Climate Change

Discover 10 women who are leading the fight against climate change. Introduced by Jude Kelly.

Jude Kelly at WOW Karachi (2018) by British Council PakistanWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Climate Change

Jude Kelly introduces the theme of Climate Change

"Women and girls of all ages and backgrounds have joined together to provide wonderful leadership around climate change and sustainability.

They know the nightmare scenario of climate disaster, and yet they are not given the respect and leadership positions they need."

Climate Change: Emaan Danish Khan (2020) by Khaula JamilWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Emaan Danish Khan - Climate Change Activist - Karachi

"We are in a climate emergency, and we need urgent action. Let's prioritise climate education and make it Level 1. Because there is no Planet B."

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Climate Change: Doyinsola Ogunye (2020) by Mohini UfeliWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Doyinsola Ogunye - Activist - Nigeria

"I started talking to a few people in my neighbourhood and we started organising environmental clean-up activities with children. I noticed that the kids were having fun while giving something back to the community."

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Climate Change: Dr Esther Onyango (2020) by Mana SalsaliWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Dr Esther Onyango - Climate Change Scientist - Brisbane

"We must consider the systemic inequalities and socially constructed gender norms that increase women’s exposure to climate risks, and reduce their agency to cope with and recover from the impacts of climate change."

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Climate Change: Zhimin Zhang (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Zhimin Zhang - Director of a Biodiversity Farm - Beijing

"Respect nature, cooperate with nature, and live with self-discipline - I like to observe nature, listen to the melody of nature, and take my hard work as the chorus of it."

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Climate Change: Pınar Öncel (2020) by Elif KahveciWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Pınar Öncel- Founder of Sustainable Life Festival - Istanbul

"In a world where there is no gender equality, it is impossible for us to overcome global problems, especially the climate crisis; since all inequalities and the climate crisis have a deep-rooted relationship in terms of both causes and effects."

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Climate Change: Pasang Dolma Sherpa (2020) by Buna DhuganaWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Pasang Dolma Sherpa - Executive of CIPRED - Kathmandu

“Living our lives with moral values and responsibilities is the only way to creating the desired equitable and healthy society that ensures our collective rights, mutual respect and dignity for us to live in harmony with nature."

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Climate Change: Ana Santos (2020) by Aline FonsecaWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Ana Santos - Educator, Agroecology Activist - Rio de Janeiro

"It's not obvious to everyone, but the socio-environmental struggles are a struggle of the poorest communities. When environmental or health calamity strikes, black and peripheral people suffer the most."

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Climate Change: Lisa M. Ferretto (2020) by Khamaree "Kham" OwensWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Lisa M. Ferretto - Urban Scientist - Baltimore

"Architecture is responsible for about half of all of the global CO2 emissions. The Architecture profession though is still male dominated, with only about 20% women architects. When you consider the intersectionality of race and gender, that ratio is even lower - 0.4% African American women."

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Climate Change: Maggie Aderin-Pocock (2020) by Paula Abu "Narcography"WOW - Women of the World Foundation

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock - Space Scientist - London

"Climate Change is the most pressing problem that we have to face - and if we are to solve it we will need all people to be involved."

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