MartsyanavaStudent Artworks Foundation


Urban, landscapes and still-lives are really my favourite genre. Sometimes the ray of light works, like a spotlight that outlines the juicy colours of ordinary things, turning them into something special.

Honey and Lemon (2014)
Alena Martsyanava

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