A tuna stew with potatoes, typical of the Basque Country.

"Marmitako"Real Academia de Gastronomía

"Marmitako," a tuna stew, is typical of the Basque Country and is enjoyed both in winter and summer—when the fish is in season.

"Marmitako" ingredientsReal Academia de Gastronomía

Potato stews crop up time and again in the Spanish cookbook. This one is completed with tomatoes, peppers and onions.

Its main ingredient is tuna flesh. The origin of this dish is attributed to the fishermen of the region, who prepared it on their boats during the tuna fishing season.

The choricero pepper is a variety of shiny red pepper, which is usually air dried in strips, and is very common in Basque cuisine. This ingredient gives the fish stew its unique flavor.

"Marmitako"Real Academia de Gastronomía

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Text: María García Muriel, in partnership with Ismael Diaz Yubero (Spanish representative to the FAO and Adviser on Agriculture, Fishing, and Food at the Spanish Embassy in Rome, and Member of Spain's Royal Academy of Gastronomy); and María Llamas (Alambique cookery store and school).

Image: David de Luis (photographer), Sandra Jiménez Osorio (food stylist), Maria Eugenia Perez-Blanco (recipe creation), Alambique cookery store and school (production).

This exhibition is part of the Spanish gastronomy project, España: Cocina Abierta (Spain: Open Kitchen), coordinated by Google Arts & Culture and Spain's Royal Academy of Gastronomy (Real Academia de la Gastronomía). The section on culinary legacy was coordinated by María Llamas, director of the Alambique cookery store and school.


Lourdes Plana Bellido, president of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy; Elena Rodríguez, director of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy and Carmen Simón, academic of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy.


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