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Domed roof from the Palacio del Partal in the Alhambra (1200 - 1250) by UnknownPergamonmuseum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

It's time for a world tour with a twist! Scroll on to be whisked around the globe, and use the arrows and the click-and-drag feature to explore each UNESCO Heritage location. Can you guess where you've landed at each stop?

Question 1

Made up of a collection of colorful villages clinging precariously to the cliff edge, this sun-drenched UNESCO site is one of the world’s most glamorous destinations. Take a good look around to see if you can spot the location of this beautiful place. 

Aerial view of Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore, Italy (2005-10-03) by Medioimages/PhotodiscGetty Images

Answer: Cinque Terre

Located on Italy’s Ligurian Coast, between Genoa and Pisa, Cinque Terra is a collection of 5 villages that are connected by boats, rocky paths and winding mountain roads. The brightly colored houses and dramatic landscape have been attracting visitors for centuries.

Question 2

With trees and vines encroaching on the columns and steps, it can be hard to tell where nature ends and this UNESCO listed structure begins. Dating from the 12th century, the site is one of the most famous in the world. Explore a little to see if you can work out where we’ve landed.

By Eliot ElisofonLIFE Photo Collection

Answer: Angkor Wat

The largest religious monument by land area in the world, Angkor Wat is located close to Siem Reap in northeast Cambodia. Originally constructed as a Hindu temple, it became a Buddhist site at the end of the 1100s. At its peak, it’s thought that Angkor Wat was home to up to three-quarters of a million people. 

UNESCO World Heritage Site Timbuktu (21st Century) by ICORP-On The Road InitiativeICOMOS - International Council on Monuments and Sites

Question 3

This UNESCO site may be a little harder to pinpoint. In fact, it was once so remote that its name has become a by-word for somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Once an important center of learning, the city enjoyed its heyday from the 13th to the 16th century. Do you know where this sun-drenched city is?

Answer: Timbuktu

Located in central Mali, around 20km north of the Niger River, Timbuktu was first settled in the 5th century BC. During the city’s golden age, it had a 25,000-strong student population, grew rich on the trade of gold, ivory, and slaves, and was one of the most important scholastic centers in the world.  

Question 4

One of the only purpose-designed cities in the world, this UNESCO site was conceived and built in the 1950s. In fact, it’s the city’s modern architecture and innovative design that prompted UNESCO to add it to the world heritage list. So where is this futuristic metropolis?

Bra Silia (1961) by Dmitri KesselLIFE Photo Collection

Answer: Brasilia

Now the capital of Brazil, Brasilia was planned and developed by Lúcio Costa, Oscar Niemeyer and Joaquim Cardozo. It was officially founded by then president Juscelino Kubitschek in 1960 and has since grown to become the 3rd largest city in Brazil. 

Question 5

Built on the remains of Roman fortifications, the original structure that makes up this site dates from the 9th century. However, it wasn’t until the mid-13th century, when it was rebuilt and embellished, that the incredible building we know today was created. So where would you find these beautiful tiles and intricate patterns?

Answer: The Alhambra, Granada

This impressive structure towers over the city of Granada in southern Spain. It was built towards the end of Muslim rule in the country and was home to the last emirs of the Nasrid dynasty. The huge complex is made up of palaces, formal gardens, and a number of religious structures. Wander the gardens and view the palace, here.

Alhambra/Grenada, Spain (1967-05) by David LeesLIFE Photo Collection

Learn more about the Alhambra and its incredible artwork here.

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