Get to Know the Artists in the Shikansuiyo Japanese traditional media Exhibition①

An exhibition of new works by about 40 artists, created with particular thought for the shrine and its sacred forests, and with passion, awe and respect for nature and our daily lives. The media chosen for their works are the traditional Japanese forms of folding screens, hanging scrolls, partition screens (paintings) and folding fans.

Tea ceremony in forest- Kiyomasa well and Iris in Meiji Jingu (2019) by Kota HIRAKAWAMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Shikansuiyo – Art of the One Hundred Year Forest 

The literal meaning of the expression Shikansuiyo (紫幹翠葉) is “purple trunk, green leaves”, but it is used to refer to a beautiful scene of nature. From prehistoric times, the Japanese people have found beauty not only in Mt. Fuji and cherry blossom, but in the humble everyday nature of rice fields, wild flowers and birds, too. The artists have prepared their works with particular thought for the shrine and its sacred forests, and with passion, awe and respect for nature and our daily lives. The media chosen for their works are the traditional Japanese forms of folding screens, hanging scrolls, partition screens (paintings) and folding fans. A centerpiece of the show will be folding fan-shaped paintings commissioned from approximately thirty contemporary artists, renowned for both their skill and talent, which will be exhibited along one wall. We hope you will enjoy the many lucid and expressive works on show in the amazing natural surroundings of Meiji Shrine.

aTTA (2008) by Noboru TSUBAKIMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Noboru Tsubaki

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of the Arts.His works were shown overseas in 1989 in ”Against Nature" (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) and at the 45th Venice Biennale in 1993. In Japan he he received accolade for “Insect World – Grasshopper” at the Yokohama Triennale 2001, and has had solo shows at Art Tower Mito (2003), Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art (2009) and Kirishima Open Air Museum (2012). In 2019 his work was shown at “BLUM & POE” in Los Angeles, placing him back on the international scene. He was chairman of ARTOTHÈQUE, Aomori Triennale 2017 and 2020, and is director of ARTIST’S FAIR KYOTO.

Inverted Vessel (2015) by Takanobu KOBAYASHIMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Takanobu Kobayashi

Born in Tokyo, Japan, 1960 . Graduated from Aichi Prefectures University of Art, 1986. Granted a scholarship for artist from Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan in 1996 and lived in Bangkok for one year. His paintings get hints from concrete forms such as vessels, pillows and forests. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Japan and overseas, including ”Endless Summer”, Meguro Museum of Art (2004), "Kobayashi Takanobu Dream, dreaming us”, Yokosuka Museum of Art (2014), "Garden of Painting / Japanese Art of the 00s" The National Museum of Art (2010) etc. How work is included in the collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the National Museum of Art, Tokyo, and others.

Light up with a paintbrush-1 (2018) by Aru SUNAGAMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Aru Sunaga

Born in Gunma, Japan, 1989. Graduated MA, Tokyo University of Arts, Painting in 2017. Currently works mainly in painting at STUDIO KODAI in Ibaraki Prefecture. His work is praised by fans of contemporary painting for its dynamic compositions and bold brushstrokes. Main exhibitions include "Light up with a paintbrush"/ un petit GARAGE, Tokyo (2019), “Exhibition of Books and Art vol. 1”, Ota Art Museum & Library (2017) etc. Selected for The 14th Gunma Biennale for Young Artist (2019), TERRADA ART AWARD 2014 First Prize, CAF ART AWARD 2014 YAMAGUCHI Yumi Prize.

Archescape #4 (2019) by Taishi HATAYAMAMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Taishi Hatayama

Born in Kanagawa, Japan, 1992. Graduated MA, Tama Art University in 2017. He attracted attention for his partings of white tree-like forms on white backgrounds, and expanded into a more colorful style. Recent exhibitions include  "Practice_01: Drawing lines" EUKARYOTE, Tokyo (2019),  "para nature" EUKARYOTE, Tokyo (2018), ”Memory of Retina − Mythology −"  Sezon Museum of Modern Art, Nagano (2018), and "Astray in Time"  SEZON ART GALLERY, Tokyo (2017). Awards include: Ichiro Fukuzawa Prize (2015),  Prize for Excellence TURNER AWARD 2014, 2nd Prize and Special Jury Prize (Kohei NAWA Prize) "CAF ART AWARD 2014" etc.

Frames#4 (2019) by Masahiro MASUDAMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Masahiro Masuda

Born in Shizuoka, Japan, 1991. Graduated MA Fine Art Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2017.  DA Fine Art Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts (2020). Currently works at STUDIO KODAI in Ibaraki Prefecture, on two dimensional works in time and space using camera and projector, silk screen etc. Main exhibitions include:  "TIME TO CONVERGE”, MARUEIDO JAPAN (2020), "Scattered time”, GINZA SIX TSUTAYA BOOKS, Tokyo (2019) . CAF Art Awards Grandprix, Contemporary Art Foundation Yusaku MAEZAWA collection. 

f450 number book - three (2018) by Bujin HIRAI (H et H )Meiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Bujin Hirai(H et H )

Born in Gunma, Japan, 1964. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts.Established H et H with Tadaaki Hyodo in 1988. His work started with large scale installations of his photographic works and include many intellectual works layering books and IT technology. Project f450 is a personal project, but in recent years f450 works have been incorporated into H et H works as well.Main exhibitions include “ENTROPY”, Tokyo University of the Arts (1991), "The Homeostasis”, Roentgen Kunst Institute(1992), “Theme: AIDS”, Henie Onstad Kunstinstitut Oslo Norway (1993-1994), “Closure”, Axis Gallery, Tokyo (2002) and “f450 Number Book”, un petit GARAGE, Tokyo (2018).

Attention (2016) by Rina KOTANIMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Rina Kotani

Born in Tokyo, Japan, 1984. Graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo with an M.F.A in Fine Arts (2012). She works with Nihonga paints employing a pointillist technique. Besides solo exhibitions at Saihodo Gallery, Tokyo in 2012, 2017 and 2020, she has exhibited widely in group shows domestically and overseas, including the "40th anniversary of Japan-China normalization Japan-China Art Exhibition” (2012) and “Phese exhibition of Japanese painting Vol.3” (2017). Awards include TERRADA ART AWARD Vol.1 Outstanding performance award (2014), Ishimoto Sho Japanese painting award Vol.1 Grand prize (2016), Ueno Royal Museum grand prize exibition Vol.36 Outstanding performance award/Nippon Broadcasting award (2018), etc.

Ultimate Mixer #2 (2018) by Ken HAMAGUCHIMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Ken Hamaguchi

Graduated from Tama Art University, Japanese painting course in 1997. Works mainly in installation.Debut exhibition at "BLACK, SUTRA, AND THE REST", Takahashi Collection Kagurazaka, Japan(2008). In recent years, he has been active in a number of solo and group exhibitions, pursuing a style of nonsense expression using motifs of insignificant and unimportant things and pop culture.

DOLLs : Play with Family (2018) by Aki MORIYAMAMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Aki Moriyama

Born in Saitama Japan, 1991. Completed the master's course at Tokyo University of the Arts. She creates paintings on the theme of "human drama”, incorporating issues such as gender and family values, and using girls’ toys and dolls such as Licca-chan and Barbie as motifs. Main exhibitions include solo exhibitions “DOLLs" (2017) and  “ICON" (2018) at un petit GARAGE, and KUMA EXHIBITION, 2018, Spiral. Awards include the 3rd CAF Award at the Yumi Yamaguchi Award and the Shell Art Award 2016, and many others.

Mermaid (2016) by Noriko YAMAGUCHIMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Noriko Yamaguchi

Born in Hyogo, Japan, 1983. Graduated from Kyoto College University of Art,  Master of Fine Arts.After working as a lecturer at Kyoto University of Art and Design currently is artistic director at DiGITAL ARTISAN. inc, Tokyo. Her works take theme of feel, using sight to stimulate the sense of touch. She works in a multitude of media using a variety of technologies including performance, sculpture made with 3D printers and photography. Recent works include paintings of fearsome stories and armored knights in battle. 

untitled (2019) by Chris NAMAIZAWAMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Chris Namaizawa

Heavily influenced by street culture in Tokyo, started working as an artist in 2012. His works use the technique of décollage based on an enormous archive collected by him from his unique point of view. Having had his own fashion brand, he actively collaborates with other apparel brands in Japan and overseas. Exhibited his works at "Art Fair Tokyo" (2018, 2019), "UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami (2016), plus shows in New York, San Francisco,etc.

SnowDay (2008) by Kumi MACHIDAMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Kumi Machida

Born in Takasaki, Japan, 1970. Graduated Tama Art University, Japanese Painting in 1994. She uses primarilyJapanese painting materials to suggestively express the conflicts of self-consciousness, social discomfort, and anxiety that lurks in communication with others. Solo exhibitions include Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo (2005~), Takasaki Tower Museum of Art (2008) Kestner Gesellschaft, Germany (2008) etc, as well as many group exhibitions. Grand Prize at The Sovereign Asian Art Prize (2007), The 24th Takashimaya Charitable Trust for Art and Cultural Prize (2014). Her works are in the collections of The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, and The Museum of Modern Art, New York, etc.

Guise (2018) by Mami KOSEMURAMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Mami Kosemura

Born in Kanagawa, Japan, 1975. Graduated from the Tokyo National University of the Arts with a D.A. in painting.  Tokyo-based contemporary artist whose early photographs and animations reference traditional subjects taken from classical European motifs and Japanese painting by exploring the confluence between painting and filmmaking. In addition to a solo exhibition at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan, 2018, she has participated in many group exhibitions in Japan and abroad. Awards include Nomura Art Prize (2005) and Goshima Memorial Culture Award (2015). Works are included in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, The University Art Museum of Tokyo National University of the Arts, Gunma Museum of Art Tatebayashi, Asia Society Museum New York and Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts Taipei.

We, fragments of the universe (2019) by Sakae OZAWAMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Sakae Ozawa

Born in Shiga, Japan, 1980. Graduated Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2003. Spent one year in Germany, then entered Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Returned to Japan in 2008, where she works mainly in Kyoto on painting, illustration and picture books. As well as taking part in "Garden of Painting / Japanese Art of the 00s" The National Museum of Art (2010) has exhibited widely in Japan and overseas. Awards include honorable mentions in the 33rd Kyoto Prefecture Culture Awards (2014) and the Koji Kinutani Award (2010). Her work is in the collection of the The National Museum of Art.

Paradise/Boundary/Portrait (2018) by Misa FUNAIMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Misa Funai

Born in Kyoto, Japan, 1974. Graduated MFA in Art & Design, University of Tsukuba in 2001. Works in line drawing and installations employing mirrors and shaped canvasses. Her work focusses on painting as material, and non-material images, expanding the possibilities of painting by pushing the boundaries between two- and three-dimensional form. In recent years her exhibitions feature her “Rakuen” (Paradise) series, which is drawn on mirrors and brings the viewer into the artwork itself, creating an intersection of past and future, imagination and reality. Exhibitions include “The Vision of Contemporary Art”, The Ueno Royal Museum, (2009, 2010). Solo exhibition “Paradise/Boundary : where we once were”, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (2017), etc.

Spring Heart (2018) by Mariko ASAYAMAMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Mariko Asayama

Born in Kumamoto, Japan. Graduated in art (oil painting) at the junior College of Art and Design Musashino Art University. Graduated in landscape design at the Kyoto University of Art and Design. Graduated in environmental design at the Postgraduate School of the Kyoto University of Art and Design. Kyoto University of Art and Design, part-time lecturer. Took up photography in 2010 and her love of mountaineering led to a career as a mountain photographer. Her knowledge of landscape and gardening informs her landscapes based on the beauty of Japanese nature. She has a unique sense of framing, and has spent a year photographing Meiji Jingu for this exhibition. A solo show is planned in the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery in the autumn.

Mo' Better Blues (2018) by Takahiko KAINOMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Takahiko Kaino

Born in Tokyo, Japan, 1975. Painter. A festival lover who bears the title of painter. In 2012, he came to like Matsuyama city Ehime Prefecture and moved his base from Tokyo to Matsuyama. He moves from one battlefield to another like a singer of Japanese traditional ballads, keeps publishing his artworks, devotes himself entirely to “Human Revitalization” like “Town Revitalization”. He is good at “using the most of the place while painting what he can do only there”. The major drawing materials are “paints” and “people”: He paints with colors on a canvas and “draws a town with people”. He expresses in many different ways including painting, live performances, producing projects, lectures, appearances in movies, TV programs, and advertising. 

OUR STORY「The Broken Commandment/Toson Shimazaki」 (2016) by Asami KIYOKAWAMeiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art

Asami Kiyokawa

Born Awaji Island, Japan. Since 2003 has created art works using embroidery technique on photographs. In 2011 became the youngest artist to hold a solo exhibition at Mito Art Tower. Her representative works include “Bijo Saishu” and “Complex” series. Her numerous awards include the ‘Best Debut Award’, the ‘VOCA’ exhibition prize, ‘VOGUE JAPAN Women of the Year’, ‘ASIAGRAPH Creator’s (Tsumugi) Award’.

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Meiji Jingu Forest - Festival of Art
Centennial Celebration of The Establishment of Meiji Jingu

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