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A look at the heart of Mexico City

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Monumento a la Independencia

Angel of Independence

The Angel dominates the monument-studded Paseo de la Reforma. She holds a laurel wreath in one hand and a broken three-link chain in the other to symbolize three centuries of Spanish rule in Mexico before independence.

It was constructed by President Porfirio Díaz to bring to Mexico City all the glory, and sophistication of some European capitals. It is a winged statue of Victoria, the ancient Roman goddess of victory.

Inside there is a small mausoleum with the remains of some national heroes. It is an internationally well-known symbol of Mexico City. 

Angel of Independence 1 (2020-08-14/2020-08-14) by Emmanuel Accua

The current Angel of the Independence is a copy of the original, which fell from its pedestal and broke into several pieces during an earthquake in 1957.

Angel of Independence 3 (2019-07-10/2019-07-10) by Enrique Ortega Miranda

It is one of the most renowned symbols in the country.

As well as one of the most visited landmarks in Mexico City.

Did you know it is common to find quinceañeras or recently married couples in professional photoshoots around the base of the Angel of the Independence?

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Monument to the Revolution

Monument to the Revolution

The Monument to the Revolution is a colossal architecture building that combines Art Deco and Mexican Socialist Realism style.

Like the Angel of Independence, the Monument to the Revolution holds the remains of national heroes. However in this case, it is Revolution heroes.

It actually took 28 years to finish the construction of the Monument to the Revolution.

Monument to the Revolution 2 (2020-03-16/2020-03-16) by Azahed

The modernist Monument of the Revolution is the focal point of the Plaza de la República, which sits in the heart of a triangle formed by three main roads: the Paseo de la Reforma, Avenida de los Insurgentes and Avenida Puente de Alvarado.

Monument to the Revolution 5 (2020-12-31/2020-12-31) by Daniel Espínola

In the heart of Mexico City, the Monument to the Revolution has an observation deck on top, which offers a 360-degree view of the city.

It is also a mausoleum that holds the remains of some of the Mexican Revolution’s heroes.

Did you know that this Art Deco building is the largest triumphal arch in the world?

Monument to the Revolution 3, Oscar Reygo, 2020-10-01/2020-10-01
Monument to the Revolution 1, Guillermo Pérez, 2019-10-11/2019-10-11
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Angel of Independence 2 (2019-06-25/2019-06-25) by Fernando Andrade

Celebrations are the heart of a vibrant city. These monuments represent two relevant historical events: Independence and the Revolution, which inspire the inhabitants of Mexico City to express their joy and happiness in these beautiful landmarks.

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