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Pasar Apung (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Pasar Apung (Floating Market)

The floating market is located on the Kuin River and Lok Baintan. It is a traditional heritage from the golden age of sailing where trade would go far deep from the sea shores towards river system. Banjarmasin is a fine example of a city terrain with abundant rivers going inland.

Floating market at the Banjarmasin, Indonesia (2016)China National Silk Museum

The boats used are called 'jukung', a type of boat that's been recorded since 10th Century. The market activities start at the break of dawn until about 8 in the morning.  Sometimes you can still find barter practice in the community locally called 'bapanduk'

Traditional Wet Market Scene (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Traditional Wet Market

This type of wet market are most commonly found throughout Indonesia. The market is active starting at the break of dawn until mid-day, some would operate until evening. 

Transaction in Traditional Wet Market (2022) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Local buyers would arrive early to pick and get the freshest batch of produces, meat, fish and spice blends. These types of markets are a community of its own. Some sellers in the markets would be family owned businesses. Bargaining price is a normal practice in this market.

Market on Motorcycle (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Traveling Greengrocer

The sight of traveling greengrocer with pushcarts or ride their motorcycles are anticipated every morning by most of households in Indonesian cities. The greengrocer on carts or motorcycle would visit residential areas and move around making sure every household is well stocked.

Market on Motorcycle (2021) by Nugraha PratamaIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Where you can get produce and neighborhood updates

This type of greengrocer would stop on a street and people would come out of their houses, gather around the greengrocer and chat about while getting what they need from the greengrocer. Its not only about the transaction of goods but also latest neighborhood updates. 

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