The layers of life

Imaging and the human body, a complex geography

The Giants of ImagingFondazione Bracco

The Giants of ImagingFondazione Bracco

Diagnostic imaging has only one single area of application,that of human life. The ”geography” of imaging is a map that is both simple and complex: our bodies. The anthropomorphic models exhibited here are unique works, each an original piece, made from methacry late tiles, each one put next to each other to recall the classic “sliced” representations of some of the techniques of diagnostic imaging.

The Beauty of Imaging - Exhibition Build Time-LapseFondazione Bracco

Behind the scenes: the set up of the exhibit "The Beauty of Imaging" at the Triennale Museum, Milan.

VenusFondazione Bracco

Botticelli's Venus

The female form represented here is a free interpretation of Botticelli’s Venus (1485),considered during the time of the Renaissanceas the ideal of feminine beauty.

Venus, DetailFondazione Bracco

Spear CarrierFondazione Bracco

Spear Bearer

The male figure is inspired by Polykleitos’s Doryphoros, from the Greek “Spear Bearer” (450 B.C.). The sculptor wrote the treatise “Kanon” (no longer existing), which established how the dimensions of every part of the anatomy could be calculated by using mathematical proportions.

Venus, DetailFondazione Bracco

Spear Carrier, DetailFondazione Bracco

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The previous contents are taken from the exhibition:
The Beauty of Imaging
Triennale di Milano
Milan, 27th May – 2nd July 2017

The exhibition was promoted by Bracco Group on the occasion of its 90th anniversary. It was curated by FeelRouge Worldwide Shows with the artistic supervision of Marco Balich and concept & design by Giò Forma Studio.

After the Milanese edition, attended by more than 10,000 visitors, The Beauty of Imaging was then hosted at the Città della Scienza in Naples (10 October 2018 - 6 January 2019), where it took an educational stance with 5 workshops dedicated to schools: “A terrestrial X-Ray”, “See the invisible”, “Molecules in movement”, “Looking for magnetic resonance, X-Rays, ultrasounds of artists!” and “The thousand lives of imaging: a journey between art and science”.
The Beauty of Imaging has thus become the greatest educational event ever done on diagnostic imaging, welcoming over 55,000 people, including many schools/elementary school students.

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