Are you climate ready?

By making changes in our lives, we can all play a part in protecting our planet from the worst impacts of climate change.

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Let’s #GetClimateReady.

The science is clear, around the globe we are already seeing changes to weather patterns and average temperatures as a result of human-induced climate change.  Our combined efforts can make a real difference. 

What are climate projections?

At the Met Office, climate scientists use UK Climate Projections (UKCP); a climate analysis tool that forms part of the Met Office Hadley Centre Climate Programme. Current projections from UKCP data show...

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Climate change mitigation

Our climate is already changing due to anthropogenic – human-induced – climate change. Even if all emissions stopped today, we cannot avoid further impacts. By reducing emissions, however, we can limit global warming and avoid the worst potential impacts of climate change.

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Climate change adaptation

Adaptation is critical for our resilience to climate change, as adjustments are needed from individuals, communities and countries in response. 

Global climate change impacts include, for example, changes in extreme weather, melting of glaciers, and loss of Arctic sea ice.

Climate scientists and other experts from the Met Office currently work on mitigation and adaptation options and climate services to support future climate scenarios

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Everyday actions to tackle climate change

Many actions of individuals, communities and countries also have co-benefits – that’s to say they might also reduce costs, improve air quality or have a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

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Consider your travel options

Change the way you travel. Only 22% of UK households are without a car. If you're able to choose an electric vehicle over a petrol/diesel one, this will save you costs in the long run in addition to mitigating future climate change impacts.

Waste food in the UK would make over 15 billion meals a year

Eat sustainably. The food we eat and the food we throw away is responsible for a notable proportion of our individual carbon footprint, so changing what we eat and reducing food waste can help lower this.

Find out how you can reduce your food waste with Love Food Hate Waste.

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Change how you heat your home

74% of the UK’s heating and hot water demand in buildings is met by natural gas, and the UK government’s Net Zero Strategy indicates a need to move to heat pumps and hydrogen boilers to decarbonise. These can be pricey, but grants are available.

Get ClimateReady Home Improvements, From the collection of: Met Office
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Spread the word

Talk to others about climate change impacts and what they may be doing.

Use #GetClimateReady on social media

Sign up to the Met Office Climate Newsletter.

Consider joining local community initiatives.

Check on vulnerable people during severe weather like heatwaves.

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