Accessibility in True Colors Festival

For everyone to participate

True Colors MUSICAL : Viewing Support ProgramTrue Colors Festival

Viewing support for everyone that want

We had prepared various support to bring the musical performed in English on February, 2020 to more people.

True Colors MUSICAL : Touch TourTrue Colors Festival

Touch Tour: A guided tour where you can touch props and objects that are part of the stage design. This will help the audience appreciate the scenography and trigger their imagination for the stage

True Colors MUSICAL : Pre-Performance ExplanationTrue Colors Festival

Pre-Performance Explanation: Prior to the performance we explain the narrative in sign language and simple Japanese for the audience to have a better understanding and a more enjoyable experience.

True Colors MUSICAL : Subtitles on tabletTrue Colors Festival

English and easy Japanese subtitles : We have prepared a tablet for those who can understand easy Japanese and those who need English subtitles.

True Colors MUSICAL : Subtitles on stageTrue Colors Festival

Japanese subtitles were projected on the stage. We prepared hearing aid and audio guide. And for people need support traveling to venue, up to one caregiver could attend for free of charge.

True Colors FESTIVAL : For anyone to participate inTrue Colors Festival

Other ideas and efforts

At True Colors Festival, we aim to create a festival that is easy for anyone to participate in, and we try to create a comfortable "place" for people with diverse backgrounds and individuality at each event.

True Colors FESTIVAL : Accessibility to enter the venueTrue Colors Festival

Accessibility to enter the venue

Created a route for visually impaired people and those who want a stepless route. Staff with knowledge provided escorts to seats and rental of viewing support equipment. We prepared a braille guide and writing board at the reception desk for people with hearing disabilities and those with vocal disabilities. We prepared a tactile map for tactile space recognition.

True Colors FESTIVAL : Accessibility in the venueTrue Colors Festival

Accessibility in the venue

We have prepared a place for wheelchair users to view safely. We have prepared a space for viewing on a monitor for those who find it difficult to watch in the seat for a long time. We prepared aisle seats and seats near the doorway for those who wish to enter and leave during the performance. We have prepared a seat with easy-to-read subtitles for people who are hearing impairment or have low vision.

True Colors FESTIVAL : Device supportTrue Colors Festival

Accessibility for viewing

We prepared a sign language interpreter and a monitor for displaying subtitles. We lent out devices such as body sonic, audio hearing aids, audio guides and subtitle tablets to meet a variety of needs.

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