A brief virtual tour of DMZ, a special exhibition of Real DMZ Project


The Real DMZ Project is a contemporary art project that explores the (in)visible boundaries of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and the border region between North and South Korea. This exhibition titled "DMZ" allows you to have a look at the past, present and future of the DMZ through various artworks. Also, we hope that you have a chance to think about how DMZ has affected our lives and thinking in the past and present. 

1. Propositions for the Future of the DMZ 

The exhibition's first section is the DMZ's Future Space, with works by artists, designers, and architects that constitute proposals for the border area's future. While the DMZ has long been shrouded in mystery given the strict prohibitions against traveling within the zone...

...the creative thinkers' visionary projections for the DMZ's future help visualize not only more peaceful times ahead, but also an endless array of future possibilities. 

Explore more of the first part of the DMZ exhibition, here.

2. The DMZ under Transitions: Guard Posts and Observatories

The second section of the DMZ exhibition is dedicated to displaying DMZ's Present Time and Space. 

Featuring works by artists that reflect the current situation and appearance of the Korean border, this section represents the DMZ's Now Space. 

Explore more about the second part of the DMZ exhibition, here.

3. Life in the DMZ and Border Areas: Soldiers and Villagers

The third section is dedicated to the works exploring current lives inside the DMZ, where soldiers and civilian residents of the villages coexist. 

Take a look at the 3rd part of the DMZ exhibition, here.  

4. The DMZ's History and Landscapes

The second floor is conceived as the DMZ's Past Space, with artworks and archive materials exploring the DMZ's history and landscapes. Paintings by South Korean artists from different generations practicing different methods and philosophies provide the opportunity to experience a remarkable variety of perceptions, interpretations, feelings, and stories towards and about the DMZ and the division of Korea. 

Have a look at the paintings around DMZ, here.

5. The Life Environment of the DMZ

The last section is a space where the DMZ's present and future meet. Dedicated to the bio-environment of the DMZ, this part features a sample garden built by reconstructuring the DMZ's ecological profile and an archive of research materials.

Explore various projects about the life environment of the DMZ, here. 
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