An Atlanta Home’s 60 Year Journey To Vacancy And Disrepair

1004 Lookout is a vacant property in Northwest Atlanta – its journey follows the decline of the neighborhood

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Atlanta City Council member Dustin Hillis by Kaitlin Kolarik / for WABEWABE 90.1 FM

An Atlanta Home’s 60-Year Journey To Vacancy And Disrepair

This is 1004 Lookout Ave.

The story revealed through experiences covers more than the life of a single house. And it has a few chapters.

1004 Lookout In The 1950s by Courtesy of Patsy SkinnerWABE 90.1 FM

The first chapter started in the 1950s when the house at 1004 Lookout was built.

Patsy Crew Skinner and Nancy Crew Rouse explain it was a simple home. The two sisters grew up there.

1004 Lookout's Backyard by Courtesy of Patsy SkinnerWABE 90.1 FM

Skinner said they have good memories of the place. They walked to school, played outside. Their dad grew vegetables, like peas, okra and corn, in the backyard.

The Life Of A Vacant House by Created by Ankita Ackroyd-IsalesWABE 90.1 FM

Nikki bought 1004 Lookout in the spring of 2005 for $160,000.

The neighborhood didn’t improve, and the home needed a lot of repairs. Nikki said paying the mortgage got tough.

Illegal Trash (2018) by Kaitlin Kolarik/WABEWABE 90.1 FM

Later, Pablo Gill, an investor from Cobb County, bought the empty Lookout house in 2016 for 7,000. Later, he let it sit vacant, because he felt like improving the house wasn't worth his money.

1004 Lookout In 2018 by Kaitlin Kolarik / for WABEWABE 90.1 FM

That’s how 1004 Lookout became an eyesore.

Councilman Dustin Hillis said code enforcement cited the property.

He said the area might be clear for now, but he predicts the dumping will start over.

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