ACT Festival 2017: Inbetween Dramatic Networking

The third thematic exhibition of ACT Center

2017 ACT Festival - Artist Talk 1 2017 ACT Festival - Artist Talk 1 (Sanghwa Park)Asia Culture Center (ACC)

2017 ACT Festival 《Inbetween Dramatic Networking》

The 3rd festival theme exhibition of ACT Center 《Inbetween Dramatic Networking》 focuses on the point that the process of creating art starts from relationships between you and the world, you and others, and you and communities. Questions about relationships require insights into networking and media. The exhibition raises a question about how the networking of factors, “Inbetweens” would be presented. The 3rd ACT Festival aims to share dramatic “Inbetweens” created through  ever-changing networks between me, the world, and others captured with artistic insights based on advanced technologies and media.

Systematics_Lecture PerformanceAsia Culture Center (ACC)


mesh.0.1.0 (2017) by JiiiiinAsia Culture Center (ACC)


<mesh.0.1.0> started with the question, ‘what is reality?’. The artist looked at the space, society, and our reality as a system and visualized it into the work. The work takes the form of a tight mesh so that it can concentrate on the relationship and structure of individual objects, resulting in a complex and geometric structure. 

(Exhibition video) mesh.0.1.0Asia Culture Center (ACC)

Jiiiiin is an electronic music composer and sound artist who work in Korea as a base. The artist makes works inspired by scientific theories and social phenomena.

m3(the sound in between invisible and visible), Sound ver. (2017) by GRAYCODEAsia Culture Center (ACC)

m3(the sound in between invisible and visible), Sound ver.

<m3 (the sound in between invisible and visible), sound ver.> is the work about sounds existing between visible and invisible things. Sound is a material that has a special weight and can be influenced by gravity. Through this work, the audience can experience the world which is not seen but still exists.

Graycode is a composer, sound/media artist who works based on technologies and scientific imagination. 

Tableau Vivant (2017) by Jaemin KimAsia Culture Center (ACC)

Tableau Vivant

‘Tableau Vivant’ originally means a ‘living picture’. <tableau vivant> (2017) is a media artwork that uses photos and videos. The artist creates time in a still landscape with characters waiting, walking, sitting, or thinking,through their body, action, and movements in the photographs.

(Exhibition video) Tableau VivantAsia Culture Center (ACC)

Kim Jae Min is a media artist and director, and CEO of group M and a theater Spider. Main works include <novecento>(2012), <rur>(2013), <heterotopia>(2014), and recently he displayed <tableau vivant> work which combines photos and media art.

Connect us (2017) by Hyungjoong KimAsia Culture Center (ACC)

Connect us

<connect us> is a work which utilizes data of cryptocurrency transactions  around the world. A decentralized, horizontal block chain system, where everything in the world is connected with one another, is displayed as an audio-visual work. 

(Exhibition video) Connect usAsia Culture Center (ACC)

Hyungjoong Kim is a media artist of audio-visual art, performance, and media installation. His works focus on expressing despair and beauty of the future, where the boundary between nature, technology and people will disappear.

Systematics_Lecture PerformanceAsia Culture Center (ACC)

Systematics_Lecture Performance

Tacit Group shows lecture performances with the works exploring an unfound world with the focus on organic relationships of sounds. 

Systematics_Lecture PerformanceAsia Culture Center (ACC)

As a media art performance group, Tacit Group finds artistic inspiration in digital technology and expresses it through multimedia performances, interactive installation, and algorithmic art by computer programming.

FRAGMENTSAsia Culture Center (ACC)


<fragments> (2017) is an installation work as well as a live performance which lets people find signals, expressions and clues to better understand others. Julien Bayle cut and distorted the image of an expressionless person, and showed the result with sounds. Through the work, the audience can find themselves trying to understand who the person in the image is and how they would feel.

(Exhibition video) FRGMENTSAsia Culture Center (ACC)

Julien Bayle is an independent artist and teacher based in France, and his works often integrate sound and visual components. His portfolio includes installation works and audio-visual live performances in which visual arts, music composition, and sound arts are mixed.

The PlaygroundAsia Culture Center (ACC)

The Playground

<the playground> (2017) is an installation that requires the audience to take part in. They can find hidden pieces of works, and bring them to the exhibition space, where they would connect the pieces to the statute of <the playground>.  The work encourages the audience to participate, providing them with an opportunity to personalize the work as well as the experience.

(Exhibition video) The PlaygroundAsia Culture Center (ACC)

As an artist and designer, Betty Sargeant researches how art and technology can invite social and physical participation of people.

Mudeung Fantasia – Virtual Garden of Cogitation)Asia Culture Center (ACC)

Mudeung Fantasia – Virtual Garden of Cogitation

<mudeung fantasia – virtual garden of cogitation>, a video virtually reproduced and  reconstructed, turns the forest of Mudeung into a place for meditation and rest, just like the mother's arms. The audience can walk through the translucent screens showing videos of Mt. Mudeung, enjoying the pleasant scenery.

Mudeung Fantasia – Virtual Garden of Cogitation)Asia Culture Center (ACC)

Sanghwa Park has explored various expressions that can be created through video media since the mid-1990s. He has worked in media experiments and activities such as video sculpture, video installation, and convergence project.

kHzAsia Culture Center (ACC)


<khz> (2017) is a work about a mutual relationship between humans and technology, as well as a material relationship between humans and non-humans. The work visualizes the waves and patterns of ultrasonic waves that cannot be heard by human ears into a light, which is destroyed as soon as it’s generated. The audience can feel the beauty of a life through moments when cells release light as they die.

kHzAsia Culture Center (ACC)

Sabina Hyoju Ahn focuses on changing organic data into light or other sensory organs. The artist participated in Transmediale Vospiel, Mediamatic Biotalk, Athens Digital Arts Festival, and Seoul Foundation of Art and Culture MAP2016 won award of Best Sound Performance from NIME 2017.

DökkAsia Culture Center (ACC)


FRAGMENTS_LiveAsia Culture Center (ACC)


<fragments> uses a programmed system to reassemble, mix, cut, or fold video contents, which have been already captured, in real time.

Data.Nature.Anagenesis_2 (2017) by Hyungjoong KimAsia Culture Center (ACC)


This is a performance that expresses  despair and beauty of the future where boundaries between nature, technology, and people will disappear. The work poses a fundamental question about the existence of human beings, and asks the directions we should head in the future.

Isora (2017) by Yousuke FuyamaAsia Culture Center (ACC)


Isora is an audio visual work that attempts to project the inside of human beings by using a variety of interface programs and algorithms.

DökkAsia Culture Center (ACC)


Fuse * is a group of digital art and design work using code and digital technology. <dökk> is an interactive work composed of light, space, and sound which enables the audience to experience space and time of the universe.

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ACT Festival 2017 : Inbetween Dramatic Networking
2017. 10. 27 ~ 2017. 10. 29

Organized by
Asia Culture Center
Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Hosted by
Asia Culture Institute

Jiiiiin, GRAYCODE, Jaemin Kim, Hyungjoong Kim, Tacit Group, Julien Bayle, Betty Sargeant, Sanghwa Park, Sabina Hyoju Ahn, Yousuke Fuyama, Fuse*

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