Buford Highway Conference 2017

Dianna Settles (2017) by Living Walls X Dianna SettlesLiving Walls, The City Speaks Inc.

Conceptualized during an urban planning study for Buford Highway, the BuHi Walk is an innovative public art project that will create a safe and engaging pedestrian infrastructure within the sprawling shopping plazas and parking lots of this major transportation corridor.

Jess Chen (2017) by Living Walls X Jess ChenLiving Walls, The City Speaks Inc.

The BuHi Walk will connect the interior walkways and informal pedestrian routes within Buford Highway’s lots and parcels through an array of murals, sculptures, installations, and other concepts.

Jetsonorame (2017) by Living Walls X JetsonorameLiving Walls, The City Speaks Inc.

Michelle Ortiz (2017) by Living Walls X Michelle OrtizLiving Walls, The City Speaks Inc.

These concepts were created by ten local and national artists of color following an immersive community engagement program.

Roberto Hernandez (2017) by Living Walls X Roberto HernandezLiving Walls, The City Speaks Inc.

Project completion of The BuHi Walk will be marked by four days of public programming with the intent of celebrating Buford Highway's multicultural diversity.

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh (2017) by Living Walls X Tatyana FazlalizadehLiving Walls, The City Speaks Inc.

Sanithna Phasanvah (2017) by Living Walls X Sanithna PhasanvahLiving Walls, The City Speaks Inc.

Learn more about the conference here: https://www.livingwallsatl.com/living-walls-2017

Yoyo Ferro (2017) by Living Walls X Yoyo FerroLiving Walls, The City Speaks Inc.

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