'Climate Change Impact Filter' by Sey Min

With global temperatures rising, what will we lose and what will remain?

By Google Arts & Culture

Sey Min

Climate Change Impact Filter - cluster (2021) by Sey Min

Loss of biodiversity

Artist Sey Min has created an impact filter for you to explore & discover what we might lose as temperatures rise. 
She has has trained a machine learning model on thousands of Google Search images, clustering by the type of species.

Climate Change Impact Filter - Coral 32% (2021) by Sey Min

 As you increase the temperature, discover what happens to 62 different animal species - and reveal the new anthropocene species, or waste, we leave.

Sey Min - Data Artist (2021)

Sey Min

Specialized in data visualisation, Sey Min attempts to understand humans and society through data. Her works are an effort to recognize aspects of our existence in a technology-driven environment.

The data artist discusses the process that went behind creating the artwork

Climate Change Impact Filter - A world without bees (2021) by Sey Min

Impact Filter - Why Biodiversity?

What inspired you to focus on this topic?

"To talk about climate change, we started this project, wondering what it would be like if we could visually express that the everyday things around us, are being destroyed and disappearing due to global warming."

Climate Change Impact Filter - main view (2021) by Sey Min

Impact Filter - what was the process?

Can you tell us about how you made this artwork?

"We read many papers examining species affected by global warming and based on the research, we scraped images of species affected by global warming. We then used machine learning algorithms to extract the features of the collected images and cluster them visually."

Launch the experiment and explore more digital artworks interpreting climate data.

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