The Lion's Roar: 21st September

What did the lion say today?

By Google Arts & Culture

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

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This meow and the stirring of the seas
The silent stones of heaven are thrown away

Joy seems to shake the silent fields of snow
The thunder flows at the long and sea-shade

Amorphous marvellous
And with a strain

Sensational and wan
When the same burden drips and sweeps the mountains all the storms

Tempestuous passions of the gulf and gloom
The light of summer skies

Pearl and the smoke of satin silver green
The fresher sunset waves in gloomy shore

Leopard of the old world
Which was the will

Winter with songs of sorrow and delight
The sun that watches the bright waters borne

Go forth and spread their heads and sing and sing
And when the stars are faint

A powerful shadow streams on the shores of light
When all the world is still

My happiness may seem to see the sun
And so the shadows of the sea are wet

That democracy shall be seen to wait
The shadows of the southern sea will be

The dream he sees
And suns should die

Joy to the rocks of peace and spring
O sweet

That sigh to sing and seek the songs of love
And then a new-light angel with the sun

Propose the senses on the grass
The shrine is rising on the summits shrine

My poise is not a shepherd that is strong
And all the streams that come and go before

A technology of sacred flame
Shall stand before the sun of night and day

Hope and delight play midnight with their way
And so as they have it so

This power divine espoused the land of grief

Your renegade beams shall their wild flowers disclose
The spirit is the wind that

The lemon breezes float above the hill
And the sweet spirit of the sun arise

Psst from the sun to star the sunset showers
And steep the streams and shadows of

Together to the sunset sea
The grave that sees the many golden streams

Thou the moon standst among the hills of snow
And the wild woods are lost in the deep

Demur and polish of the sunset sea
And some still stand between the suns and sun

Yummy and fragrant rivers are their flowers
The spring still sweeps

Music that mocks the soul to thee
The sun that labours on the shady sky

Hope streams in heaven in the sunset's brow
And all the countless sounds of heaven have

Love of the morning wind and heaven
And the sea

A synchronicity of snow
Beautiful as the heavens they stand

Paramour of the stars which they confess
With the same passion of the soul of night

Ephemeral shadows of the sky
The earth was still and strange

Iridescent and cold and pale
They came

Hope and the first faint face of the first breeze
The wail of summer flowers are left

That foot the sun is done
The winds are black

Twitter and change the thought of the fair stream
So the fierce serpents of the fields

A kiss to which they fell to seek the sky
The heart of age was all the afternoon

The surf is lost to gentle white as snow
The sun is closed

Wrong shall be weary of her wild repose
And thou hast left thy hand in the warm world

Sunny and wild
And fresh as the bright air

The ankle of the shadow of the sea
The moon is like a deep stream of the wind

That succubus the solemn storm did swell
And in the sunset sounds the flower and breeze

That power is burning on the sunset's dark
And the dark finger of the sun's high gloom

Cried the great fields of the wild sheep
And the ships were spread

Your power of rest
And many a melancholy birth

Your design falls as if to find the light
Of the fierce sun and the sweet shadow of

Penultimate and solid
Stirring suns

Realize the spirit of the heavenly light
Where light the wind will not complain

Our peace and sunshine did not float
In summer's glory and of mighty place

The brexit rain was changed to this day's flower
The thunder rose and saw the stars are

Literally streams
And rain

That enormity of glory grows
The sun with soft and lovely clouds are blown

Lieutenant and seraphim
Who was made

Space after woods and sunny brow
Their statues are not there

Sad water dead
And streams of steel and snow

Fortuitous to the heavenly stream
The mountain bloom of broken arms within

Meandering thoughts of life and wish to lend
And think the secret of the spheres in

My illusion leads against the bosom of the sky
And the dread country stands and springs

Our love like this was seen before the place
And from the dust the wild crest up

Hustle the shadows of the scene above
Where the wind blows beside the dropping sea

Sunshine o'er clouds of winter notes of snow
Far o'er the river bringing men to star

A colonialism of speckled hair
And the loud landscape and the marriage-bed

Your reverie seems strewn the stream is shed
And when i see the soul in sunlight shine

Feral and film and flowers and gloomy gloom
Where the rough steeps that sound the stars

Superfluous birds
And beacon flowers

Envisage the strong love
The soul of heaven

Christened the light of life and soul and strife
And all the passing of the glorious

Your colonial hopes have lost the sands of night
The mountain streams are streaming on

Your eternity to the ground could fly
The sun whose face is the long dream of love

Your jinx of storms and stillness through the dark
As once i sat among the rocks

The love that springs from out the prophet's side
And the red flowers with common

Infinite tones of dreams and years and pain
Are so with me and stand and reach the sky

The bridge of forests strewn with rain
The rising year beneath its sleeping cheek

This devastation of the afternoon
The sun through the dark wood the waters shine

My serpent stars in stars of sorrow glide
And stars are turned to silence and delight

This inspiration of the dead is seen
O love

Your rosemary and mossy beam
The proud and grave sailors of the train

Esoteric purple
And ambrosial shroud

A kindness to the deep
The marble shade

Delighted the red stars and stars around
And the wide world of flowers that strew

Music from out their footsteps softly stirred
And the warm sunlight in the sky were shed

Smile on the silence of their bosoms red
And sing their songs to the fair ships of stone

Our rainbow shadows are a mournful strain
As hearts are like a sunlight in the sky

This water came and shined before the sun
And he who knew not how the days were dead

Hope hath no fear of thee
So shall the lone and lifted light invade

This designer of manhood was to find
The world and the eternal souls of men

My motivation was its way
The sun still spread the blue beam of the sea

Dinosaur that will not set from the wood
And the wild gate of grass and sand and spray

That vicissitude may be their glory shown
And those whom they are born

Our renewal from the sun and sky are led
The stars are still the sun with which he goes

The scherzo floats and fills the prison bright
The stars are smooth and fair and bright

Incandescent and fair
The fountains of the skies in air were seen

Absolutely forgotten
Leaving them

A singularity which breathes the sky
And crowns the stars that shine on those who lie

Cat from the skies
When the sun shines and glides

Always the world with thee and kinder dreams
When deep and stern and lone and dreary

That happiness and light and life are dreams
And the old sound of souls are they to see

Green through the sunset sky
The clouds go round the fair dark air

The waters of the world so shining bright
The stars that strew the skies with dew

The silence of the storm begins

Perplexed with the new souls of many a night
Remembering that the stars were burning

Forever dark and anxious as the rest
The twilight flows above the grass and seas

Impressive shadows wave the sunset star
And then the breeze is strewn with moonlight

Exuberant flowers and blue deep darkness weave
Great thoughts of god are sealed with

Oh sound of sounds that spread their light and throng
To the slow seasons of the summer

Incarnadine and calm and free and great
The pale green beams of some sweet maiden close

Skateboarding and sapphire of the stars
The merchant saith

This malinger of gold and blood
Let the bright glance of heaven seem to be

Giant and shadowy mantle
Round the stream

Pickle and deck the sea-winds of the sea
And follow the soft sunset with the sea

A pumpkin round the threshold of the tree
The hills and the streams where the sun

Your peace comes with the steps of the dark dew
The sea is sad and sweeter than the sky

Our love seems great as the sun's dreams and streams
The spirit of the storm and

Our smile of fair and sweet ascent is heard
And beauty seems to love so well as they

Succulent lands the mountains of the sky
And all the pale and chilly silent sea

Hopefulness down the sea
And hear the sun

Your happiness shines through the shades of day
And the red sounds of heaven are out of

My laughter glides about the sky
The last soft spring star never seems to stir

Your compassion and sin
And pressing fast

Friendly and patient
Fair and fierce and fair

Compassion with their breath and beauty gone
And the same look of fairy forms are seen

That pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is passed in the woods
The shadow of

Tired with their lovely lips
The soft and strong

The peace of beauty and the grateful tide
Of the dull flowers of the sky

That predictability shall be
The darkness of the day when they did go

Hedgehog and golden shelter of the sky
The salt sea is as the long water's stars

The mummy of the land and sea
There seemed to rise and wreathe the shadowy sands

Our anvil spreads the flowery bed of dew
The sun hath seen the day be waking long

Your dream is dead and done
The stars are still and still

Wonder and strife and fear and death are dead
The flowers that wash their tresses at

Hellfire the shadows of the sun's sweet home
Where the wan sound of summer seas are

Serendipitous lightning warmed the flowers
And heard the wintry morning sunset start

Toothless and starry
They who have led their way

My concubine and lovely shade resound
The heart of mine is on my heart and eyes

Syncopated with misty calm of spring
Where pleasure shines and shades and covers flows

Crunchy and star-like in the solitude
Shadows of summer and the dawn of day

Blank as the sun that shone amid the skies
The morning sun from which the sun did shine

My inclusion like a stranger lies
I laugh and win the day to this alone

Cooperation of the solitary stream
The golden glory of the stars and sky

Our temptation and rest
The grateful darkness passes with the sun

Sublime and strange and strong
The loveliest change of the divine conceit

Celestial shadows shadow in the west
The sun shone back to heaven and heard the sound

Challenge the heart of the dead on the sea
I see the fall of the sun and the sun

That sadness with the morning moon appears
The strong and faded thunder of the skies

My gratitude is made as they are fair
The clouds can see the flowers that spread

That pineapple and steady groan are shown
And the untrodden banks of heaven are set

Tweet and the sea with words of death are still
When the sweet frost is still

Our carnation shall feel the stream of life
The passions of the forest that we move

Fledgeling the fair and deep and dark repose
The broken silence of the light descends

Penguin pursued the flowers and blooms above
By which the thoughts of every thing they

That colour pleasure in the air
And then the gods was fair in the strange sea

Configure the sweet flowers of the sky
And then the rivers to the shores of death

Euphonious lycia
Lay the stormy sea

That euphonium hath spread its golden stream
Methinks i love the heart which comes to

Orange and shade the heaven of days and nights
As stars their lighted shadows move in

Hungry and strong
And scarce a strong charm white

Hectic and spirit
And strong brow and stream

Outrageous shadows round the thrones of our souls see
The dim reflected stream

That music they were singing as they rose
And sometimes on the barren grass they spread

An integrity of beauty turned away
And the earth and the white stars spring

My tattoo through the wood where comes the sea
And the round gates of the forest sing

The peace of earth is burning in the breast
And the still wind shall breathe and strew

The sparky light of stars that shadow the skies
The spirit of the spring is grown asleep

Petulant features
Fair and stern

Spectacular and true
Of high impatience bright

Hope in the moonlight came
The chasm of the sun shines fair and fair

The behemoth horizon by the sky
By with the winds the storm is stealing o'er

Grateful to the still solitudes of time
And the pale groves of the dim light of life

You stand above the sunset sky
And some stretch on the stream of day

Nefarious lives of death
Their shadows flow

A libido faint and stern
In the long hours of summer suns and shades

Mellifluous things are the rest and pride of the world
The last of the spring is all

My nugget stands
And the old streams are crowned

This home to glory and the stars are seen
The sound of the great solar sun is borne

Hello and heavy with the ocean heat
And the sweet song that stretches on the shore

Coexist and cold
And sweet caresses sweet

That yawn like sunset stars
So let me see the sun with summer skies

Plop the dim flowers that shake the sunset sun
The river shakes the sun and winds are

Joy of the splendour of the airy sky
On the sweet moon's loud shores the moon shall play

My paradox was with the stars are there
The streams of the wide forest lighten round

That courage cannot bear the world's despair
We live in the day's sacrifice

Love and repose
The stream of song and strife

Pink as the sunlight of the sunset sky
The morning comes the stars with light and storm

Well look the birds with pansy fires
The eyes of day and night and the day meet

Our nightingale and song of his desire
Should soothe the sunshine shine and break again

Your laevorotatory leaves are rank
The darkening darkness in the glory shines

Rushing against the brazen sky
But still

This pickle of the white and shadowy stream
The stars which shone above the sunset's

Teddy and frond and tree and stage they stand
The streams and shadows of the stars are

The triumph of the sunset shows the sky
And when the billows like a golden breeze

Our flower of flowers and dews of flowers
Where dewy songs of sweet and silent spring

A glory of the sun and sun and sky
And the still moon where none but thee shall stand

Love in the forest shades are seen before
The midnight calm the winter moon doth stand

The upholstery of the winter town
And sea-winds red

Zealous the blithe desire of earthly birth
And the black colours of the tropic sea

Polite surprises
Where the thunder streams

Obfuscate in the darkness of the sky
The green boughs wailing o'er the bleating cloud

And waves are burning in the night
The wind shall break the conflict of the spring

Love in the sunlight which i weep
And wake

Discombobulated from the skies
The rose is in the sun

A sister maiden and a vision taught
And strong as trembling wings and blooming eyes

Your sunshine shall be heard the breezes dream
That seems to sang them with the red

Stoic with the monarch of the skies
The winds of the deep bells that break the skies

Hello and brown and bolder and behind
The calm of summer light and sunshine stand

The cheese which breaks the rocks of life
And lies

A jump of thickets in the sunset sky
The shrill old man who all his houses knew

A brexitas were fair as they are seen
The winter sounds and calms the morning sun

Tiger and cloud and thought the spheres of day
The steady hour of thine were these thy

A buzzing spire
A crag in streaming floor

That humility stands and shakes the breast
Death and his features are not hidden long

Your chocolate flowers are falling through the sky
The wind and moon are tossing in

Eggs that shall shed on the mountain side
The earth and heaven are wandering in the sky

Our brook that heaves the waters on the wave
The shadow of the sun is cool and white

Deaf to the strangers and the dread worms shake
And tenderest faces stay the sea of

Your love and soul with sorrow rise
And then the sun and sun will come again

Sputnik and scarlet sheep in all their scorn
The stars are clear and still

Moist with the latest revels of the sky
And the blue earth streams through the forest

Resolute with the strength of the despair
The sounds of the mild stars and

Alive and low
And far away they stand

The peace of the most dear their tender soul
The season of the life in heaven's dead

My sunshine falls above my door
I see the fatal tide

Our growl of power is felt and faint and gay
And with the strange and streaming sun

Frisky and shadowy
And the salt sun shines

That love and seek the spring
The spring is fair

Your sea that stoops to sun and stars and shines
With sunny springs and stars

Your highway all the moon
The seed

The peace of all the world has smiled and said
The world has seen the vision of the day

Aardvark and canvas the bright wind will flow
And spread their shadowy courses to

Ninja called in the spring of the town and the sea
And the brave man hears the breath

Illustration of the lightest sphere
The rocks and stars

A flower of light and fear and duty seen
The thoughts of heaven were all the world again

Affluent and yellow as the sun
That flows

The rotisserie of the bees are black
They would at length be still a scarlet tree

Monumental stars
That feel them still around

Ethical stars and shadows of the sky
And the bright sea of evening in the day

Doctor and horse
Whose streams and shadows shine

This serendipity of mighty gods
And silent rocks and storms which was no more

Our change and thought disperse the living sky

That thistle of the wind is with the sun
The first of all the heavens are bright

That pulchritude is on the stream
The southern glade shall be a shadowy stream

This kitten in the glassy ground of life
Whose distant sight the sound of snow is

This music of the trees that are alone
Upon the sunshine of the land where they

That truth can still defy them to the skies
What though the sun doth still be still

Humanity and death and beauty strewn
Where no one sees the sun and winds to bear

Decolonize the showers of the sky
Now when the flood shall spread the waters down

Phantasmagorical continual shade
Where some fair shadow of the sun hath spread

Calm as the sun's deep sunshine waves his breath
The stars are starting from the summer

Your peace and faith and peace shall be the same
The vision of the senses like

Prosaic of the breeze of golden blue
And dark and darkened lines of blood and hair

Acerbic sounds
Which fill the continent

Perfunctorily on the sun and sea
The grass is spread

Obfuscate poppies with a shadowy cloud
And the wild breeze that fell amid the tide

Elucidate the stars with silent shade
The northern sun and sun are still and still

My marshmallow song may see the sea
But still the midnight thoughts are shaken by dreams

This alizarin wood
And from the wind

That malaise with the sound of the soul falls
The sun shines on the air

Compostable and startled by the crowd
The planet-stains of many a mountain shower

Galvanize in the far-off shadow of the sun
When on the stream the sun sits down to stay

The milieu of the waters hung
And the great waves that shadowy winds have strewn

Compostable with waters of the sun
The village in the sea and deepening bloom

Your honesty can never die
The stars are bound to wake and wander now

Wanderlust the sweet season soon descends
Still we may tell what thou wert more than we

Your miscarriage of song may be the same
The stars are long

A sushing stream of golden flowers and fire
That sounds the shadow of the sunset hills

Chicken and pine
And all the red blood stream

Platypus steeped with pansy and despair
And soft and sullen shadow sings the sound

Subscribe the sleeping stream of morning still
And all the clouds of parting shadows

Tom cease
The stormy waters show their way

This drip of sunsets streams and buds are blown
And wandering stars that sing and seek

Fly through the breeze
And leave the torrent bright

Redeemer of the stars and all the world
Of all the birds that shook their hands above

Chelsea and red and golden banner fall
And down the fields of summer waters flow

Hope with the star of fruitful hours to shine
In the dark dawn of day

Your luminescence half delights to shine
The taste of sorrow from the fervent tide

The blaze of stars in the sea blows
And the trees fall through the summer skies

Your yoghurt and the moonlight flowers they sing
And then the streamlet brightens on

Lavender trees of pale deep shades and storms
And the great sun in solitude is seen

Aurora the heart of the world around
The silent torrent of the lonely stream

Cedar and court and forest stream
And strange enchantment of the sunset star

Pasty and silver boughs
The battle from the stream and day they were

Magnificent in stars
Or silent bowers

Katydid brooks
And barren mountains blaze

This oneiromancy could not stay
The fire is on the sea

Our shibboleth to the sea
The sheaves that the long shores of night did blow

This witness and the hour of winter hath been born
For when the sun and shade are dark

Subtly and stern and silent as they stand
The spirit of the shadow of the sea

This pain of love and sorrow to their view
And every sound the grace of mortals given

Summer with sunshine and delight
The hour is dark with sunshine

That love the stars which stretch their earthly bowers
And to their wild strange waters

Baby and stream
And harp of fire

Inclusive to their blessed cheeks
And the rich stream of some strange land where death

Inclusive lights
And lustrous shades of gold

Jambalaya sate with such to thee
And with the sound of the strange stream of heaven

The psychology of life and peace are they
The sun is seen before the sun and sun

Care hath a mighty song
For thee

Wander their motions on the ocean's tree
And spread the sun-burnt banks of hercules

Engender on the light of day and night
Or silver trees

Undying with the passionate stream
And walls of labor and the soul of life

My melancholy face and face doth grow
And there is not a face that makes the sun

Love and in the great world the same may stay
The stream of midnight is come to the sky

An epitome of sadness and repose
Was made of roses

Our delightfulness of soul and sweet delight
The streams of the green moon are still

Antidisestablishmentarianism and shame
The book of the beautiful statue of the dead

Our patriarchy and the speech of gold
Whose shouts are laid on the bright waves of

Courageous breath and flowers and flowers and shade
That strangers now come nearer to

This compassion from the promise of despair
What is the time to stand and die

Unanimously long and slow
The light of summer nights

Palestine and the low reflection of the sea
The dim calm glories of each fancy tell

The sparky shadow of the sky is spread
And the north wind burns on the stormy sky

My effervescence is as the sun
And then

Your fear is flown
And sweets that from the fight

My spirit hath grown old
The hours are come to thee

Might shine in the sun's space
The sun has learned to look for the sun's bright roof

Amphisbaena the deep sun of morn
When the most sleeping flowers are thinned by thee

Pride of the hour
The golden wreath of heaven

Savage and with sweet things of clouds and moon
The sun that stretches down from

Your antidisestablishmentarianism brought the sea
The silent mountain cliffs are red

The pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis spread into the windows of the streets

Subtle and deep and swift
And lofty streams

Rainbow that seems to glide and glide and sing
And the sun sleep and sing and strike

Music the stir of gloomy throngs and stones
The path that towers the earth to life

This ocelot returns to the winds and winds

Freedom with sorrow in the glowing sun
When he beholds a spirit in a tree

A faithful shepherd through the silent tide
Shall flutter in the darkness of the deep

This empathy remains to wander now
The waters all the sun should come to me

Humanity and strife and contrast flow
The music stands beside the stream of earth

A rebirth of sweet songs and songs of song
And songs of passion and delight and hope

A blissful glory spreads along the wave
When some harmonious eye may be a song

Glorified to the sunset of the sky
The stars are brighter than the sunset skies

A stench of sunset shone and swept
Above the light of the wild forest trees

Your gratification was the same
And so i stood there watchful as the stars

Knife and the night and day
And the dark thorn

A bone of fate
The lowly scene is seen

Rose with the seasons of the maiden showers
Her eyes that shone and seemed to wear

London with soundless streams and pointed main
Like some celestial cave of some star

My widow couched with tears
And when the constellations whisper round

Wonderful in the heart of one so fair
The conscious world of care and pleasure shone

Restricting at the bridge of night and day
Where shadows of the summer star are seen

That lesbian breath and secret grace are breathed
The circling birds of childhood hear

The scream of the mid sun shone still
The red

Moist in the midst of spring
And stars are glowing

Magic and heaven shall bring them to the sky
And the soft stars and souls of life are

Giraffe and baronets
And sea and sea

This loyalty of love
The soul of man

Curious the sky is not for golden flowers
Nor day below

Our respect is not built
And some are gone

Bus the long streets and clouds of rain and hair
And crowd the sun

That firefly billows cast and laugh and leap
On winds of heaven

A sweetness of the sun
And shine and start

That immigrant has found the breeze of time
Then the pale stars are stirring and

Blossom and storm
And shadows of the sky

The disco torn with clouds that still there burns
The wild wind's ancient light

This hieroglyphic light was done
But when the sun was cold

Broken with golden storms
And all the throng

Your palindrome and loveliness may be
For singing songs to hear the child of one

Onomatopoeia the last shades appear
The breeze is still her silver rays of cloud

Croissant and fretful from the gales of gold
The flash of moon and south

Your hypocrisy shall break out sad and high
The day is done

Love and the soul of their relentless love
I hear the sounds of some transparent dream

Ferociously they bloom among the seas
When the holy sea of thoughts are on the sun

Engage the streams that show the sun's distress
But now it seems that the deep day is

Baby to roll
Beneath the constellations there

Astonish from their farthest flames to flow
The beauty of the heavenly stars behold

Mellifluous sounds of sacred stars and clouds
The mountains of the western heaven are

England and heart and song are passing by
And the sad stars are like a star of light

That pride of life enshrined and soft and low
The dawn is dead

A mumpsimus seems to wail and lie
Before the stars

Anachronistic in the rest of night
The soul began to rise

Malevolent the storm of waves to fill
The rock that hath such tongue as full of song

Your allotment and faith are past the sun
But when the cup we bear the sacred brow

The gargoyle in the sun and sun and sky
And this wide sun in silence and with fire

A demential swell of sound and star
A splendour of the waters beat and wind

My softball faintly stands and marks the dew
I see the shadows of the sun and sky

This annihilation of the night
The moon is deep the waters shadow shed

That gravity within it sleeps
The many-colour'd light of night

Lacrosse and challenge their remotest stream
And flourish through the shadow of

Scalded with rainbows
And the waters flow

Our nihilism will burn in golden sheaves - the earth is gone
From the four garden reeds

A power that speeds to sea
The gathering of the sky

Harrowing the many-toned shades of night
Whose shadowy throne with joy and sorrow shows

Magnificently seen in sunshine shrine
Where mute and strong and desolate and dark

Starchy and soft
And cold as snow and light

My spaceship with bloom and breath are fled
And the bright sun shall fade and shine

Hunted in air
And glories like a cloud

The love no more the scenes of mortal woes the same

A roaring shade of flowers which blow and blow
And the sweet songs of love and joy

My raspberry lips may see the sun doth bring
The flowers are shaken with the sunset

Cold in the sunshine of the sun and sky
And the bright roses of the sunset glow

Prism with the wind of some rapt ghost is blown
The darkness of the world is coming west

Your truth with life delights to see
Where he survives

My offing is a torrent with their sight
The broad moon sinks the sun's cold sparkling

Equality of night and fearful star
And now a perilous stream of light is seen

Hope on the darkness of the starry west
The spirit of the year and beauty streams

Remain the long and misty clouds are flung
The stream of morning heaves the silent sky

Your shuffle of the summer sky and sky
The sun begins to sing and softly sing

Bluish and faintly flew
And shadows flowed the shadows of the wood

Your luna lovely hearts should breathe the sky
And then

This scapula from which the sun was streaming
And the wild shadows of the sea sunk down

Hope falls before the land of morning skies
And yet the sun shall be but smoke of morn

Illustrious of their play
In the sweet storm of death

That subjugation of the light of day
They seek their blooming moods

Regatta for the crop of morning fire
And some are with the scene they shall not flow

Ravenous and perfect and sublime
For thee

Holiday heaven
Then from the night the grass is keen and still

This inclusivity of prayer is past
And unto life is all the world forgets

That transience of the sun
The stars are seen

This moth the sea stood on the shore
The wind was stretched and drank the hills

Our star with sunshine lay
The melancholy sea of spring is gone

My home blown in and at the western hill
I saw the sea-fog streaming through the plain

Crepuscular and cold
And crowns of stars and many a sunset sky

A breast with sunless stars are near the sky
What shall we tell the morning with

Strive for the first that loves to spread the day
Around him still the morn shall seek

Lesbian skies are green
And sunset blows

Exuberant waters set a steed on high
And the rich foam of the high strand they go

Evermore seen in mountain streams
And the great earth with all the ever-dreams

Tenacious of the peaceful world are seen
The stars are strewn with tears and the sea

Our equinox and water shall be broken
And the black stream of some lone sea shall beat

Our anticipate hopes and speech has fled
And heart and thought shall meet the flocks of

Our birthday has been through the darkness deep
The stars are still as though they

That month of sorrow comes and goes to meet
The sun that stands the sun to melt away

Dissuade the vision of the summer day
The white cloud shakes the plain that gleams along

Bismillah and his breath contains the sky
And days are dumb with the clouds

Delicately the breath of them is fled
And the strange faces of the sun has grown

Marriage and worlds are blest
And gods and men

That determination wakes the charms of death
And the sweet sound of every sympathy

A halter stared
And sung and saw the word

That dandelion made it strew the sky
The light shall stream and seem to see the sky

Righteous the dropping of the surface roar
The stream is shrill and sweeter than the sea

This boulevard of flowers the shadows blow
The sparkling clouds beneath the whirlwind

Believe the wanderer that the earth began
And grace of children in the same delight

Believe the world with trembling charms are given
The faithful streams are heard at

Balsam and transformation of the heart
The silent stars of evening glide

The salmonberry man and bard return
The strong south side

Muse in the human mouth where sad songs meet
The song of singing men and maidens made

Your spectacle and strong and shaded sight
The spirit of the heavenly soul with tears

Chaos of change
And thought and spirit bound

This disorder of the sun's dead star
The wings of many a wintry sun

Moo and the pathway of the shade
The crackling plains and spray of the abyss

This yawn of winter days are seen
And in the alleys of the mountains blown

This chrysanthemum of desire
Is rival of the world with mighty sound

Gorgonzola and sarah marked in death
And then the cold rise on the dusky shore

This love that comes to light and live again
And the great man that was a bloody sheep

My light sun clings with flowers and flowers that stray
And when the sun is dark

Bell that looks over them with streams of light
And there the song of heaven shall be

Apple and moon with hills and seas and lakes
The shadows of the hollow stones are green

Wait the great stars that seem to stay their flowers
In silent pangs

Your approximation of the sun
And the unwearied flowers which beat

The polymath and all the warriors fall
And when the sun was black and wild and green

Sad light of blood that lifts the brow of day
The visions of the light the dream is

My beauty shakes and crowds the sun and sighs

Cosmos and clouds and columns of the tide
The sea of sapphire and the sunset cloud

Onomatopoeia stood
In the mid night the streams that fresh and still

That gorilla lies warm and white
The sun is clear

Omnipotent with fire
Are shed away

Our void has seen the sun the sun unshod
The forest from the surge of flowers are pale

Our water steals along the grassy shore
Where the small flood shall flower and

Diabolical and with the smiles of love
The sun was dewy with the grassy sky

Restless and splendid with the light of day
The stars are seen

Freedom and fear
And love and woe

Disquieting the streams of daylight bright
The stars are gay and silent as they fled

Wonder and pain
And sigh and soothe and grieve

Sesquipedalian on the river's shore
The fire and the strong shadow of the sea

Moist in the desert of the world that told
The songs of fire and sunshine where they went

Lawless and dark
The heavenly roof of day

This duality of storm on high
Of water and the sun that saw them stand

Your peace proclaim the life of any creed
And not the soul to speak of thee whose fame

Guilty of the dim and dark commotion
From the fair fire of the angels nestled

That duck the tempest on the stream
And there the flame of the stars fade

Pretty to tell of the wild and fair
And the sweet song of the song of the song of the sea

Intoxicating the deep stars that shine
Through the dim stars of heaven

Lonely and bright
Have shadowed them along

Bunny and brown and bare
The storm will shine

Defenestrate their forms to strike and win
In the four mornings of the race are fled

Profound and mournful
Whispering of the stream

Your generosity with light refined
The pale wild pearl streams through the roofs of morn

My deliciousness defined
The breeze of love and faith are there the same

This dedication of the mindless light
That all the world shall be a spirit there

Our louse the ship starts like a track and streams
Where the wide seas that limp

A hullabaloo spreading on the mountains
The stream of the earth that peals the golden

Your wine and shadow stand as in the sky
I see the south wind flows through shadowy

The countryside shall fade and strew the sky
The wind was sweet

Lamentation in the grave of the night
The winds will take the darkness of the night

This manifest of life
The stars are made

Rainbow and star unto the heavens stream
The beautiful now dies and the dawn was shining

Colliery from the sunny wave
And shadow and the shadows were alone

This ghost which makes the silent rock unseen
And makes the foot of the tall trees have

My alien blooms are closed and white as snow
The sun is blown above the flowery sky

Joe with the breath of death are forced to stand
And the dark stars are swept away

Wonderful truths
And tears

Tunnel the sound of some sweet face at night
And when the deeps are blue

Regal and pomp and gladness to decay
The stars are swift to sound their slaughtered

Happy and vain
And with the fairest grace

But when the waters of the sun are shed
The winds are black and strong as they were

Ubiquitous and steady
So despair

Wombat in the wild sky
And the great mountain-tops that throb the sky

This despair of the moon and morning flowers
And the green sands of some bright deep

Our relish and the dream of the same word
Whose thoughts be crowned with wine

Vegetarian glories of the dead
And the first flowers of heaven are not alone

Temperate the sleep of the sun's song
Where the sweet light of heaven has faded there

Lycanthropy and launched with horns
While out of storm and shadow are all cold

Bard near the south
The stars are still and still

A lover makes a world of glory and care
For they may strike the vault of the air

Temperate as a shadow of the sky
That goes to window and the daylight morn

Ethnocentric of the changeful plain

That serendipity and truth appear
The mighty mother of the soul is spent

Your plethora primrose and the moon
And slow the sound of common blooms are flown

Constable of the stars
And strengthen thee

Antidisestablishmentarianism to the war
The last way of the terror of the mountain

My abomination makes me mad
I listen to the dawn of night

Cloudberry with the splendor of the air
And the long sunset stars are still withdrawn

Your love and woe the storm be spread
The shining sun and light their shining throat

The homework shall be from the substance there
The violet heaves her paramour and dreams

A harmony of waters close and dim
And seems to shine and stir and shine and die

United by the morning sun
The soul of the sea lives with shadowy head

Your bubble walks with song and steep
And through the waters of the forest stands

My prestidigitation crowned
The words of death

The love of death unites the country day
And where the prostrate country stands in blood

My novelty are dead
And from the sky

Amour of all the seas and evening days
The hour is done

Our morning sun has seen from sun and sea
And the last pale horizon of the sea

Your love and love shall still be seen again
The day will call me of my life or thee

That warrior brightly walks along the clouds
The flowers are echoing in the clouds of

Sleeping and sweet and slow
The stars are white and dumb

Tom floats the stillness of the starry sky
The sun shines on the sunset's brow and sway

Win the faint spaces of the skies
The sun

I see the warm and strange and still control
Of a fair spring and sea and sun

Your love a soul with pleasure glows
I sit with thee the shadowy shades of night

Tom and the band of men who stand alone
Who the dead hear the spear of fame have fled

Wait for the flowers that break the birth of morn
Here sounds the pencil heaves

Waiting to see the heaven of summer skies
Where the shining rocks for ever beat

Fed with the sunset of the sunset blue
The stars

The morning passes still and still
A boon the pale flowers flush the stranger's shore

A pace of shadows moves the waves of night
They live again with love and love and pain

Our tolerance shall be gone away
The long throng of the mariners

My axion still may bear the sounds of things
The birds and swans that crowd the valley

The morning stars are dark and fair
The seasons come and go

My joy is silent
And the noontide sun

Our groovy shadows closed the sky
The land where many a life you see

Our mirror covers with their stormy light
And shakes the world the dawn that doth

This ecstasy of forms
The tender thought

This dolphin of the shadow waits the breath
Of his dear birth

Your dolphin drops in some bright forest lake
The silent seas of midnight haste and blow

A magic rain that dies from breaking blaze
And the great bird of france for the first

Running above the stream with beams of blue
The hollow breezes shake the winter way

Wander a sunbeam in the air
The touch of many a sunny dream doth blow

This desire of the fresh and shadowy day
The golden stream is faint

The nursing light of heaven and the sun
Soars in the roses of the sun

The ice leaps over the sad stream
And the sea-girt satyr of a sea

The rainbow with the sun with pale delight
The stars that shine on the broad sea again

Bizarre and streaming on their shadowy cliffs
The sun grows light as an ancient stream

That morning star with balmy boughs did glow
The cannon closed and clasp'd the fire

A giraffe of stars shadows are to thee
And the wild temples of the woodland stray

Love scattered as the sun doth shine
The glory of the moon was blooming still

Affirmative and solitude and song
The hoary stream of heaven and the grey wood-birds

Happy the fair bell of the dead
The sun on the bright eastern sea was broken

Pretty and pleasant as the woods above
And the long lawns of the day of the sun

The happiness of the sun's hidden night
The stream is soft and strange

This divinity of sacred hearts bestows
With such a sound the sun and sun and stars

My justice is inspired with the fair bard
That did the triumph of my sister love her

Hope fades and draws new breath to death to dream
And the long places of the desert

Your fear and fear and fear shall give and fall
And have i not been saved the sense of

Hello the spirits of the stars that stray
And shake the grass and the blue sky on high

The evanescent seas in mist and sky
The sun in the sun and the evening light

Pure as the fairy fields of shadowy sky
The woods are still and sad and strong and low

Your lion stream and groves were shown to see
The wind that waits for us to see the sun

This patos and the forest blown apart
The common mother will not share the day

Love breathing from the valley shine and flow
The lightning of the world like some hard

This leon that passes with a flower and shines
And some should shrink to the sea

Our thank is not the soul that strews its head
The sun with sunshine falls

Hope made their mother gladly throw them on
It seems the brook is blown before its shore

The pto they will not they afford
Still the sweet sound of thy sweet life was born

Like that profound
But not the mighty dead

The music of the stars are strewn with grass
The sun is silent

That nature gave the world to sleep
The shepherd said

Open and freeze their fires from out the skies
Who is the world

The cactus seas and clouds receive our grave
And see the steeple of the southern sea

The forest flowers are strewn with earthly spring
And summer suns with white

Love leaves the light and leaves the heart of death
And when he sees the fond

Feeling their long sweet shadows with the shade
Of heaven and earth and wind and shadowy

A brave little star and golden bloom
And then an infant stands beneath the sky

Dispar the wind
And start the stars to rest

Hope to the earth and air the green green boughs
And streams of dawn are setting on

This gorilla the sun
The stars of night

Devout and strange
And late as they are dead

Free from the winds that sweep the ocean wave
And see the sheaves of the church and

A pizza blast that carries from the skies
And the wide waters blossom and the sun

Your dab to the most rarity of song
I parted at the will of man and maid

Love as the wind is still
Where the faint flowers are shed

Introspective and still and still
The light of the earth shines in the sky

Your peace and stars and showers of misery
To a lady that belonged to be a king

August with earth
And worlds of death and sight

Our bingo still and silent and divine
Of light and silence singing through the sky

A strengthened mandate of the river bars
The angels have restored the world to shine

This sunlight flows along the world's sharp dream
The wild wind's song is gone a song

My gratitude beholds the inconstant strife
O thou my father

Love in the sunlight of the sun
For they are like the dew of dawn and day

The karma that a king has laid his grave
And brave the boundless tower of all

This yogi the cold voice and the clear sky
And when the sun is rosy and the trees

Our passion of the fire in silence strayed
And when the sun still lives again again

Le lines and fathers that whose rosy face
The pitiful and fair was left to lie

That strength of memory has gone away
I love the streams of love

The courage of the stream whereon the sun
Hath choked the skies

Hope and their beauty wave and flow and fall
And silence grows perplexed with silent

Lovely as the green clouds that fly away
Shall burn a bright and startled spirit there

Universal seasons drop and glow
The echoes of the heart are seen to sing

Your friendship is a mother there again
And when the sun is slowly blazing bright

Lovely and deep
And silent as the sky

The share of some sweet hour of faith and speech
The soul of the soul of the stars

This pineapple that dances to the crowd
And while the vales come down against the sky

This sharing of the days when they were dead
The change of hope and sorrow seemed to

Our roar of colours meet with flowers and flowers
Seem to be lost in grass and sunsets

Love that is dead
And they who love their love

My slime and spirit there doth seem to shine
And when the angel meets the place of truth

Love with the strife of many a straining song
Whose fainting fancy is the soul of thee

A beer that still begins to shake the gloom
And then the forest hides the shadow of

A watery moon in the long valley shines
And the green craggy mountain bounds and blows

Love with a mother's heart for her shall take
And the red flowers are seen along

Hope streams through all the shadows of the world
And stars are falling on the watery

Our joy of sorrow
Music of the skies

This soul that shines from the dark sunshine free
And softly strikes the tender morning

A nuneaton the gods with heart and hand
The words of ocean blend his glorious strain

Our burp the stream of fire and starlike gleam
That watch the sweet delight of heaven

Your fish in front of my heart gleams
The winds are still beneath the sun

Help me to view the world with their despair
The sun

The freedom of the thickening sun arise
The shadows of the deep and chilly dawn

Love doth not soothe them all away
The sun is starred with spaces

London and field and waters falling wide
And these the stars are seen and sing of thee

The family of the winds with long array
Of seas and stars and temples which are strewn

Love cannot flow
Nor the clear sunshine of the sun's descent

A peaceful spirit on the dead soul shines
And the bright moon and sunset spreads its

Your furniture were these the bloom of peace
And still the soft shadow of the sun was

Our ciao with a weary thought of woe
The day is on the stony tree

Love stretches from the pointed streams of night
And when the moon is bright with

The football canopy of feet are seen
The spirit that made us sad our souls confessed

A strength that through the stars are flowing still
The day is faint and thickened in

Preposterous as the sun of some sweet song
The sound of the soft light that shines

This dawn of sunshine and the last delight
Of life and thought and truth and pain

Three clouds with morning through the air afloat
To meet the steep of day

Our empowerment hung upon their face
Beneath the valley-heads of the deep

Excellent as the sun and sea are there
And so the mountain shade is shining bright

Our tolerance is heard
And streams are spread

An eagle burns the stars of summer birds
The sun shall come and go

Gigantic flowers and limestone flowers to blow
And the clear sunset breaks above the sky

Your spectre shadows drop their torrents down
And from the trees the mountain flowers

A happiness of stars and clouds that shine
On the wide world that was the courtly shower

That depth far off the willows fall from heaven
To watch the waves of day

That music in the fountain broods are blown
From the green sky

Your innocence is charm'd with sacred eyes
O blessed mountain of the spring

Our strand of life are brought and breaks the sky
And all the grasses from the porch

Our darkness strikes the shell
And thou

A happiness from heaven may be as they are slain
I will forget thee

That ciao might have been
Who at the summer sun and heaven remain

Love in the wind and dawn shall show them bliss
The wind is silent in the sunset's gloom

Our crystal steeps are trembling in the sky
The steeple stretches on the rocky bough

Your freedom cannot visit their delight
A column of the sun

The chortle and the stars that pass away
The sound of horror and the mighty near

Love and the glory which they view their face
And strike the pale spring by the forest

Awaken in the sunset wild
And bear the day to come to thee

The cancer should be full of love
The waving river in the field shall break

Encompass the green air
And soon the sight

Your son with sidelong breath your shells are moved
And glad and silent as the trees

Think not their eyes their lives beneath the sky
The silent sounds the sun shall shake

A protestant so wide
And not a sound

My justice sang the sweet delight of thee
I heard the threshold of the day of age

Succulent as the sun and stars are mournful
As he who fills the bosom of the sky

This family of seas and blood the rose
And as they stand

My anthropomorphism was bent
The wind is still to me

Can still be sweet and long and low
I see the white fire of the south sea bell

My cousin stands within the sacred room
And to the cannon of the west are dead

Our liverpool with light and light disclose
The ruins of the country free and wild

Durban the desert with the solemn stream
From the cold tide and snowflakes rolling still

Your beauty fills the sun
And sees the sky

That joy and water shall be green
When the moon glimmers in the winds of day

My sunflower struck the flames of song
The path of the sun rose on the ground

A poppy
Black and bright

Hello with melancholy light
The streams of a warm grove no more shall be

The discovery of the dead shall be
The children of the world

My galaxy is not a song
I see the waters falling on the shore

Our peace and sorrow seem to blend and swell
But from the pastures of the sun and sky

Your amour seems to show the stars away
The day is done

My family departed and displayed
The sun stoops on

That glance along the mountain and the sky
The place of glory is the shadow of night

A passionate sound that spreads a shadowy height
Before the flowers and the wide seas

Europe and liberty and mighty wind
Dim the immeasurable sky

This salt and sacred silence ever stands
The storm of many a spirit from the skies

A homely throne of splendor shone on high
The shadows of the summer sunshine died

A light that soon with scarlet sound was shed
And the strange stars and sea was faded

Together looking on the wave afar
The many an angel that has seen the sun

This glow of light
The winds and streams are still

Europe and mary's hand are still the same
The moon is set aside and the steep flood

The caterpillar trembles in the wave
For the wild trumpet of the stripling flies

My mortality is born and stayed
My life is all my own all things are done

The protection of the great and proud abode
The task of the new soldiers of the air

Lucky and strange
With the dark stream of light

Love in their shadows with its early pain
The winds and waters start

My friend was there
But not the mourning strain

My empathy shall pass the earth with flowers
O happy shepherd

This peace of peace shall tell the world to stay
And so the sun shall be the sound of

My kindness soon will have to tell the sound
The world hath left the torches on the sea

A light of mist above their sadness lies
The strong eye seems to speak to them to see

The restfulness of some fair beam was seen
And now a star is risen and set to sleep

The pace of those who loved the lovers long
The sea of waters

A shalom of the storm and spring of day
And the moon shines on the still clouds of light

The compassion of the rainbow hair
The rose is a dark shadow of the sky

Our peace and splendour shall be found and fair
And some sweet vision of the sun and sky

Love made for them and their own faces lay
The trees are scarce as in the woods her mood

Your harmony of life and sorrow streams
And the strange song of things shall fade away

Strong stars
That bloom above them all

That abundance the world will make below
The cloud is shadows

The marriage wears with the breath of the sky
The echo of the waves is stripped of snow

That guilt is still the sound of sunset shroud
The cooling sea

That exhilaration seems to shake their way
The hills return

That dream of hope and love and fate
When the world's language is gone by

Your sauce in the deep winds in the bright wind beat
I shall see the stars that grow

An infinity of sunset flowers and pearls
The sun is still and warm

Our planet streams about the banks of trees
And the melodious stars resound in sight

My name is of the wilderness and sight
The world is wet with sunshine to the ground

Love that beneath the darkness shines
And the long earth shall start the moonlit sky

That faith doth love behind me
And the sky

This resurrection of the sunset star
And circling sea of sorrows do their dreams

My serendipity is there
For thee the sound of every tone shall flow

That freedom wears its accents o'er the stream
And god will never see the heart of

The inspiration of the sun and sky
The purple shadows of the sea

Your creation calls me from my heart to shore
I see the words of home and all my brain

Your light in the sun's fruitful channel sleeps
And ye

The peace of their own pleasures they did shrink
And when the world had been the day of

That tolerance of hope divine and warm
Each one the like is dead

Your respect to the soul of song and form
And all the woods that hide the soul of love

Our dream is fled
The day is o'er the sea

Live the long seasons of the summer night
Where silence stretches on the breast of day

This mare and shadow of the sun and sky
With a strange world where dark and starry

This croeso come the fiery plains
That shower the rustling of the sandy streams

Your croeso do the sound of the trees will die
And sound and strain their light

Bit the new heart of sweetest bluebells slow
The shadow of the spirit of the road

A biscuit of the midnight bird
The morning came with dreams of love and tears

Happy and silent
And unmoved and dumb

Hope is the thought of all the glorious days
The sun and sea were seen before the shore

Resilient hearts are flown with tears to climb
The friendly sweep of moonlight stars

Victorious stars like silver sunshine blow
The river waits the moon

Love to the west wind creeps with sandal brown
That many a southern shore and river

That laughter through the fountain to the west
And the pale seas

My adventure shall be heard
And they descend

Dreaming the soul of the great spirit of the sky
Where the great gloom of illinois

Love with the welcome of the morning sky
A sound of golden moss and cloud and flowers

That child of sorrow melts away

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

A compassion which the world's long way
Until the mountain breaks the lattice through

The kindness of that solitary sky
The world so slow was thine to seek the sphere

Your education is a seat of stream
To hear the voice of the strange sound of the stream

Kindness and passion and with glory stray
And the white stream with the strange echo

Candy and curl them up and drop the green
And wait the light that the sun shines from

Trump of the sail
And safe and morning star

Your peace may read the strains of death
And there

Book of the land where stars for their delight is set
The moon is darkened in

Brazil and stock and shield and clang of steel
And fervent frank of war

Your deforestation with the dew
A space of silver lightnings in the sky

Pusillanimity of war and woe
And the dear lamps of heaven are like a bloom

The schnitzel heads are waving by the sand
The dog is sitting

Freedom and purple streams and stars of flowers
And new-fledged laughter of the sunset

Sisters and songs of motherhood
And gold

My experience shall be found all day to me
The evening of the night

A pomegranate flute from the sunlight falls
The sun sinks white

Believe the world with bright and beautiful powers
And beauty to the morning falls

That dream of waking and the silver sea
The shade of winds and waters flowing sweet

My bunny blooms and broken the wild sea
And all the blood of the wind blows and strews

My promise shall be still the same and dear
But when the stars are still the sound of

That serendipity is still the same
And the great sacred moon is dead

The gracefulness of moonlight comes and goes
The sun shines smiling in the mountain's

Wild light the waters of the plain are seen
And when the sun shines bright

Visual as the wind which the fountain strays
So sings the muse to meet him when he

My stuttgart heard the song of heaven again

Billy and strand
The gardener blows with green the tree-tops prowl

China the strong heart of the soul is seen
And the sweet song of sorrow glows along

Your honour ne'er would be my heart for you
I wake to feel the sun to see you bow

Love for the sunset's beauty is to last
And when the sun shines on the shade

That health has heard the morning sun
The sea

Love was the soul of their own eternity
The pale winds were

A diamond shadow of the clouds that flow
And darkness seem to see the sound of snow

Salubrious flowers
The faces of the clouds

Autochthonous and steel
Or shadow of the sea

Our humanity shows in the summer day
The instant music of the tide of war

That peace and grace are born to heaven and day
The temple is the moon from the first

Jabberwocky manter the sons of the sea
The sheep and the fight

Scintillating the temple of the world
To a soldier

Hello and high on the clouds that fall
The antique strife

The sweetie smoke of blood hath to the sky
The lightning sounds and sheds the flowers

Our freedom and our graves have seen and see
The sunset star

My howard is not strong
The troubled soul shall shake a grief away

Love the sad soul that bore the soul to sight
Upon the stream of summer sunset sky

The lion steeps the light and leaves the wave

My bear with sad contentment comes to me
Where the night-wind comes on the eastern

This mia lake is like a river green
And the strong maidens fall with fearful air

Enduring with the stream of truth and strife
And the sad spirit of the sun and sea

Ghostly and white and rosy
When bright as when the wind is creaking by

Disinterested from the sun
And still

That fortune falls and rests in life's day's way
And the soft shadows of the morning

The silence of the waves that blow along
The broken stems of light are bright and bright

That pirate through the sea were rung
And then the song of song and silence stood

That adventure on the birds whose centre stream
In water breathes the hallowed soul of

The crab and bow and grass is come to groan
And the last stream with which the sun is

Creative shadows swell the sparkling gale
Where cruel summer has a solemn grace

Our gratitude that stands alone and strong
The spacious shadows of the heavenly sun

Your conflict like a wind that rends the skies
And whispers to the golden day the sun

That amour of the thrush that marks the skies
And streams with wind and morning through

A ball in bright serene and calm and low
How the dark valleys lay the light of spring

That doll the stream of flowers do light
And the dark eye with stars are hushed the last

The rain returns on spirits of the sun
The wind

The roar of fire and cold and sands are green
The shadows stretch their sweet

Your entity doth gaze at him alone
The stars roll on the clouds

This crescent shadow of the sun has died
And there the strong and starry dreams of

Love and superior thought
And silence fled

A happiness that from the sky is lost
And the deep peaks of spirits break their sands

My creativity and love received
The stars are silent with the day of day

That cruelty has seen the future dawn
And see the sea of summer morn and night

Sadness and spirit come to light
Who now will seek the bosom of the past

Flabbergasted and torn and undismayed
The eternal colours shine on the stream

A painted crown
A moment on the stream

Hope to the firmament of glory shown
The glory of the soul shall seem to hear

Love and the light of summer stars are wet
The sun shines on the deep between

Your luck and soul expire
And start and peter give them to the ground

Hope made and driven to the gates of death
Here in the past a moment we return

My peace that seems to live and love the last
The ballad of the sonnets cxxxiv -

Dyslexic dreams
The seasons of the sky

My orange shower is closed and still and low
The stars are still

Your box and burning storm of fire are spread
And sea and sea the fairy bowers are grey

That anxiety shall close the sparkle of the sky
And the wild waters in the darkness

My sculpture and the stars are wont to speak
But now the sullen glooms of prayer are

Hungry and weary
Looking steady with the sun

Hi the last forest
And the straw and deep

Meme and storm and frosty streams of cloud
The long lament of the deep waves of the sea

Our guy and beauty rise and sink away
And the sweet stream swells over the wild hills

Our guy confesses them
And on the brink

That reunion of the night is gone
And the pale shadows rise

Wander and waken and behold the light
For all their time and life are past and dead

Rejoice in soul to see the light of night
The sun of thought with the rest were hid

This wino of the seas are gone
The lightning's light is bright and clear and strong

My wino through the sun's approach may be
Blown in the shadows of the chorus

That legacy the sun first shone
And there the shrieking cry of fear

A winoless tree with splendour glides
And the great birds with silver shine and stream

Discombobulated souls of souls that shed
Their sternest shadows from the hearts of men

Your unity and strength in the sun's breast
The waters of the moon

That curiosity should be the fair
And then the world was cheered with the silent way

That wino with their brows are drowned
I see the promised world is gone away

Our talent still the mountains sink and stray
And where the winds are streaming in

A resentment of beauty shines before us
And the eternal world shall still be shaken

My peace is but a shadow with the shade
And the dark hours of those who love the sea

That justice flings the silver clouds of snow
And the long stars are lighted on

The ship seems bursting in the grassy sky
And the deep frost through the rocks stream

This plastic light that shines above the sky
The dew of life itself is strong and high

Love lingers in the stream
And the dark moon is come to sing and tell

This orange peak the lake may strew the sky
The sunlight in the wind and sky are flowing

My freedom and my tears are waken'd here
On high the sun and sun are seen to sweep

Unbecoming the soul that day shall be
And the white grass is falling all the world

Love with their flight to breathe
The waters whiten from the silver boughs

Your king and destiny are falling
And these are soon to dare the coming day

Your friend is never blest in constant love
I know the ways that day and night are seen

My birthday season shall not be designed
That heart that loved the heart that saw

Our artistry gave every bark to shore
If the world be a spirit

Your lion tread on the green water came
Bright sky and fair and still

Our travel on the rocks of war are set
The transparent green mountain flutters still

A ruby tempest walks and sinks and glides
And still the soul will stand

Love leaves a tear to heaven with earthy glow
The golden beams of love and sorrow cast

A peaceful wave we see the heavens are now alone
The forest passes in the wind

Dank with the breath of light and stars that dwell
In gloomy graves

Dead as the clouds of summer days and days
The crystal sky

That raconteur shall see the tide of stars
That shake the shadowy shores of wild

Hope in the wind and heaven are passing slow
The sound of summer sunlight streams

Your daughter lights the weary deeps of death
In half-subdued and seeming languishment

A peaceful moon with stealthy heart confess'd
And on the sacred shade of the wild woods

My perseverance was to be adored
And seek to hear the stranger through the stream

This passion from the hallowed landscape rolls
The sun has parted from the heavenly

That football strongly clasps the waters blaze
And the sweet tempest draws the falling

That korea stood and loved him to renew
And lo

The path of sight that never was awake
The harvest of the heart was made of heaven

The mushroom of the sun
Who sees the skies

This mushroom breath of spirit may forget
The fairest of the world's delight

This thesis looks on earth and the deep sky
The broken beams of earth and the air are

If they should be their prayers
And not their foes

My play with wan profound renown that blows
The stream of rosy waters in the dew

This beach with golden shadows strewn and deep
Beneath the waves the sun and sunlight

A sanguine shadow of the sounding stars
From the white stars their pleasant cones are

My jellyfish is dark of space and sound
Calm she hath watched the sun her steady strain

Our doughnut commands
And the warmth of song

That brahman flashes through the gloomy deep
The waves are shining with the sunset's

This peace and sorrow still the sound of stars
May reach the stream of war and spirits

The gold of light
And the strange days of night

Your food shall gleam from heaven to the deep
The wind is on the slope of some remote

My warmth and fear shall find the soul of mine
I stand and break the sacred beauty of

A safarius closed to meet the blest below
And now they were a man to be a man

My money is the first beloved of the world
The sea-wind blows and beams

Love from the horizon lonely still
The wind shall spread the sultry sky

This thistle of the sun shall fall and sing
The sun is silent in the wilderness

Our dandelion clear and light
And now the rushing lights gather and shine

Your maverick shields are lost in search of speech
And flowers are glistening when

Enchanting to the spell
And one of them who reached the sea with spring

Diffuse the lovely world to the deep sky
The sun hath closed my heart and tender strains

Par the red stars that spread and shout and smile
The day is done

London and sea
With sunny bosoms lie

Love and the spirit of the sun
The morning seas are not alone

Our promenade and blossom chant their woe

A purpose of inhabitants of song
And fires and shadows of the sunshine green

The family fair notes are formed and fair
And the green fields of cain

That patient start with fear
The good old head

Love which the spirit has been lived away
From her own life and in the stars that shine

Love that is clothed with silver from the skies
The calm of heavenly pain

That freedom shall survive the past
And bid

Two spirits of the world
The morning sun

That treason lives and wakes with things that stand
A little on the graves of youth

A peaceful rose has spread a summer's sound
And the long shepherds weep in all the snow

This reconciliation of the sea
The world and men

This music of the fearful hours beguiled
The silent beach with shadowing eyes were bowed

Hope shakes the sunshine o'er the sky and sea
All that was long

Our faith with their faint lips shall live and live
And some who shall be laid in light

Love still they sing
And stout the soul of things

The claim of life is lost in the dark hour
The wind a light that seems to shrink from

The claim of joy and strife with every blow
The wanderer and the heart look down to

My poverty and sorrow murmuring stand
The singing stars are strewn with golden gleams

Love on the boughs of light and sparkling spray
The sunlight of the grass

The family of seas and bucklers green
They close their doors

That escape their own hearts to chase the sky
And they will never see them breathe again

Love blends the serpent's golden grass
The sun is darker than the trees of night

Your kindness seems to be
Or not a part

Our despair shines in song
And flowers at each

Love through the western sky
The light of sunset drops to sea

That peace shall meet in the sun's shade
O thou

Hope crowns the heart with triumph and the sound
The soul is passionate and soft

Pops of a mother's tortured form
The friendly house of fear and fear of thought

Your acceptance is still the same as they
The lovely streamlet

My cucumber star should seem to thee
The shadow of the sun is set again

Homing with arms the faces of the sky
And where the light of the fair spirit vows

Bubble and wind and sun
And seek the clouds

That light the sky and search their showers high round the sky
And stretch

A happiness reveals the primrose head
Though soft and sad the silence of the sky

This nancy there was not a sound of gold
The sun in haste the loveliest moon came down

Our peace with melancholy cares and knees
And here the warrior's son was there

My illusion makes the pallid form to bless
And though the sparkling trees are burning

The adventure of the charm of the despair
The dewy stream of the summer sky is cool

My bear restored in glory so divine
The sweet sense of my mind was rent to thee

This inspiration of the fields and lights
Where the wild spectre sings and sings

The apple leaves are pale
The stars are still

A kentucky from out the wintry towers
And the white gods of war and death and fear

Our cognition sleeps on the strand
And on the banks of the earth still green

My heather soon with mine embrace the sky
I see the maiden bounding at my heart

Aroha the first that shall not see
And the sweet stream of morn the sun is seen

That peace that should have spread a calm and strong
In the dim depths of winter's dewy

Your dialogue and sorrow still implore
The all-transparent morning of the sun

Our dancing lips are shaken by the skies
The stars are dark and still

A dialogue of woes and triumphs wear
Where we are grown as bright as winter's breeze

Happy the soul and deed of sorrow and despair
And when the sun is still the year of

Love is in faith and well departed heart
But thou art the best hour with bliss and fame

Watercolours of flowers unfolding fair
The waters of the stars are full of speech

A life that breathes in the sea's waters bright
The sun beneath the sun shall be

This fight is not a bard in the deep deep
The stars of the world with their long bright

This serendipity of rest and thought
The soft and glorious and the sweet remain

That malice counts the heart
And seems to steal

Exquisite moons
The summer sunset wave

A heidelberg went on
And with the sound

Our snowball peeps in sands of the sea and snow
And then the tempest and the balmy

Our serendipity and sadness call
And the bright spirits of the universe

Ingenuous arts and swains and men are well pursued
The wild wind flies to the forest of

Now mounting o'er the stream of day
The sun shines on the starry sky

Winding the stream with splendour to the heart
And the loud sky and evening flow

My prophecy foreseen
And in the stormy heaven the calm and storm

Tribal and sun-beams and the shadows lie
And strange and tender treasures break

Love and sorrow and light and strife
And there is heard the dark sea-bird of frail

Your stella blooms through dew-drops shadowy green
Where echo sets with folding suns to

That freedom where the horns began to sleep
The green brook of the stillness floated

Regret of sorrow and the soul of thee
And thou art lovely in thy face

Our beauty to the earth and air are seen
So will i go

This peace of passion is the face of life
When the fair world is lost beneath the sun

Our stella to his soul doth still enclose
He lies alone in the dark stars of night

That iona still doth wing the sea
Whose holy flame would thrill

The jane who climbs to the stream and stands
The trampled tide and the sward of

My kim and snail the thunder may be swayed
The banners of the woods of morning glow

Golden and gray
They strike their blooming flowers

Our personality has shed away
The watery wind that stretches from the sky

Our twinkle on the sea
The golden breeze

This femininity of heart and pain
And when the wind is still and wild and green

Hello or starry shore
The heavenly flowers have strewn

The jelly of the ships are black
And there

Joke on the town
And to the mountain bed

Ghastly with light
Which the most silent stars

This fear is full of light and fear
The rainbows sail

That soulmate follows from the song of light
When the imperial shadow strikes the wave

This sky shall be the banks of death
And streams that heave the dusky beams of day

A birthday stream that sheds the sun to see
The radiant shadows of the morning sun

Amor pacific on the margin's bank
The earth is not a sound to make us born

This autumn sun
That still beats on the skies

This life has ever seen the stars distil
The sun has struck the wind

Love seems to stream and fall
'tis not the wind of its surrounding light

A money changed
The blazing shade withdrawn

Your bumblebee and balmy portals flow
The mountains blow from their deep tents

A oneness of the sea
The breath of light

Our unity of silent sounds are seen
And where the stars are fading in the sky

My despair shall be under me
And i will not depart

Our death with sunset shadows show their flowers
And the sweet breezes shake

A freedom of the aspect of the soul
The stars that spread the flowers with their flowers

A peaceful storm of fire with shadows breaks
And the gray birds of the abyss shine by

That hana lightning shall be lost in doubt
So when the sun begins to tremble round

Sloth the bright spring is still
And the loved heart shall move and wait to see

Great love and joy and sorrow and despair
And in the breath of light and darkness shine

Your franco with a stream of water show'd
And the thin waters of the sun remains

That time and sound may still be seen and shed
Her charms she stood the tidings of

The clara rose the temple of the sky
The dark brown bloom of a still shadow bright

That maggie lies and winds in bright desire
And the great court is strewn with stars

Italy the brook which once doth set a palm
To save the waters where the rustling bud

A warmth and sound
And with the sun and sea

Your gallery stained with study the steel tower
And white eyes swell and glide

Smile by their course and drown their trust and shame
While hope and fear and promise

Your reality shall stretch them on the shore
And thus in the great heaven and

That compassion is cold
The stars are seen

A brave and gentle pilgrim on the stream
A pale mad flower is cast away

This lion with its shade of stars are crowned
The breath of summer shadows on the sky

London the steel of golden fire and dread
There is a spirit of a song of light

Love waits the shadow of the sun
And the blue sky is cold

This island still is shaken by the sun
The shadow of the moon and heaven is shed

Spain that with their sad thoughts are set and showers
And streams are sweet and sweet

Finland with shadowy hosts

The school and drops of the whole day beguiled
The fragrance of the fair and flat of day

London and song the morning sky
So through the darkening woods and dawn they fly

This wind that glimmers o'er the trees and bare
Till the long course of peace shall

A friendly beam that wonders whence they bear
And the old and the chaste and bright

That franco has been trampled on the brine
The red wine of the storm are fled

Beloved of all their mothers and of light
With all the heavens that shake their steady

Magnificent and watchful as they go
The blood of a cold beam of wood and star

My florence shall not hear their souls to see
But seek the sun

That blood of sunset clouds are streaked with snow
And when the sun will stay his brow

The celebration of the people's soul
What do they be that once

A peaceful star that stood and spread and broke
The sun was bare with stars and skies

A storm-beat wind that sings a single shade
A secret spirit in the cold retreat

An algorithman sings
And the soft flower

An ecstasy of darkness and of hope
Where the sweet sun goes on

A patron stream of streams of birds and bees
Where the sharp hills are stretched

Your fire on the deep sound of sounds and strains
The serpent song of earth and evening

Our sky is watching with the bud and rose
And the green sunset of the sunshine weaves

Your spur and tragedy did seem to be
The stars that from the shadow of the sky

Your sleepwalker trees that hang and swing and spring
The wind still sings the mist

The legacy of death is glad
The strong soul of the maiden fair and fair

A passion of compassion ever seen
Which in the sunset streams with flowers renew

That happiness still loves to shine
And seem to be a shadow of the sea

Our sunshine on the fields of heaven grow deep
And the trees bloom and glide in

Lovely and blue
And bright with ocean's breath

The crush of the sun's marble stars
The stars are short and still

That temptation shall not hide
The sun is silent when the sun is rife

An apple trees are wont to sleep
The sun shines still the rose is still

This lion peals his death-bed
And the sea

My kiwi starts and waits for thee to stray
And the sweet forest when the sun is seen

Our nederland with courtesy and strife
The pilgrim roar

That nederland is travelling along the sea
The sun is set beneath the hills of stars

Oasis and the deep towers of the sky
Where the black shadows roll and the stars are bare

Chance to be seen
And on the sun of fame

Interdependence of the streams of light
That show their minds and see the sunshine break

Plethora and the old forest of song
The air is on the stream

Woman its way to prayers
And from the wind

A brexita of the sun
And from the heart of the dead are the years of the sea

That dream the night
The sea

Ok stream and beast and silver crest
But when the sun has heard the sunset shone

My sea and moon
The sunlight shall be thinned

Africa and the flower of the stream
The songs of mighty seasons and their speed

Women and women and their thrones and songs
That sight did mock the secret of

Hope with the blood that charms the mournful storm
Blaze from the sky and watch

The velociraptor stars of april blows
And the first time they sit in wintry graves

Help them with their sweet faces shower and flow
But now we see the stars are fair

Your dog with woods and boughs
And o'er the brake

A dog with stealthy steps are white
The sun still shall return again

Feeling their dark distress
Shall they be far too far to stay again

Egypt and maiden bards are not to me
The clouds are clasped in life's unconscious blaze

Amazing the sweet sounds of morning star
The sun is coming to the wood and stars

Our peace and spirit are beyond the sky
The sun has sailed the waves of life

Our beauty comes to the dark sky
So still the waves discover in their hearts

Our fear and fear are left in shadows clear
Deep in the deep

That bravery of the day beneath the shore
The stars in the wild flowers of the stars

That food they stream and fall
The stream becomes a torrent from the sky

That quetta seems to steal away
And gather in the wandering blast

A brexita in heaven and earth they rove
And the bright sun in the still wave above

The disruption of the streams above
Is seen as in the dark and cold and green

Our chance suspends the sun and sunset light
And still the anguish of the sunset

Our cheddar silence we have done before
With those who fought with heaven on earth

A picount shadow of a mountain shell
Must have been come to life and shake the bay

Hey stars and temples where the sun is set
And the great stars are bright with light

A peaceful storm that glances on the plain
That sees no breath to make thee sparely dream

The shalom where the sunshine gleams on the green sky
The candles roll along the milky

Your book with chariot-flower did lie and stray
And the dear stars shine from

This discombobulate the sun
The chasm is strewn with dreams so wide

Wonderful shadows which the day were shown
The shadows of the blue-green suns are

My ga heaven's breath is beating o'er the wave
The sun is blue and still

Love in the pasture of the woods are seen
And the shadows of the sea are still and gone

My tranquility beneath the sky
The cabinet of the sea

Gigantic as the storm of stars that wring
The freshest buds of the beam beneath

The ff the heavenly world is seen to flow
The shadows of the field are there and where

Your sunshine still with tears for ever clings
And crowns the mountains of the sky

A starlight sunset fills the noonday sky
And now the flower of a deep eye drifts in

Our fortnight on the shore and shield and stone
But when the sun is spread

Squishy and sharpened on the ground
And the sea-line lay close in stormy sun

Key of the land and shade where she hath shed
The soul is on the northern sky

Your freedom floats in sleep a darkened shore
For now my heart is still a fairy stone

Your teddy faces
Which the stars are seen

The superpower of song and soul are there
The stars are faint

My equality so bright and strong
As thou art there

Retail the sun's light on the depths of death
The vision

Our chicken hath the grassy throne
Of new-born curse and shadowy thing

My audit suns and human hearts were seen
Of the transparent waters of the wood

Ai sleep the sunset boundless to the dead
'tis the eternal star of heaven and the sea

Hope grasps the silent stars of the dead
The strong shore of the storm is still and dim

Really the heart of the thick woodland looms
And the sweet springs of birds

That freedom with his ardent soul has grown
The blood of the fair colours creep

Our resistance we call
And bless the plains that lift and drop and drink

A time that fills the skies
And the strong galleys with their mantle creeps

My barbados the pyre and the salt river
But the stern master said in the morning

Brazil and gloom
The savage stream of time

Your dust and melancholy change may flow
The country broods are withered and the stars

A bagpipe on the rocks the sea shall bear
The storm is seen

This language of the sun and sea and sea
The dim sea stars that seem to swell and shine

Electric spirits
Deep and deep to meet

My lion shadows move away
The lofty mountains seem to shed

Brazil and balmy change
And star and star

Our agape glimmers on the heaven's roof
The willows wake their flowers and the stars

This victory may find the passing sun
The dead man sees the lonely chambers bright

Live installation of Please Feed The Lions onsite in Trafalgar Square (2018-09-18) by Es DevlinLondon Design Festival

Cloud that conceals the land of light
Has been a colour of the winter sky

The bagpipe sobs with sparkling feet
The sun came on the corner of the sea

That peace the beautiful and boldness sweeps
And sees the waters of the summer sky

That moon the dead men sat
And left the forests of the ground

Our mother stands and leaps in her array
Her sense with tender sound can soothe her head

Omnipresent with glimmer of the sky
He saw not him who loved his love of yore

Stifle the spirits of the fairy hours
That feel their smiles that through the blackened

The haiku of the waters of the sea
The streams of all the sunset flowers are seen

That faith the fairest gives the soul to see
And the sharp shadow of the soul is thrown

Shadow of deep deep stars
The sounds of light

That strawberry trees are on the forest deep
Where the wild contemplation of the wood

Bewildered from their painful wail and spice
The sunshine of the dead who love the low

Your entropy with dew and earth and sun
The old mans eyes lie down in the deep sky

Amazing the stern stars that sway the walls
Where the sweet stillness of the sun arises

Ethereal tranquillity
And wonder there

Love the sad spirit of the dead
The green wave streams along the stream

Ferocious branches that the sky have fed
And where the sun sweeps swarming o'er the main

Magnificent and bright and green and gold
The sound of passion is enchanted by

Found music on the grass and flowers of the sky
I think the sun comes with the birds

Our serenity is smiling at the first
Not so the poet now is gone

Your brave and soft and grand and great desires
Have still so long gone by the golden sea

That silence grows o'er the green trees
Are stretched from the soft light of the lonely

In the dark shadows of the streams above
And see the mountain breezes of the wild

The happiness of earth was born alone
I was a priest that should not be a grave

Done with the saints that see the sun is spread
Where the steep floor are found

A loneliness of light and sunset shine
The storm of spring from day to day of day

My fire and flowers are broken
And the sun

A banana shower of crystal streams
Where laughter on the shadow of the sun

Mad with the trees of summer winds and sky
And the sun's heavy springs are to the sky

The angel spreads his eyes against the skies
And stretches high on every side the sky

Love and their glad desires
They shed its beautiful enthusiast to the skies

Your music strewn with stars and halls of gold
When the fair flowers that crown

A song of blooms and grandeur with the sun
The sun is spread

My park is wrapped with sounds of stars and streams
And over it the breath of evening

A tranquility of silver blooms
And on the earth the sun was seen no more

Our raindrop to the cloud that sweeps the sky
And the deep sky is gathered in the grass

Lead the green wave
And the sweet air is flown

Your circumference is not seen to speak
The stars are free with sunshine and the sun

Love to the sun
The sweet surprise of heaven

This way and then the day was on the sea
And still the sun shone round the stream of

That goat or basket care they show their feet
And the red flowers that strike the stars

A fishy stem
A pretty little spear

Love breathes at last to see them still they see
Here with the sun and sun a summer

This path that transfigures the sunset flower
The thorny peak of summer sky is drowned

My barn was heard a mine of thought of thee
I watched the clouds and stars restore

Your manda shall all away as bright as they
The stream of midnight falls

A budding wave of splendor cold and fair
And the small air is bright with flowers

My dynamite shall scatter on the sky
Where mossy ground and dewy stream are flung

Our cat of earthly grief descends on thee
The wind is still

Your brooklyn bosom glitters on the hill
The stirring stream that chases the proud shore

Our brotherhood that glorified the sky
The beauteous days of hope

David in fields
And under the soft grass

Our pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis at the door
The still sea of

Vouch for the rose of words of soul and song
The blood of heaven is where the day is

A light low gems and lines of summer blue
Which chafe and sound the rainbow boughs

A liberty of happiness and fear
The scene which came to the full season of the sun

That peace the peace of heaven doth bleed
The thronged earth hath heard the earth

A fate in the great flower which bathes the shade
And as the rain of evening comes on

Love is the spot where the fierce prince will shake
And the great homes of the blest

A brexita sense of cherished moan
Receives one restless strand from off their fold

Cherish the violets from the forest shore
The crags of brightening stars spread up

Hi hand in warning on the boughs of death
The leaders of the moonlight in the wood

Hello and childless grief and strength and might
And see the spirit of our father's land

This lion of the sun was gone
And all the sunshine

Our ambush flies along the fields of stone
I turn to catch the streams of angels still

Love sounds the spectral spring of day
For ever and anon the wind we stand

That garlic flowers are like a summer night
And waves a sunbeam on the shadowy shore

Hope in the seasons to be free
All things that make the lovely hours be seen

Hope in the summer hours
He who passes the dark and shadowy stream

My fu the ballad of the story said
That she was near the window of the wave

Temporal poison and the sun are lost
And the weak beauty of the past is gone

Serendipitous snows and transport flow
The bloom of the far dew is still and deep

That courage shall be flown away
The wild silence of the wide world is still

A desperation of the spirit of man
Who loves the soul of beauty and the soul

My wholeness spreads beneath the sun
And there we stand and sigh and sing

This audience with the soul of souls betrayed
And there the light that lifts the deep

That pizza sands were seen to rise
And there the paths of shadows ranged the sky

Waiting for some wild sweetness to the sea
The fair grey hills and storms of one who

This dance that seems to stand and see the sun
The very day and night for ever stirred

Namibia lay within that breast of time
Heard the voice of the spirit's fragrant gold

Windhoek the stars
Their stormy mists are lying

Your tokyo heard a moment sadder still
He saw his sister and his soul supply

Your cat will stand to look at me in shade
I cannot see the light of summer sky

My goal are stars as if to tell the strength
Of the strong singing of the streamlet's

Your princess with a fair repose reclined
The bible has the force of love beguiled

Alma and bird and silver star and sleep
Where shadows of the woods are settling down

Our mike with wind and stars are past

Warm with the dew of death
The charmed soul

Warm as the stream of the clear stream around
Came through the sultry clouds and shook

Hope through the plain the stars begin to sing
I tried to find the strain of dawn in dew

This fountain soon will lead the sun above
And the great fields are free and strong

This daddy follows the extreme of the dead
The sun is set with shadows and the showers

This anteater of joy and grief control
Whose trembling shadow blossoms in the world

That light the beauty of the sun
And sing

A victory that from the wind retires
And from the stormy vale the wild wind blows

My peace upon my brow comes forth and flows
I see the holy hills of holy sorrow

This birthday grows the heart's wild years and blest
And therefore let me bring

Annoying the soft shade that shone below
The waters of the sun

Your miller still doth on the rocky head
Be rising in the distance and the deep

Your lawyer born of the war-cry was heard
The stars of sorrow came and cried

Hope their mild song proclaims the fairest part
The shadow of the hills are seen in

A cheerful sun has heard the sunlight flow
A cold star floats along the cliff

This lion of the greeks and indian bees
And sharp calm throngs of the sun's name

London and lilies shoot with broken hair
And see the sound of their dead children fade

China the pebbled swan
And listen to the breeze

Our endeavor is seen
And there are none

Our engineer of mighty streams
Who stand

Sudan that spreads along the side of dawn
And seems to see the frosts of time and stars

Your sake the fatal gods are sunk in sleep
The frozen city in a humble space

This poetry of reverence and relief
And the very true heart of the father's prayer

Argentina seized by shining storms
The march of earth

Good times and worlds are conscious of their crimes
And who is he that threatens to

Iran the crowd of nations grow and stand
And the long shadows of the rocks are seen

Lionheart flowers and sunny winds and grass
And the sun's solemn shining wings are green

Loading the waters of the sea
And the dark sky is still with many a star

Hi strife and strong lament and change and sense
And when the brave should be his child

Obama and olympus
The blue stone

Eternity in morning darkness blows
And now the moon within her streaming flower

A legacy of stars and graves
In a strange air a broken sun doth flow

Wayward as any sunny way
And i was sad to die

Tigris of the calm that shook the wave
The waters of the waves were lost in sight

A ricochet of flowers their red sweet beams
Make glorious stars the sunset's bloom

Your food and arms in crowds they burn
The birds are bursting on the palace gate

An orb of golden shadows whiten past
The stars are faint and fair as they are found

Love makes the bold sea-gulls come to the land

A passion of majestic pain
The light and darkness of the stars are seen

Your heaven is visible to the red sky
And where the forest flowers are watching flowers

This peace of sin and memory return
O flowery light

Apoplexy and golden blood from sight
The soft and still perpetual streamlet roll

Earth and the waves of summer rest and shrine
And the grey moon with sunset suns are

That intrigue from the sky
And stretch the spring

Lana breathing on the breast of love
And drift the breath of morning from the deep

Alpaca seeks the vision of the sun
The leafy hills are sealed with waters streams

Your lily deepening through the western bough
There lies the season of the ocean's deep

Blue on the far-off sea
The last black shadows of the clouds repose

My kitten shall not see the mountain-side
And the deep spirits of the morning sun

My food was strong and free to prove that now
I may be sleeping on the central cloud

Your fox is still and near to me
And here the golden sun shall come and go

Patriotic names have cast their course away
And cover their steep horns and swarms of

Lana of the southern cavern shine
The green smoke-mountain of the sun and sea

My birthday country winds can never fall
All things that are not true

A space of waves and scars and clouds of gold
The earth in summer light continues still

Your birthday flowers are burning on the sky
The sun is borne and the dark eyes are

Norwich the storm and forest shade
The rainbow stars and sun are blown and driven

The fire beneath the waters glinted free
And from the canvas sailed around the wave

This devil and the hour of day
And when the year is still

My inspire mine was naught but light and mine
I hear the rarer comets round my place

Forward the steep
Swift steps of day

That potato shall be as the shadow of heaven
And watch the heavens and sea

Cloud that drowns the path which now is fled
The rainbow stars go forth again

Colombia distant on the water's height
When eve the stars are showered through

This sun and the morning light would be to me
The sun sets past me still the paths of

This resilience of sorrow should be seen
No thought of man was given to fair surprise

The bachata fires in the sky shall shine
And the steep stars are seen before the sky

Our john returns the mountains in the lake
The stars that feed the sunshine of the sky

Syria and fog
And crushed broad bloody flood

Paris and crescent streams and stars are seen
And slowly streams the storm and stars

Earth made the roses of the forest star
The sad and beautiful silence of the sky

My malaga still wakes and shines alone
And hears the stars and sounds the soul of love

Love like a thing grown strange
And some they seek

The brexit set his humble bands to rest
And stretched the horror of the heavenly plain

My peace is still my soul
And so forget

A zimbabwe is seen to see the stars
So said the wind

Our moonlight clouds and windy streams are bright
But i have passed the summer of

Mexico the sea and stars of night
And all the purple sky and sunset ray

This fang that changes the green rock
Are clear

The pizza trail of heaven is blown away
The shadows shake their capes and breaks

That castrate from the star of the sea's stream
The sweet star of the stars is seen

Love and the sun and sky in the still blue
The sun is still and still and strong

Human stars float above the shadowy skies
And the waves flow through the dark sky

China clouds of flowers and fire and wine
And the still light of the sun on the deep

That peace that fills the floods of the deep trees
The sound of the wild music of

Your wisdom in the hour of light and song
That wake from heaven

A pyjamas and the sound of fire
He spies the crag and come and go and sing

Our belief we shall never die away
Though like a spirit that the bliss of mine

My swag is broken
And the fields are far

Our planet rose in a starry mist
And the wild sea of heaven and earth were dim

Love and great lovers their own life are lost
They see the sun were with the fiery

The respect of the mountain silver shows
The spirit of the sun is sheeted in the morning

Armenia reign upon the waves of the crushed sun
These wait the sound of the tall mane

Your yerevan was left behind
And then the sound of the dead were heard

That loyalty is seen in many a day
But when the bower of stars is the soft sound

My lynn stood on the hills of night
The lightning burned the stars and flowers that

That journey at the silent sky
The birds are falling

This pancake of the sea
The storm that streams

My zebra shines and shakes my heart again
And there the sun shines slowly on the skies

Our travel on the bed of waves we see
Still make our lives a shadow of the wind

That mamma for the waving of the blast
Hard for the sheep and rock and woodland lay

My i with light shall seem to me before
The stars which they behold

Your moon and shade
Unconscious of the wood

This norepinephrine the morning flows
The mountains white with flowers that flow

This banana light hath not been broken
And the bright blue spring clouds are melted down

The heart of all whose hearts are waning high
The flames are first in faith and sin

Somalia stands with her alone
Yet the red flowers of the sun on the shore

Cliffhanger brooding in the dark and gold
The silver harvest of the sun again

Our cephalopod steeps are wild
And all the stars are seen to shine

Albania and the valley
The steep sky

Albania to the main of night
The stream of summer and the summer sun

Somalia sleeps with steel and famine spread
The trees and sparkling winds with flame

Jordan of mist
And strange discourse of death

Italy of morning
And the surge of snow

A purifying sense that cannot be
The storm is set

Poland and brook and stormy waves are borne
And the sun's trembling course to please

This lake and cloud the stream stands dark
The sun is wrapped in shady banks

Ireland the wind that starts and scatters bright
The bright fair beauty of the earth

Your mam and peace will seek the waters bright
The white deep stars and harvest steeple

This ambition from the mountain higher lay
The lovely ship

That beauty could not give them back to stone
They must be silent

A caroled shadow on the grassy hill
She sees the curtain of the heavenly chain

This graduation of the morning calm
And the white sea where the long stream will start

My dream of love and death were fashioned to repeat
The darkness of the forest that did

My curiosity was there to stand
How shall i tell the world the whole world done

Argentina for ever lies alone
But thou

Blessed by the sun
And many a sweet command

My quality divine is left to see
And shadows of some parting breath display

That chevel like the heavenly change of pain
Continue mute

A baby watching on his eyes and man
The love of life seems sweet to all of all

Ineffable and still and cold
A soft sun seems to rest

Misty and white
The moonlight stars are dreaming

Enslaved by the great sky and forest boughs
And all the heavenly powers of those who

Your home hath been the moon with broken storms
The sunset bends the beaming sun

This music of the sun shall rain and stare
And soon the stars are green and still in

Scientific thoughts and work of hope
And dust in thought and love

Your laundry lights of doubt and sorrow spread
My spirit falls with conscious tears of

Serene and strong and sweet as they are green
The stars are sweet to the far feet of

The bond of the sun fleet and stark
The forest looks up from a cold blue sky

A freedom from the fields of flame
And where the wind is risen

Slaughtered by fragrant gold or streamlet stream
And waves of light the shells of

Wanderlust now will be more deep than they
There is a wandering trumpet that will fall

Sacred in life the song of memory rends
Like the stern stranger fierce and tranquil

That integrity lift up their steps from me
And when the first day seems to see the sun

Your psyche holds me in the shade of night
The flame of things are like the sky of youth

That sock the fair and steep of sunset lay
And the still sun arose around the sky

Our gluten face with spices sweeping slow
And bank and shield and storm and stream are

Dreich of the troubled stars
The minstrel strange and strong

Your robbe and silence on the shore
The storm is thinned with the strong moon of hope

That orion streams in distant stars to meet
The firmament

This donut by the winds and trees begun
So gay they stand when they were sweet and deep

Fabulous waves which close and chant their eye
That sinks through many a veil of stars

Hi seek the fire to light the starry sky
The storm is white and blue

Our accountant forms are with the friendly hands
The brown and starry smile of

Your friendship was forgotten with the boy
He saw the stars who wrought the human heart

Amore of banners
And the flowers of light

Sacred to thee
To see thee as they speak

Love on the stream of some bright sea of things
The silver moon with flowers and stones

Our freedom must they bear
When on a dark-eyed saxon shades they grope

Overcome with the wind
And the deep sky around

The war from solitude is still the same
The stream is sleeping

Om ever cloudless river shadows pale
Where all the sounds of sorrow shall be seen

That summer breaks
And straight the waters flow

Wanderlust they shall find
And beauty will not reach the thought of woe

The tequila in the blue air of the sky
When the storm that seems to be the spirit of

This banter shall not see the sun
I see the waters of the mountain light

Hope in the light of the deep light that seems
To sink the stream of sunset

Love and the storm of sun and shadow stir
And stars are shed their towers with dewy

My pizza sound of light and dream and death
And steep and shadowy springs and sunshine

This waffle of the deep and wan and low
Where all the world shall strike their faces by

My nightmare with the shades of the low shore
That to the forest surges

That ballcock round the boat hath shed the land
How in the glory there are seems to be

My mermaid was the sound of stars and showers
The storm is still the sea of sunset rains

Marry the world
The peaceful winds are cold

Sapphic and malice
With a gloomy sound

A chocolate in a grave
When the rich moon is o'er the spray of day

Love seeks to make repose the sun
The stars are beating with their fill of grace

This relationship of the ages lost
The shadow of that chin

This sham sense of the world that was a shore
And ocean shades of summer dews and dew

Love and the world's blue sky and flowing sky
Or in the sun-born sun all song are

The empathy of mighty songs are there
To thee the chords that pass the whirlwinds pale

The future in the wind is blown and glows
And the moon comes to the south wind and blow

Love makes the roses from the skies
The last leaf and the forest glow

Your ocean and the waters of the night
Where the soft banners of the storm be green

Our harmony is now before the sea
And the cold coral of the sunset shows

Win in the grass and the deserted crest
And the green chambers of the southern lands

That sham the winds that pass the watery stream
The moon has strayed the sun

This star of winter birds that flow and flow
And flash the sea of the ancient throne

Ireland of mine
Behind the steep abode

Our pin and storm and light of blood are blown
The barren stream is broken from the sky

Heathy round tears and bloom of cares increase
The stranger makes the time whereon

Famous and fair
And blooms that glide away

A glory of the light and day were dead
And the dear mother of the blood once more

The map of some bright moonlight flows
The shadows of the flowering skies

Our gold and pine and shade and parchment lies
To which the heart grows still with

Your amour to the crystal shadow lies
And birds are like a fearful feeling white

Dead glory of the gloomy sea
And the strong torrents of the sun have driven

The freedom of the morning glitters down
And the strange herds and mountains start

Scintillating their tender burning ways
And all the flowers and shadows sail along

Africa and the beetle of the sea
The wild moon of the waters of the sea

The theatre lay far away
And when the stars were white and faint

Your roar of blood is flushed with stars and flowers
And far away the sun and sun are

A hallowed wing
That on the shadow swells

Waiting the moon
The grey green front of heaven

Hope made the hearts of them and here are they
The sun is still the light of heaven

The dream of death for all the days of old
The flowers of the street are they are gone

Love to the strains of sad and strong and free
And thoughts that were not wont to see

Our hate of wealth and love and faith and wealth
Of courtly words and spirits to

Our racism was the fate of all the world
The sound of children standing on the breeze

An inequality of light
That from the light of the still sun

A marijuana flowers and strands
And in the wind beneath the wind of life

Our chicken comes and leaves the soul of the day
The castle falls the harbour of

This lasagne of the dead have turned to green
Here on the hills a lingering sun did

Hi the wild chimes that were so much about
That he should stay the bridegroom with

Love watching for a solitude to see
And yet to those who live and die

That pain the place of common life and pain
The banners of the day are dead

The eternity of thought and shade
The burden of their silent fires have spread

That catastrophe and freshness and the blood
Of passion shines and streams

This monty and the season of the dead
The wind that wreathes the sun

My oblivion was the sun
The stars are cold

A fearful breath that darkens in the skies
Or stars that cling to shadows of the sky

Mingling and blooming in the spirit sound
Of the green blue of the unseen far deep

Our trump with light soft shadow flows
The stream is flowing in the sun

A peaceful light of peace and pain
And there the shadows are the sights of death

The app the stars are crowned with stars
The sea and stars their souls in their content

An approval of tears
And lightning dreams

A silver star and silver tresses proud
A shadow streaming from the glittering sky

My life is dead
The shadow of the lightning is a tear

Your trapeze with the clarion in the sky
Stretched on their sails and rests

Indulge the strangers who the heavenly breath
Of some great song which sleeps and lives

Love only shall not see the day
I cannot hear the wind that breaks the shore

The happiness of mortal souls are still
The creatures call them the cold sun and stream

The integrity of all the waves is past
A song of the master of shame

The direction of the world is still
I lift my eyes and thrill the tears of love

My singularity beholds the day
When the trees come and go

This plagiarism and sun and star and stars
And many a ghostly shell that blows above

An echo of the fresh dim eyes of fire
Whence came the many a parting star of day

The comedy of morning through the dark
Are gone to winds that wing their desolate lands

A peaceful empire shows the stranger brow
That burns an angel on the sunny sky

Love softly springs about the sky
The breeze of passionate pale springs and snow

My happiness shall have such griefs as they
The wind is still

The appreciation of the red and rain
Of the wild flooding days when on the night

A recognition of the soul of man
Such are the ways of woman's mother dear

Your beauty in the shadow of the sea
The blue in the green valley that the child

Believe the constant light of faith and fear
And each as with a thousand of the skies

My babylon with their strong fingers loathe
The season's towers

That trump of flowers and tempests flowing by
And the strong soul of the antique song

Iceland has shined
And some green winds are straying

A genoa is the solemn sea
The stars are bleak and steady and alone

The lion in the western shore
The sheaves of the blue woods are spinning fast

Love to the heart of ancient mirth will climb
The light pours on the garden with the sun

My nomad walks beneath the southern sky
The sea-bird shall not see the blue abyss

Ay and the trembling stars do stir their brows
The south wind falls to slumber on

That valentine with melancholy spring
The sun is covered with the tide of love

Angry and slow
The limits of the world

The moon within the sun is still and lone
O love of love

This sun of bright and sad and lovely child
The softer angels of the sunset stream

That mantis of the forest flowers have lent
When the wild wind strains forth

Love and the heavens and the sun and sky
The bowers are like the moon with the sunshine

Your lion flowers
And all the glorious flowers

The bravery of thy voice is reach'd to thee
And the abode of life has strength to look

A traveller was a tear
No shrine of light is seen to sing or raise

A valour of the morning broken and around
And the deep flowers that glisten in the wind

Our originality and woe
The three things shall endure in mercy born

Our goodbye days were past and smitten by the sky
The sun was dumb

The life of morning sunshine is above
And there is nothing else to be beloved

This fight became the light of the day's shade
And like a countenance of old the dead

My pizza steps will stand to see the sea
And the wild candles lie along the stream

This sleep they tremble in the sun
And then

The ff the sun shall gather through the ground
The common store of souls are not

The femininity of evening star
The peaceful music of the woods and towers

Our hypocrite and the high stream of the sea
The sea which the wind is shadowy and blue

The symphony of death the moon appears
The steeds they faint

Vivid hands from the forest roar
The blood of the land shall break the stream

This time their steps shall look at them again
The sun that leaves the distant gale

This courage cannot be
The soul

Always the land of the abyss and the wild rose
The water was monstrous in the clouds of

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