Spanish Cultural Sites You Can Explore From Home

Discover 9 wonders of Spain, from La Sagrada Familia to La Giralda

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Alcoba lateral, Sala de los Abencerrajes, Alhambra de Granada, 2005 (2005) by Bleda y RosaFundacion MAPFRE

Spanish culture is rich in music, food, dance, sport, theatre, and natural life. Some of Spain's cultural sites are world-renowned marvels of art and architecture and now you can visit some of Spain's finest from inside your own home...

The Alhambra, Granada

Granada's world-famous hilltop palace and gardens is an abundant complex of buildings and passages from several different periods of history, from the Ancient Romans to the Muslim leaders of the Mahgreb.

Museo Casa de Cervantes, Valladolid

Miguel de Cervantes, Spain's most celebrated writer, may only have lived here in Vallodolid for two years, between 1604 and 1605, but that period saw the publication of the first volume of his masterwork, Don Quixote.

Cathedral and Museum, Santiago de Compostela

All roads lead to this marvellous Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, the culmination of the fabled St James' Way pilgrimage which has brought visitors from across Europe and the world for centuries.

Ponte Nuevo and Ronda

Spanning the gorge known as El Tajo, the town of Ronda dates from the times of Moorish occupation. The Ponte Nuevo is the centrepiece, a stunning stone bridge across the gorge, looking out at the Andalusian plains.  

The Sagrada Família

Antoni Gaudí's masterpiece is the still-unfinished basilica in the heart of Barcelona. It's a strange, hybrid marvel of Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture. It's still under construction, following Gaudí's original designs.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Built between 1580 and 1619, during the reign of Philip III, Plaza Mayor was once the centre of Old Madrid. It's still a bustling locus of tourists and residents, and is architecturally resplendent. Fit for a Spanish King.

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

Located in the Galicia community in the Northwest Iberian peninsula, this stunning Cathedral is one of three surviving churches built on the tomb of an apostle of Christ (the others being St Peter's, Rome, and St Thomas', Chennai, India).

Casa Battló, Barcelona

Antoni Gaudí redesigned this Barcelona town house in 1904 in his signature take on Art Nouveau style. The local name for this unique structure is the House of Bones. The designs are half skeletal and half fluid. Being inside some of the rooms feels like being underwater.

La Giralda, Seville

Like many of Spain's architectural wonders, La Giralda, the bell tower of Seville's Cathedral, is a hybrid. The tower was built as a minaret for the Great Mosque of Seville in 1198. The Catholics later added a Renaissance top.

Smugglers in the Ronda Hills (1849) by Manuel Barrón y CarrilloMuseo Nacional del Romanticismo

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