Participatory exhibition on connection between art and hooliganism

By Fund of cultural projects “Thursday”

Fund of cultural projects "Thursday"

Exhibition Artist/Hooligan (2021-06-24) by Fund of cultural projects "Thursday"Fund of cultural projects “Thursday”

The artist and the hooligan are two basic archetypes: the creator and the destroyer. At this exhibition together we the artists and the audience we reflect on the various important functions of hooliganism that often remain unnoticed by the society:

- artistic
- transformative
- tricking
- memory keeping
- indicating
- invading
- mediating
- observing

Exhibition Artist/Hooligan (2021) by Fund of cultural projects "Thursday"Fund of cultural projects “Thursday”

Audience was invited to interact with the works to try the roles of "artist" and "hooligan", mix these roles or completely reassemble the meaning of these concepts.

Here we want to show how the works have changed during the exhibition.

Talking walls 2 (2020-06-01) by Dinara Hörtnagl, Sasha SamFund of cultural projects “Thursday”


A hooligan fills the world with art, shares art, and engages people in art

Hooligan as an artist (2021) by Dinara Hörtnagl and visitors of the exhibition Artist/HooliganFund of cultural projects “Thursday”

The artist provides her artwork as a platform for the creativity of street artists. Together they are forging a dialogue between classical and street art, and take the city itself as the basis for the development of a new visual language.

We invited the viewers of the exhibition to also become street artists and apply their art to the artist's picture.

VIVO- (2021) by Natalia Khokhonova Sculpture production - Alexander SakharovFund of cultural projects “Thursday”


The hooligan makes visible the changes that are taking place in society and redefines the environment by interacting with old and new cultural codes

VIVO_Vyksa (2013) by Natalia HohonovaFund of cultural projects “Thursday”

During the art festival in 2013 the artist placed large plaster ears around the Soviet sculpture of a violinist. The intervention into the space of another work of art captured the attention of the audience and created a new context around the abandoned sculpture.

VIVO- (2021-06-01) by Nathalia Hohonova and Alexander SaharovFund of cultural projects “Thursday”

We invited the viewers to bring a new meaning to the artist's work through, dip hands in the finger paints and leave their mark on the sculptures.

Call-concept. The voice of the universe._1 (2020-03-01) by Marie-Anna AbovyanFund of cultural projects “Thursday”


The hooligan adds to our lives an element of a game that you can join in order to get rid of routine and everyday life

Exhibition Artist/Hooligan (2021-07-07) by Fund of cultural projects "Thursday"Fund of cultural projects “Thursday”

Christmas fortune-telling

The artist plays with a slightly outdated but popular manifestation of hooligan behavior: she calls strangers to give them a Christmas fortune-telling or to speak on behalf of the "universe." The prank call is designed to distract or entertain the random anonymous accomplice and record his responses.

The audience tore off the ads, called the number and listened to the joke

Defect of the whole original (2021) by BazelevsFund of cultural projects “Thursday”


The hooligan transforms public and public spaces by bringing himself and his vision into them

Defect of the whole original (2021) by Bazelevs and the audience of the exhibition Artist/HooliganFund of cultural projects “Thursday”

The artist transfers the facades of abandoned houses covered with graffiti to archival drawings. So the houses of St. Petersburg, turned into graffiti spots, with the help of graphic editors are transformed into archival documents. The project is dedicated to the full experience of urban space through graffiti and street art, which is able to combine the eyes of a modern city dweller with the memory of the city.

We asked the viewers to bring their vision and put their own tag on the drawing on the mirror.

photo_2021-09-27 16.07.34Fund of cultural projects “Thursday”


The hooligan by his actions preserves objects and phenomena, resisting the destructive power of time

DSC_9294 (1)Fund of cultural projects “Thursday”

According to the artist's instructions, the audience was asked to roll up small balls of plasticine and place them on objects.

DIY: gentle vandalism (2021) by Konstantin RoslyakovFund of cultural projects “Thursday”

The artist places small balls of brightly acidic plasticine in an urban environment, bringing subtle changes to our everyday spaces. Rough objects, thanks to this hooligan method or "gentle" vandalism, take on a new life, going beyond the scope of domestic use.

Going nowhere (2020) by Lilya BabyanFund of cultural projects “Thursday”


The hooligan seizes space to create his own reality, and provokes society to interact

Part 2 "To Nowhere": "Eight minutes at the end of the car" (2020) by Lilya BabayanFund of cultural projects “Thursday”

Video documentation of the performance of 45 artists, musicians and poets. During quarantine restrictions that suspended the work of all museums and galleries, one of the train cars was "invaded" by artists. It hosted an exhibition of contemporary art with performances, live music and poetry performances. The artists got off at one of the stops and left their works in the carriage, sending them from Russia to "Nowhere".

The audience was invited to sit on a chair and plunge into the atmosphere of a train.

Eleven:Forty one (2020) by Michael ArutyunyanFund of cultural projects “Thursday”


The hooligan becomes a mediator between people, spaces and time, so that we can look differently at the environment in which we live

Applying graffiti to the carpet (2020) by Michael ArtunyanFund of cultural projects “Thursday”

The artist applies graffiti on the painting of authentic Armenian carpet. An important symbol of the people is being destroyed by the cruel implantation of graffiti. However these graffitis are eyewitness memories of the 1988 earthquake and took lives of many people in Armenia. The bodies of the victims were wrapped in the traditional carpets.

Memory and grief come to the fore and significantly changes the context of the entire work.

Eleven:Forty one (2021) by Michael Arutyunyan and the audience of the exhibition Artist/HooliganFund of cultural projects “Thursday”

Viewers were asked to write important events on the glass with a marker. Translation a viewer's inscription: "The important event that is about to happen - I am going to find myself".

The audience as a hooligan (2021) by Arthur Bolzhurov and the audience of the exhibition Artist/HooliganFund of cultural projects “Thursday”


Hooliganism as a way to express extreme disagreement with the existing order of things

Kyrgyztan (2011) by Artur BolzhurovFund of cultural projects “Thursday”

In 2011, the artist created a work for the "Kyrgyzstan 2011" competition: he photographed yurts, the national dwelling of the Kyrgyz. Then he superimposed on the image the flags of three states: Russia, the USA and China.

People burn the banners in the Osh city, АКИpress-Фергана, 2011, From the collection of: Fund of cultural projects “Thursday”
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The artist's work was not recognized at the competition, but was then printed on banners dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Kyrgyzstan's independence, which were posted throughout the republic. A couple of days later, in the city of Osh, several young people took off the banner with the work and burned it, considering it offensive. After that, youth activists of Batken city, and then Bishkek, spoke out against the picture.

Audience as a hooligan (2021-06) by Arthur Bolzhurov and the audience of the exhibition Artist/HooliganFund of cultural projects “Thursday”

Viewers were asked to destroy or take with them a copy of the work. Instead they made the exhibition of their own.

Exhibition Artist/Hooligan 1 (2021-06-24) by Fund of cultural projects "Thursday"Fund of cultural projects “Thursday”

Artist/Hooligan is an exhibition by the Fund of cultural projects ‘Thursday’ that explores the connection between art and hooliganism and places the figures of the artist and the hooligan in the same cultural context. The exhibition took place in July 2021 at the Street Art Museum in St. Petersburg.

Credits: Story

Exhibition curator and project manager - Nadezhda Ponomarenko.

The authors of the project are Daria Dmitrieva, Nadezhda Ponomarenko.

Exhibition technical team:

Antonina Maleva
Ksenia Bashmakova
Alexey Katnikov
Dmitry Gudimenko
Evgeniya Shiryaeva


Michael Harutyunyan
Dinara Hurtnagl
Natalia Khokhonova
Konstantin Roslyakov
Marie-Anna Abovyan
Arthur Bolzhurov
Lilya Babayan

Photographer - Liana Mukhamedzyanova

Team of the Fund "Thursday":

Daria Dmitrieva
Valeria Zemskova
Alice Loza
Anastasia Kovalchuk
Svetlana Sutyrina
Nikita Samotoy
Angelina Dudchenko

Exposition design: Event Brand Group

Thank you:

Street art museum

Credits: All media
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