Write love letters like Ludwig van Beethoven

In love, but no words for it? Copy from Beethoven! In his numerous letters, compositions and notes there are some - albeit unrequited - declarations of love. We have compiled the most beautiful passages.

By Beethoven-House Bonn

Beethoven-Haus Bonn

Ivory Miniature (1802) by Christian HornemanBeethoven-House Bonn

Only love

Beethoven was always in search of the great love. But he never married. The longing remained unquenched.

"Only love - yes, only love - can give you a happier life."

Records from the summer of 1807

Portrait miniature of an unknown lady (1810) by AnonymousBeethoven-House Bonn

Sweet pain

There was a simple reason why Beethoven remained single. Most of the time he fell in love with a noble piano student - unattainable for him as a citizen.

"To reap tears, you must sow love."

From Friedrich Schiller's "William Tell", noted in Beethoven's diary

Portrait miniature of an unknown lady Portrait miniature of an unknown lady (1805) by AnonymousBeethoven-House Bonn

Completely or not at all

In Beethoven's estate there is a letter that allows science and art to be speculated. Its content is sugar sweet, the recipient unknown:

"Love demands everything. And quite rightly so. So it is with you, you with me."

Letter to the Immortal Beloved, 1812

Beethoven with the manuscript of the Missa solemnis (1820) by Joseph Karl StielerBeethoven-House Bonn

Never alone again

Perhaps Beethoven's letter is also about a married woman? This passage indicates this:

"I can either live with you all the way or not at all."

Letter to the Immortal Beloved, 1812

Love, cast in music by Beethoven

Beethoven's music also shows him to be a fervent romantic. Even if the lyrics are not his, this song cycle is a meltdown!

"Oh, you can't see that look, Who hurries to you so ardently, And the sighs, they blow away In the space that is before us."

To the Distant Beloved, op. 98

Ludwig van Beethoven (1819) by Ferdinand SchimonBeethoven-House Bonn

Farewell for eternity

With flaming passion Beethoven pours out his heart and delivers the most beautiful ending a love letter can have: 

"Eternally yours, eternally mine, eternally ours"

Letter to the Immortal Beloved, 1812

Tender love

Loving hearts find much understanding in Beethoven.

"I love you as you love me, In the evening and in the morning, There hasn't been a day when you and I They did not share our concerns. (...) May God protect you, keep you with me, Protect and preserve us both."

Text y Karl Friedrich Herrosee

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